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  1. No, no, no I said you called it a reliant robbin, not the Germans. NY Times calls New York HQ’d made vaccine better than foreign made vaccine - SHOCK. Had it been the other way around you’d be bleating your usual tune of “English exceptionalism” etc etc. You are become so predictable it’s bordering on boring. Btw, you said you read research papers too, so do yourself a favour and get your head out of international press and read for yourself how the AZ vaccine stacks up against Pfizer. Sold at a much cheaper price and easier to store and transport - isn’t the U.K. a fantast
  2. Talking of old news you told us the AZ vaccine was more of a reliant robbin than a Rolls Royce the once. “New news” says that’s wrong. Looking forward to your apology to PRIME MINISTER Johnson and a rescinding of your posts based on, in this case, very poor “international press”. Turns out This Morning got it right where Le Monde got it wrong. Chaddy has his eggs in the right basket....just like the U.K. government! Waheyyyy
  3. Yesssss Phillipe Zdar is part of Cassius who of course released this classic in 1999 France has a really cool electronic scene man. David Guetta is from France and he started out a great artist but did a bit of a Chipmunk and went for commercial music. Cant blame him as he’s a multi millionaire now but wish he would release a few more bangers.
  4. With respect test and trace has tracked all other people with the variant but this particular person didn’t fill out his forms correctly. Unfortunately you can’t really blame T&T for that.
  5. Ok? Quite why Dame Fox supports the IRA is beyond me too. She’s just as bad as Greenslade.
  6. Why anyone would admit to having supported the IRA is beyond me. Fortunately I wasn't alive but can only imagine the fear some lived under during the bombing campaigns. They weren't nice people at all. They blew up innocent men, women and children without a second thought. To openly admit you support that behaviour shows the character of a man.
  7. Bored of him, bored of it all. Have some dignity and walk. If we were in the ground you’d know about it!
  8. We have been abysmal second half Cant believe it really. I’m lost for words now. Don’t even feel angry like I usually would be, just fed up, apathetic and resigned to the fact we are in this never ending cycle of nothingness. His time has come. Get this man out of the dressing room.
  9. Playing well. Brereton is looking ok, just needs to make the ball stick more often. Think Travis still looks off his best. These are a poor side and I think we’ll get away with a win today.
  10. I first heard of London Grammar in a feature they did for Disclosure. Such a good track. Has that feel good feeling to it and perfect for a day like this! That album by Disclosure was very good actually.
  11. Bloody hell. I didn’t know that, is he never not injured? Poor bloke.
  12. Not motivated in the slightest. But for what it is worth I’d go for 4231 I thought Davenport had his best game for us vs forest, and was unlucky to miss out on the next game for Travis. Kaminski Nyambe Harwood Bellis Brainthewaite Douglas Travis Davenport Elliot Dack Rothwell Armstrong
  13. Thanks Tyrone! I’m not married yet so I should change it to the ‘missus’ really....but if she keeps playing her cards right that could change. Luckily for me her music collection is better than mine so I’ll be quids in Onto music, today was a beautiful day so it was definitely a day for some rhythmic beats. Opted for a French artist called “Biga Ranx” who is sensational. The album “1988” has to be my favourite. Favourite song being “My Face”...
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