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  1. Who said that? It was debatable if it was even a foul but it certainly wasn't a red card. The ref didn't even give a foul initially.
  2. Never a red card. It's one of those where the ref thinks it has to be a red card just because of the severity of the injury.
  3. Probably the worst case scenario for Harrington today with both Wiesberger and Westwood qualifying automatically. I was hoping we'd be able to get Lowry, Rose, Sergio and Poulter in the team. Despite his great history in the competition on current form you'd have to leave Poulter out from those 4. As for the US team Stricker's pick's looking even more baffling after today, in leaving out Horschel and Na he has left out two players in great form. Their team looks as though it has been picked to try and overpower both Europe and the course.
  4. Hope the young lad isn't looking for a work/life balance.
  5. For coach I'd go with Mike Hesson, as for the captaincy that's a decision for him and who he thinks he would work well with, just as he did with the New Zealand captaincy. In terms of my squad for the Ashes I think we need to move on to a new era instead of going back to players who have had numerous chances and not done enough. The likes of Ali, Bairstow, Buttler have all played numerous times against Australia and have poor records and I've seen nothing from any of them to suggest that it will be any different this time around. Anderson has been a great bowler and can still win tests in England but he isn't going to win you test matches in Australia. Malan is 34 and isn't the answer long term or even short term, he's just another unimaginative backward looking suggestion. So my squad for the Ashes tour fitness depending of course would probably be something like the following. Sibley, Burns, Crawley, Root, Hain, Clarke, Pope, Stokes, Foakes, Leach, Parkinson, Broad, Robinson, Woakes, Overton, Wood, Mahmood.
  6. What an outstanding advert for women's golf the Solheim Cup was. Three days of high quality golf and to cap it all of a European victory. Can't wait for the Ryder Cup now.
  7. The first summer in 20 years without a home test series victory and 3 test series in a row now without victory. To go to the Ashes with this coach and captain is tantamount to cricketing suicide, both are totally out of their depth in their respective roles.
  8. I'm beginning to wonder if we value being in division 1 of the under 23's league as more important than developing under 23 players. The likes of Butterworth, Pike, Vale, Brennan, Annesley and McBride are either in their 20's or soon turning 20 and between them have a handful of senior appearances. You can only develop so much playing age group football when you are getting into your 20's you need to be starting to play senior football regularly. Magloire is probably 6th/7th choice and turns 23 in a few months playing under 23's football is of zero benefit to him, he should have been moved on by now. The Greek goalie isn't going to gain much from playing under 23's football he's already played senior top flight football in Bulgaria, he'd be learning much more out playing in league 2 say or the National League.
  9. Burke's an interesting player he looked a very exciting talent at Forest and then started well at Leipzig but since then has bounced around a few clubs looking to live up to his potential. When I saw him play a few times for Sheffield United last season he had a lot of raw attributes but little end product, he reminded me a bit of a poor man's Adama Traore.
  10. How does Anthony Taylor still get big games after he was man of the match for Arsenal in the cup final a few years ago (against Chelsea funnily enough)? As soon as he went over to the screen you knew he was going to give a penalty and he was so keen to give one he didn't even properly look at it.
  11. A clean sweep for the South in the quarter finals. Also nice to see 3 counties with non test/100 grounds in finals day that will annoy the ECB.
  12. The first packed house sporting event that I have been to in 18 months or so and what a fantastic atmosphere it was at Taunton last night. No gimmicks needed just a sell out crowd getting behind their historic county. In knock out one day games the Taunton crowd is always worth an extra 15-20 runs and they got Lancashire rattled last night as was shown by some comedy fielding. Roll on Monday and the return of the Championship.
  13. They should axe all of this overpriced vanity project.
  14. He came a distant third mustering significantly fewer votes than he managed last time out.
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