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  1. This will probably be called off looking at the forecast. In fact we may as well call it off now with our field, there’ll be nothing left of it if the game goes ahead.
  2. How are people posting teams without Travis? He’s been our most important player since Tony (finally) started playing him regularly - when he’s fit, he plays. I’d like to see a Davenport-Travis midfield today, I think they’d complement each other well.
  3. He was also very good at running behind an opponent so a teammate couldn’t pass to him
  4. Tony gets the win when he needed it, as always....😴😴
  5. Paulo Sousa would be a good shout until the end of the season.
  6. He picks on the easy targets. He’ll never lose the dressing room if he keeps the players who run the dressing room (Lenihan/Bennett etc.) onside.
  7. The reduction won’t matter to us because we take any notice of what the government says.
  8. The cases started going up in the South East & London during lockdown 2 (when bars were shut), stop talking nonsense.
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