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  1. The irony of this thread is that we’re now in the exact same position as we were before Kean Out Day, what have we done to deserve this last 10+ years?
  2. I will not be renewing my season ticket next season if Mowbray is still in charge, just like I didn’t when Kean was in charge. I don’t think I’ll be the only one.
  3. Couldn’t care less to be honest. Stay up and have another season like this one, the last one and the one before that, what’s the point?
  4. Who cares. I refuse to support a club with an unsackable manager.
  5. I’ve said it before, if Mowbray was going to be sacked he’d have been sacked weeks ago. He’s as unsackable as Kean.
  6. I think what’s holding up Mowbray’s sacking is that he’s not going to be sacked but we’ll see, I very much hope I’m wrong.
  7. Fair enough if that’s the case but I’m still unsure what the conversations would be about, Pasha telling Waggot that his mate might be getting sacked? Or Pasha telling Waggot that he must sack his mate? I just don’t think that Waggot should be/will be involved in the decision making process. Surely the conversations will be between Pasha and Venkys, which obviously wouldn’t leak over here until it’s actually happened.
  8. Kean was sacked/pushed to resign by Shebby, as far as I know we no longer have a global advisor (although we could do with one) - and Kean’s departure came completely out of the blue, like Mowbray’s would. Last I heard was that Pasha was back in India and had been for a while, not sure how anyone in the UK would be party to his conversations with the Venkys.
  9. How can there be conversations being had when there isn’t anyone to have conversations?
  10. Could it be a natural weakness in his ligaments as well as overcompensation?
  11. Don’t be silly, Raya got caught out and tried to put his body in the way of the ball as a last ditch attempt. Tragic if Dack’s injury is as bad as we fear but Raya can’t be blamed for it, anyone would have done the same in his position.
  12. He’s a decent footballer but his lack of pace will hold him back.
  13. I feel like I did in the Kean days - results, which would be the most important thing at a normal club, are irrelevant.
  14. The only thing I can think of that’s worse than Mowbray being the manager is Mowbray being a director, put that shite idea right in the bin.
  15. Can be as nice as he wants but money makes people do things they ordinarily wouldn’t, there’s no way he’s walking away without being paid up.
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