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  1. That's a very outdated stereotypical view of the English game. And Jason Lowe captained England Under 20's at a World Cup.
  2. It's a poor German side and if we can't beat them especially given it's at Wembley then it would be a very poor showing. In recent months German have been beaten at home to North Macedonia, lost 6-0 to Spain and drawn at home to Hungary. The Dutch are a decent side but they don't have their best player available and have a lack of major international experience in their team again if we can't beat them at home it's a poor show. Then come the final whoever we play we will be at home, the opposition will have most likely have played tougher more draining matches ahead of the final as well
  3. With how the draw has opened up for England anything but winning the tournament must now be considered a failure. We've ended up in the far easier half of the draw and we will play all but 1 game at Wembley. We will never have a better chance to win a major tournament than this.
  4. I note you say about moving forward as Great Britain. Does that mean you want to see a United Ireland? Kids singing this song in school is all a bit Tomorrow Belongs to Me. Don't you think?
  5. Hungary and Serbia did. Which is why they have the best vaccine rate of EU countries.
  6. The most stupid with Downing was that of the few games he started last season one was at Barnsley where rather than playing how we usually did (which would have actually suited Downing), we played 5 at the back and bypassed the midfield all evening by playing long balls from back to front.
  7. Sturgeon also had a lot to say about Aberdeen, Celtic and Rangers players in regards Covid protocols.
  8. It's simply inconceivable that no other player in the entire Scotland squad is classed as a close contact and yet 2 England players are.
  9. If Brereton does stay in the Chile team then he is going to be playing a lot of football next season. Chile have 12 world cup qualifiers still to play and they have to be played by the end of March. Then he could potentially have 2 more in June.
  10. You can keep saying that I hastily jumped on the Amnesty report but no matter how many times you say it, it doesn't make it any less false. It's not the first time that you have wrongly assumed things about me. I responded in detail at the time to Hypnotic's original post with my reservations. You responded to a brief part of my post and said you would 'reply to the rest another time' but you didn't. Now I couldn't care one way or the other what you think or whether or not you respond but it does add even more irony to your comment to me the other night about ignoring/avoiding things.
  11. I'm sure you would but you aren't going to get that in the current climate for a player who won't cost a fee in 12 months time
  12. At the World Cup Southgate lost 3 games, that's the most that England have ever lost in a major tournament.
  13. We would then know who they were and could then find out for example are they just ordinary citizens or do they have charges hanging over them back at home, are any of them connected to the TIP as it is though they are all simply Joe Blogs to everyone.
  14. The evidence is the last decade. When in the last decade have we operated like a normal business/football club?
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