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  1. In these dark times I have decided to sell a piece of memorabilia I thought I would never let go! Listed on eBay is an autographed poster of our premier winning team with most of them hand signed. Feel free to bid! http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/291848760625?ssPageName=STRK:MESELX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1555.l2649 Cheers Paul
  2. Great contributor and from all the tributes sounded like a great man too. RIP Kelbo
  3. Saw Inception last night, great film, one of the best i have seen in a while
  4. R.I.P - my condolences to Johns friends and family, will be at the hull match to pay tribute.
  5. I was there last Saturday and it was superb - the place itself had a cracking atmosphere, the decor was top notch and the food was very tasty, we went for the set menu which was £20 each but for that you got numerous starters/mains and a dessert, we wanted to try a bit of everything. Headed up to the bar after for a few drinks and again was a nice place to chill out. thumbs up from me!! Plan to hit sweet mandarin next time I am down, any experiences?
  6. RIP Sir Bobby Everyone in office, not just Newcastle fans, very quiet today, he will be sadly missed.
  7. Excellent win, makes a nice change away from home as well, now off to dream about a London double being complete next weekend
  8. The first half was one of the worst halves i have seen from us in terms of lack of commitment and just not turning up. The tactic of playing the diagonal ball to Pedersen to outjump Solano did not work the first few times, yet we kept trying to do it. Only in the 2nd half when we started to keep it on the ground did it get better. Newcastle always back off when you run at them (bit like us at the minute) so why we decided to make it easy for them and lump the ball up and miss our midfield out is beyond me. As for our defending... Lucas was getting stick from the fans and I am not surprised, he has been poor all season and IMO should not captain and arguably should not be playing. The guy behing me left after henchoz got sent off, with his young son in tow. Nice ewood experience for that little chap!!! 2nd half better but after such an abysmal 1st half showing we deserved nothing really. Bring on Reading and Arsenal!!!
  9. Just got back and have been beaten to the punch by some excellent posts which pretty much sum up the game from my point of view. Crowd-small and cold MGP-disappointingly the same as in previous weeks Mr Bennett-inconsistent and possible Fulham fan? Good result and hopefully will give us a bit of confidence for the next few games. We did what we had to do and you can only beat what is put in front of you! Strikers scoring and a clean sheet will do just nicely
  10. Saw Primal Scream on tuesday, great as usual. Going to see Muse tomorrow at Newcastle Arena and then have the killers at the Academy on thursday, am a tad excited!!!
  11. I am travelling straight after work and won't get in till 1am but thats my perogative, not going to berate others for not going. Part of me thinks, hmm, is an option sitting in the house, watching game and having a nice cuppa and not rushing down (might be thinking 'if only I had done that' coming back tomorrow if it's a lacklustre game!). However I feel I need to grab these matches while I can, is a priviledge to play in Europe and may not happen too often. Thats what will drive me on as I am running towards the ground in the hope I might make the kick off
  12. Was pretty shell shocked when the match finished, cannot believe we did not get something but was just one of those days, hopefully there will not be many more like that. Bolton know the score when it comes to cheating their way to points but I think we all know who the better footballing side was I sit in line with the touchline and I thought it was a goal at the time, think we would have won it if that had been allowed. Least we get a chance to play soon, well worth giving some fringe players a shot on wednesday.
  13. Was happy with the point, looked like we might let it slip last 15 minutes but was also gutted when Bentley nearly scored! Thought Liverpool were very average, that goes for their fans as well. We did restrict them to only a few chances, Zurab had a quality game as did Ooijer. Neill was frustrating, would do something well and then misplace a pass and Morten....was he playing??! Enjoyable game, not sure why a few fans were singing no surrender to the IRA, boys will be boys I suppose
  14. ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ Waiting till monday to see if I can get the time off work (have been off sick for 4 weeks with torn knee ligaments), so feel a bit cheeky!!! If I am good to go those flights would be the ones I will go on so watch this space...
  15. Enjoyed the game, won't play a poorer side all season but we got the job done. Nonda looked good, think he will bag us a few goals if we get the service to him.
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