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  1. Another update..... The race is at 21.05 race 7 and he is coming out of trap 5. He's been classed as A4. Because it is he first time out the NGRC wont let him run in a bags meeting, this means that you wont get a bet on him at the bookies ANYWHERE. The only place you will be able to back him is trackside, but I wouldn’t go too mad as it is his first time out under the lights and the noise of the crowd which he wont be used to.
  2. "White Apatchy" (note the slight name change) is making his debut at belle vue on thursday night, dont put too much money on him, we dont want the odds dropping too much
  3. Quality 9 darter from barney, and a 161 checkout to win, great darts!!
  4. Great film, one of my favourites, and imagine it didn't cost much to make.
  5. Best chippy in Blackburn used to be the one on Cheltenham Road, just off Leamington Road.
  6. Any ideas on when its due to open?
  7. Went to Happy Mount Park in Morecambe today, free entry, and the aqua park is excellent fun for the kids. Shame we dont have something similar down at witton park.
  8. Roy Carter who is based in Ormskirk, he is not attached to any track, mainly deals with pups. If he is an open dog we will leave him there, if not we will ring his dad's owner to organise
  9. "White appache" is coming along very nicely. He should be racing by next year, and reports from the trainers say he is the fastest between him and his brother, so it looks like we picked the right one so far.
  10. Just been looking at the bukhara menu and my mouth is watering, mmmmmmmm
  11. I use Oriental Star, which is on King St opposite the Esso garage. Its not a patch on Hollytree, but its the best one I've found that delivers. If we're getting onto deliveries, whats the best Indian that delivers? I used to use Shad House, but found the service and food went a bit downhill when they changed into a restaurant.
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