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  1. Mowbray keeps the influential players on side and picks on the less influential ones, always has. He won’t lose the dressing room as those with an influence in the dressing room like him. Very similar to Bowyer.
  2. He would have been sacked a long, long time ago if he were going to be sacked. The only way he’s leaving is at the expiry of his contract.
  3. Did anyone ever say it wasn’t good business? We had to sell. The Raya sale was bad business, Armstrong’s sale was inevitable.
  4. How anyone can say that Magloire should play for this club again is beyond me.
  5. Hasn’t Johnson played centre half for us before?
  6. And two out of the two wingbacks aren’t wingbacks, genius.
  7. That last night was the one of the worst displays of managerial ineptitude I’ve witnessed. What on earth was the formation and why did he seemingly throw away a draw when it was clear at 2-2 that we were incredibly lucky to still be in the game? He was going to make a double/triple substitution and for some reason beyond me only made one, and that one was Rothwell (one of two in midfield) for Poveda?!? They had two really good chances to score before he had chance to make the remaining substitutions and he didn’t think to shore it up, he thought that the time called for two lightweight loanees with virtually no first team experience. Absolutely moronic.
  8. These comments were found in about 2 minutes and there were plenty more. All go way beyond saying ‘he has talent but might not be able to cope with the physicality of men’s football’.
  9. I saw Buckley play against Rochdale a couple of years back in preseason and said that he’s the most talented player at the club at the time, sometimes it’s obvious.
  10. Well I’m not claiming to be itk but I think what we’re doing is pretty obvious.
  11. That’s it. The way he’s gone about praising Phillips is a complete anomaly. If he signs a pro contract elsewhere I believe it will go to a tribunal, where we’ll be able to say ‘look how highly we rated him’, pointing at Mowbray’s comments etc.
  12. It’s clear to me that the club is bigging Phillips up in order to maximise the compensation we’ll receive when he signs a pro contract elsewhere.
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