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  1. As I said the amendment yesterday was all about China as anyone who heard IDS (the man who proposed the amendment) speak in the commons yesterday would know. That is the same China who have just agreed a very good landmark investment deal with the EU.
  2. This was an amendment proposed by IDS and supported by the likes of Andrew Bridgen, Marc Francois etc. The likes of whom couldn't give a toss about human rights. The number of falsehoods stated by IDS today in the Commons was a disgrace and he should have been removed. Thankfully even Johnson wasn't stupid enough to vote for this amendment which was based solely on lies and propaganda directed at China by right wing Hawks including on his own benches who are foaming at the mouth for some sort of conflict with China. Non military of course as they know how a military one would end. Also what a
  3. The difference with them though is that they were that they were managing a club on the brink of bankruptcy before Fergus McCann saved them. Mowbray inherited a good side from Strachan and was very well backed financially. To this day there can't have been many if indeed any in Scottish football who have earnt the wages that Celtic were paying for Robbie Keane.
  4. They wouldn't, the bloke is one of the worst if not the worst manager in their entire history.
  5. You were very confident though that Warnock would take Middlesbrough down, yet he managed to guide them to 17th in the end. Also that 'old man' has taken his side from heading for relegation to above the Teeside Messiah in the space of 6 months. If he's a 'has been' what does that make the Teeside Messiah?
  6. I've never regarded the Guardian as particularly left wing it's just always been less right wing than the rest of the press (perhaps the Mirror aside). But I think the Guardian lost any credentials to be left wing with the way in consistently published articles attacking and smearing the most left wing Leader that Labour have had since 1983. And then of course the Guardian backed the austerity supporting Lib Dems in the 2010 election.
  7. Tony is that you? Only it's a list of his favourite excuses and not one criticism of him. The only thing you forgot to add is that we are on a journey. Your right he is thinking long term but it's not the long term future of the club he is thinking of but his own long term future and he knows he is on a cushy well paid number here that is adding very nicely to his retirement fund.
  8. The Guardian isn't left wing, it used to be slightly left leaning but now it is a firmly centrist newspaper. You moan about the media and people using lazy tropes and then come out with the usual right wing rubbish about the left wing press, which we simply don't have in this country. On the subject of the new strain, I've been listening to Australia V India on the radio the last few weeks, the coverage you get is ABC's and every hour you get a news bulletin and whenever they talk about this new strain they always refer to it as ' the UK strain'.
  9. Nyambe, Elliott and Armstrong have been our three stand our players this season, the rest have been average at best. Brereton has improved on previous years but is still well short of being a £7 Million player.
  10. It's my opinion, that is sort of the idea of a message board. Derby had some excellent teams going back a few years but you could always get at them at the back, if they'd had a quality centre back they would have give up. Keogh even when he's playing decently always has a massive error in him.
  11. Never rated him always the weak link and if they had signed a better centre half then they would have got promoted. Then of course against 10 man QPR he singlehandedly did cost them promotion.
  12. This is their final season of parachute payments.
  13. I hope not always been a poor defender. When Derby had some good sides a few years back he was always the weak link.
  14. I said Allan probably will be but I'm not so sure that Mikel would be. Given that he was a free agent in the middle of a pandemic who had cancelled his contract in Turkey due to Covid concerns and also given how Stoke have been trying to trim their wage bill the last couple of years.
  15. Dear god what utter nonsense. Get a competent manager in and with the squad we have we could compete with most teams in this division.
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