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  1. You could tell Nyambe wasn’t right in that play. He’d clear that usually I reckon. Unfortunate. Love that boy. Sign him up ffs
  2. Because it isn’t happening It will never happen whilst they are here. Simple as that really. I’d bet my last quid on it. Why have they suddenly realised what it takes to run a club and, if they have, why is it taking so long to sort it?
  3. We’ve had a bit of Bicep discussion before but on the weekend I had the pleasure of catching an Eli Brown closing set at an Elrow event in Brum Didnt get any live videos - but will keep an eye out - but he did play a pretty great mix of Biceps Glue and Nelly Furtados ‘Say it Right’ for all you electronic heads out there
  4. But when you look at Venkys you have to look at their past behaviour as well as finances They have the ability to hire almost any name they can realistically attract to Rovers but so far we have been in the market of cast offs or dodgy pundits. There’s not many who have had a good CV come through the doors in their time. In that case it is hard to think of whatever positive could be happening behind the scenes. Especially when one of the biggest chancers we have seen in Waggott is still sat on his spinning chair. I seriously cannot understand any optimism in Venkys business but hope you are right. It would take some doing though - hiring good folk into and restructuring a club they’ve torn apart. A serious investment and not one I believe they are willing to make.
  5. It really didn’t go up in smoke - Comrade Corbyn is disgraceful and should pay his own expenses (according to you) I will assume you also think Corbyn is a fat cat member of the upper elite then. I just wanted to make sure that in this instance you are applying the same logic to all as in the past you appear to have trouble with that That really was my only point 😁
  6. Huh? The point was that Corbyn billed more expenses than Starmer despite holding a lesser office The other issues around whether or not he voted for pandemic measures are a side show If Starmer is a “fat cat” member of the upper elite based on his expenses claims then I dread to think of what you make of Comrade Corbyn In reality your argument is just a bit silly and you know it
  7. With the size of all them bills it is a bit difficult to know what he voted against But what we do know is that in late 2020 he voted to lock the country down - arguably very harmful to the lesser paid service industry https://www.politicshome.com/news/article/jeremy-corbyn-says-coronavirus-lockdown-the-right-response-as-boris-johnsons-plan-wins-business-and-union-backing Here he called Boris Johnson’s lockdown plan the right idea Although we are off on a tangent. The point was to show you that the expenses claimed by JC were higher than Starmer, despite your protestations that Starmer is now a member of the upper elite. Caveating it by linking it with his idea on public health matters is trying to get yourself of the hole you created. Starmers expenses appear reasonable and are less than the socialist ex-leader of the opposition. So perhaps the principle is now defined - move from the left to the centre and reduce the expenses bills 😃
  8. These “changes” had better be radical because being honest radical change is the only thing that can be viewed as positive We are a skeleton club with a massive chasm in leadership roles. We have 0 scrutiny of our operating procedure and have seen a decade long demise of everything from match day experience to operating staff (ie ticket office and club shop) Nothing at this club is better than it was 12 years ago. Absolutely nothing. So if we are to view any aspect of Venky ownership as positive, and if indeed “change is on its way”, then I have to be honest to share the optimism of 1864 it has to be a change in ownership. There cannot possibly be any other news to be positive about when you consider how everything is done with Venkys.
  9. Well actually Corbyn did vote for lockdown, at least definitely the third one https://www.theguardian.com/politics/ng-interactive/2021/jan/06/how-did-your-mp-vote-on-the-coronavirus-lockdown-regulations I can’t really be bothered to look at the other two votes so I will leave that one for you
  10. According to the website below Jeremy Corbyn also claims £6.00 a month for his giffgaff bill Given he also earned the same amount of money as Starmer I’m absolutely certain Ewood will be apoplectic at the way in which Comrade Corbyn has been pilfering the public’s money for his phone deals He also made a claim from John Lewis….he must not have been taking decorating advice from Carrie Symonds https://www.parallelparliament.co.uk/mp/jeremy-corbyn/expenses
  11. It would have to be some miraculous changes for them to be considered big leaps forward in my eyes. What do they have planned - a whole new board? New owners? A full review of the business? Will they put some money into the ground? You might have optimism but unfortunately that isn’t a shared optimism. Why would things change so rapidly after a decade of pure negligence?
  12. You did refer to the British steel crisis Which has been in crisis since the 70s If you didn’t mean Brexit was a cause of the steel industries decline then that’s ok, crossed wires, but it did read as if you said so
  13. Brexit was a major factor in causing the steel crisis? Tata and SSI closed in 2015 - before the referendum British Steel has been declining since the 60s. China produces more than everyone else combined and this website seems to think the fall of British steel is the fault of international markets https://commonslibrary.parliament.uk/uk-steel-decades-of-decline/ I’d put big money on Brexit not being the major factor in the demise of British steel but I’m no expert. Everything is the fault of Brexit now - it is almost as if no other problems existed before 2016 lol
  14. Nuance doesn’t belong in the Brexit debate Silas We have driver shortages now and it is all attributed to Brexit. Get with the times
  15. Fair points but I do think the notion that all signs point to everyone needing it is a little premature From what I can see it is having a remarkable results at reducing serious illness in the vulnerable but in case of transmission rates in the younger adult categories it still doesn’t seem to be impacting as much as first thought. Reducing hospitalisations in this age range isn’t exactly vital as there weren’t many to begin with. I stand to be corrected on that one though. As an example I think the push to vaccinate 12-16 year olds is over the top. The “zero Covid” strategy cannot work so is it hasty to expect this strategy to have an impact above and beyond what we have already seen?
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