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  1. Not even a murmur of him going, beginning to feel more and more like the Kean era - a failing, yet unsackable, manager, depressing.
  2. Yep. How would the twitter admin know anymore than us?
  3. If the reward were not to happen no matter how many games we lose, then we have bigger issues than who’s the manager. I for one would not support a team/club who has an unsackable manager, I’d be surprised if you would.
  4. Short term pain for long term gain. Never wanting us to lose, no matter the circumstances, is irrational.
  5. I hope we keep losing until the pillock gets sacked, is that better?
  6. Bit of a left field shout but what’s Marco Silva up to these days? Didn’t quite work out for him at Everton but he was very highly rated once upon a time.
  7. The things he’s starting to come out with are definitely comparable to Kean/Coyle’s comments.
  8. I’ve wanted him out for as long as anyone else on this board but tonight felt different to me, he completely lost the plot.
  9. He would have had every right to ‘spit his dummy out’.
  10. Tonight felt like the end of the road for the first time in his 4 years here.
  11. I’m pretty much certain we’ll end up playing with 3 at the back in order to accommodate the two loanees (Tony wouldn’t want to upset Pep or Carlo) and our undropable captain, leader, legend, Lenihan, wonder if we’ll do that tomorrow?
  12. Isn’t everyone completely worthless by the end of their contract?
  13. How was Buckley playing ahead of Pike at right back?
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