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  1. He also left Derby bottom of the league when they sacked him. Coco would be a typical Venky’s appointment - somebody they’ve heard of on Champ Manager 2001 at Barcelona. Maybe he can bring Frank de Boer in as his assistant too.
  2. Very nice kit. Would look fantastic without a sponsor so the kids will be happy.
  3. Delighted with this signing. More happy that Venkys have given Tony some cash to spend on an actual transfer fee. It must be a while since the club spent on a real fee.
  4. How the tables have turned. We’re discussing speculation after more speculation whilst the Dingles just dropped 15m on a Championship defender. Fwiw I hope McGinn is coming in and is better than some of the tripe we’ve purchased from the SPL in the past.
  5. Surely a VPN would get around it and you could watch each game from within the UK?
  6. Yes - I’ve paid on the gate at Portman Road before when I lived in Ipswich. Expect to potentially pay a couple of quid more though.
  7. It’ll fit fine. I’m only two inches bigger (that’s what she said!!!) than you and it isn’t long on me at all.
  8. Large fits me quite nicely (85kg 6ft2). I’d say the sleeve cuffs are well tapered to be snug around your bicep/tricep and it is of standard length. I think the exact measurements are on the club store website. Iirc the chest of a large is 41-43.
  9. The away strip must be getting revealed in the next week, especially with the new season coming up fast. I like the home shirt this season. It is the first one that I have purchased since I boycotted in 2013.
  10. His contributions to this community will be sorely missed. Thoughts are with his family. RIP Kelbo.
  11. Tony Evans of The Times is stating that he was found hanged. Awful news.
  12. Awful news, truly awful. Puts our troubles as a club in perspective. RIP Gary
  13. ihtd


    IHTD The artist formely known as ihatethedingles. Username changed s as I have matured since I joined this messageboard back in 2003 (16) when Souness was getting close to taking us down to play Bumley. Former ST ticket holder in the BBE, been across Europe watching the Rovers meeting up with fellow members such as SAS in the Grasshopper in Amsterdam. Played at Ewood in May 2007 with Ricky & SAS, I am forever grateful to Ricky for affording me the opportunity to play at Ewood. That day will live forever in my memory. The pictures of that day are still on my cupboard at work. No longer a ST holder since I moved down to Ipswich to work as a Sports Science lecturer. Still try to get to games every now and then, was at the recent Norwich game as it is just up the road from here. Probably will not be getting to many games now as we have a 3 week old, had to settle for watching the Chelsea game on the laptop with the little man, shame his first Rovers game was a defeat. Don't manage to post as much as I used to, work and family are much more important than posting. Still find the time to read the boards on a daily basis (wonders of the iPhone).
  14. RIP What a waste of life, we go to football to have a good time and support the team, I think people need to work out what makes a good time for them. Surely people don't truly need to get wasted to have a good time? I know I've never needed to and I'm only a young lad (22), so why is it that society is going backwards so quickly from when I was there age? This may sound stupid but I blame a lot of this loutish behaviour on the media, films like green street, football factory, tv like the real football factories who glourify the darker days of football past. I never used to believe this could ever be the case but after two seperate discussions with two of the groups I teach at college a lot of them thought this sort of behaviour was fine bec ause of they thought it was cool. As I discovered later it was mainly down to it being made out to be cool by the media. I don't believe the media make it out to be cool but it does appeal to 'thick' adolescents! Anyway RIP-Thoughts and prayers are with your loved ones! Edit-sorry about the crap layout of the post, iPhone doesn't like this MB for some reason.
  15. I have not been to an away game since Wigan away last season and it is because of idiots like this. How is it that plenty of our fans believe that going to the football means that it's acceptable to get stupidly drunk, do drugs, abuse people (racist/physical abuse) and behave like an animal? I have seen this sort of behaviour on the trains from Bolton to Ewood on a regular basis by so called fans wearing our the colours of our club. I'm ashamed to be a Rover right now because of how pathetic some of the people representing our club (and I don't mean players/staff for a change). I hope this man pulls through and the @#/? who did it rots in HM finest for a long time!
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