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  1. You just called a man who is responsible for millions of deaths “Uncle Joe” so forgive me if I don’t feel the need to take you seriously anymore
  2. We are going round in circles. People have already addressed your initial comments and tried to show you how, despite all the advancements, the regime did terrible things too There’s taking a different position and there’s outright denial of the truth That’s all I will say on the matter
  3. Hahahahahaha. Thanks for saving the best until last Ewood. That is the cherry on the huge cake of stupid things you’ve wrote. Attempting to position yourself with the brave people who sacrificed themselves in the war is another attempt to reclaim the morale high ground It was not their ideology that won the war but their opposition to being invaded People in most nations sacrificed themselves for our future but it was in no way shape or form won due to Stalin political ideology. It was won due to human sacrifice from the Soviet people, from Europeans, from Commonwealth an
  4. I have missed a lot of this thread but what happened to the credits generated from purchasing match day passes on ifollow? I was under the impression you got a certain reduction pro-rata your number of passes bought?? And what is the justification for not including young adults in it and, from a legal point of view, can they promise reductions last year (which may have influenced consumer choice) and then take it away this year? Surely that is against regulations....
  5. Nope. You don’t get to twist it into us not being grateful for the sacrifice Soviet people made if we also acknowledge the atrocities the Soviet state made. That is once again attempting to gaslight the discussion. I don’t feel grateful that Stalin ordered millions of political ‘dissidents’ to either be executed or sent to Gulags. I don’t feel grateful that his policies starved an entire ethnicity to the point whereby they became a minority in their own country. I am fed up of this “discussion” with you. Although it isn’t really a discussion because of the outright denialis
  6. Ok What about the slaughter of Cossacks; The August Uprising; the Great Purge and the Kazakh famine? Is that all a load of “western lies” too?
  7. Just so we are all clear on your point here: are you denying the Ukrainian famine happened? All other arguments centre around whether it is classified as genocide or natural famine. The disputes come in whether the Soviets policy enabled the famine or not. I have never heard anybody deny it existed.
  8. I can’t believe what is going on with him! Even in that video clip against Bolivia he still didn’t look like a class footballer but everybody likes him I do think that’s the case here too. He hasn’t had half the grief that Gallagher gets lately. Everybody likes the bloke and wants him to succeed. Rovers should capitalise on this. They have released some shoddy Chile Brereton t-shirt but we should be trying to flog some Rovers shirts out there I hope to see a flood of Chile flags when we are finally allowed in the stadium. Reminiscent of the Turkish following at Tugays last ga
  9. I found the “homelessness abolished” comment as heartless as anything he has said before It has been quite some time since I have looked up the Soviet Union but “Holodomor” sticks out in my memory Some 3 million+ Ukrainians died of starvation because the Soviet state seized food goods and engaged in a class war against the Agricultural workers who saw the seizing of property Communist policy as a threat to their life. Many of those people who died were probably poor and would have died on the streets Eradicated homelessness my backside
  10. “Another great success story” Obviously ignoring the millions of lives lost due to famines caused by this “rapid industrialisation”; ignoring the infamous Gulag penal system; ignoring the Great Purge; ignoring the role of secret police in oppressing anti-state opinion....I could go on But, yep, it was the moving away from Stalinism in 1953 that caused its demise Once again you have shown a chilling ability to totally disregard real loss of human life and Liberty in favour of a political ideology You need to find a way to see both the benefits of a certain policy whilst
  11. It is only you who claims people want to see China “back in their place” Essentially, I want China to be as prosperous as China can be but I don’t see that as an excuse to take away liberty and treat minorities as second class citizens I don’t want to see the freedom of press eroded in favour of the “state” You keep quoting Chairman Mao but I don’t think you realise how silly that makes you look. Mao has blood on his hands. Your attempt to gaslight people by insinuating that if they are against SOME actions of the CCP they must be against free education, healthcare etc i
  12. Take a look at that reprobate What an ugly family
  13. Thanks for the concern Jimmy but I’m not angry. Just trying to decipher your spin. Labour losing their deposit has lead to resignations today. Cant all be tactical voting. Brexit may well have played a part. Lib Dem’s, like the Greens, made their position very clear. Whereas no one knew where Labour stood. We still don’t because they just don’t talk about it anymore. I would agree on the shift in voting. Conservatives are appealing to working class (cue the “uneducated” comments from your ilk - cringe) whereas left wing politics is appealing to the middle class. As for
  14. Yep The factors just depend on what topic you are posting in Never mind that Ed Davey said on LBC today that planning reforms was the biggest contributor to the swing Jim, who never heard a bad word said about Corbyn on the doorsteps, knows the “factors” better than Ed You make a lot of stuff up
  15. Ok the guardian has said it so it must be true But I will repeat the 14th lol Swings from Labour to others make up 3 out of the top 5 too “Shockwaves”
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