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  1. They have surplus of the stuff because their residents don’t want it and they are still blocking shipments?!? Wow
  2. This country is grossly obese. I don’t have much time for it frankly because I think personal responsibility comes into it. Obese children is the worst because it isn’t their fault. I equally dislike the notion that govt plays a role in obesity. The abundance of fatty sugary foods is there for all of us but only some choose to eat it to excess. I’m quite bad for cans of coke myself, but at the same time I keep myself active and enjoy a varied diet. Government cannot be to blame for everyone else’s lack of personal responsibility. They can tax sugar as much as they want but quite frank
  3. You have a different idea of 'propaganda' to me EA..lol You had the editor of the Mirror talking about his Help out to Eat out controversy; the MP talking about his failure to include the 'excluded'; the editor calling him a "traditional low tax Tory MP". It wasn't all positive but the BBC has provided balance in a right wing paper (Spectator), left wing paper (Mirror) and a MP. What was wrong with that? We saw the good, heard the bad and his background laid out before us.....what would you have liked to see????
  4. https://www.lancashiretelegraph.co.uk/sport/19131704.tony-mowbray-the-bigger-picture-fan-frustrations/ Anybody else tear their hair out at this interview? Now it is the fact we are missing Holtby and Johnson that contributes to the losses. It was Dack and Travis earlier in the season. Name me a club that hasn't got one or two good players missing at any one time....that's football!! He keeps talking about the 'bigger picture' and how hopefully the 'OWNERS' see that. What is quite clear is that he knows Waggott will not sack him. We also know the Venkys will stick with him too. T
  5. https://www.theguardian.com/environment/2021/mar/03/bee-killing-pesticide-now-will-not-be-used-on-uk-sugar-beet-fields The pesticides weren’t used after all. I wonder if other EU countries that reversed their ban in preparation allowed for the same stringent conditions? 😬
  6. Gavin Ward mate, remember that name because seriously he’s not had a good game as a ref for us yet. He was the ref in the 1-1 draw vs Luton - most pathetic bloke I’ve seen blow a whistle.
  7. He wouldn’t last two minutes in an Allardyce side. I want this fucking lot gone - Venus, Mowbray, Lowe the lot. It’s embarrassing now. Im actually seething. Such a good day ruined by this. Is it bad I was hoping this game would never come? Found myself counting the minutes down with the feeling of really not wanting to watch it. I’ve had that same feeling for the past 3 games now. Dont win in a whole month and this clowns answer is to play Bell and Evans. Just give over - your time is up, now bugger off.
  8. Number 5 is a bit embarrassing for some isn’t Gav 👀 Macron must be feeling a bit of a tit right now
  9. I was more querying the use of Little Englanders really but you've answered my question anyway I disagree that this is a "Little England" policy, but I do agree that withholding aid to Yemen whilst selling arms to Saudi is wrong and not in the nature of how I'd like Britain to become
  10. I'm not worked up EA. Just asking den a question that had absolutely nowt to do with you in truth. I just wanted to know if he thought somebody on here was a Little Englander or if it was just a general remark. He'll reply civilly, as he always does, and we will move on
  11. Ok, so given it is a derogatory way to describe xenophobic people, and you posted on here "to all the Little Englanders" - who are you insulting / referring to on here?
  12. You are certainly very good at judging a lot of people based on the relatively small pool of opinions you’ll be subject to It wouldn’t be correct to say that issue is simply consigned to English people either
  13. Terrible den, but why little Englanders? This is a U.K. govt decision, incorporating all of the U.K. and not an English one. Im sure there’ll be Scots, Irish and Welsh people supporting this in the same way English people would - the same goes for opposing it also. Let’s move away from this everything bad = England viewpoint. You are English after all and I’m sure you aren’t supportive of everything bad the U.K. govt does
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