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  1. I know you believe everything the club says so here is a snippet from the announcement regarding Eustace's appointment about the Stoke game.
  2. It wasn't just the Wigan game whenever he played in his first two seasons he looked dreadful and the Wigan game was just the final straw. But he improved massively last season and continued to go from strength to strength ever since. He is now without a doubt our undisputed number 1.
  3. Hard to believe that was the same group of players that played at Birmingham and Cardiff on the previous two Tuesdays. Pears' growth continues he really is completely unrecognisable from the goalie who played when we went out at Wigan 2 years ago, Markanday finally looked like the tricky pacey player I hoped we had signed 2 years ago. Also first look at the Liverpool lad and he looks like he's got all the attributes to be a good defender. The players set a standard tonight that needs to be the standard for the rest of the season starting with Swansea on Saturday, it's no good playing like that tonight against Newcastle and then losing at Swansea and potential being 1 point of the drop.
  4. That Burnley keeper is terrible and yet they keep picking him. Can only assume it because of the crazy sum of money they paid for him.
  5. Thought Gent played well and no sooner had he gone off Celtic scored two goals from down his side.
  6. Sheffield United and Burnley have to be two of the very worst teams in Premier League history.
  7. That was terrible, reminiscent of the dross served up during Covid season. 1-0 flattered us we made them look like world beaters. The mentality of this group of player really is shocking, you'd have thought after Saturday and this being the managers first game they would have been up for it but from kick of it was laboured. Even after going behind there was no urgency and until the last second we never even came close to scoring. Add into that what people have said was said in the 'fan meeting' about the players no liking being booed off at half time then you have to worry if this squad has the mental toughness for a relegation battle. Talking of player mentality Callum Brittain (😆) gives it the big one after one good performance and then backs it up with that. I couldn't help but smile at his 'defending' for the goal. I don't think Eustace is a great appointment (far from it in fact) he has just been appointed because he is cheap and to be a yes man for those above him. But I'll give him the same defence that I gave JDT and that is that this is a poor squad he has available to him it is where it belongs in the table and to be honest it would not look out of place in the drop zone. Gregg Broughton has a lot to answer for we are so weak in midfield, Garrett is not a Championship quality midfielder, Fleck is obviously no way near being fit enough and Ayari is now seemingly on his third manager this season that doesn't fancy him. Then you look at the attacking options on the bench to bring on when we need a goal you have Sigurdsson, Moran (who has been awful for a few months now), Markanday (it's a damning indictment he still makes the bench and Telaovic who looks every bit a German 4th division striker.
  8. You can't say it wasn't coming. Shocking defending from Brittain
  9. If you mean by reset, cash in on a few more players and replace them with a few free transfers and kids on loan.
  10. A class act. The best thing to happen to this club in the last 13 years. He's better of out of it, he deserves much better than to be constantly let down by a club which has no professionalism or ambition.
  11. Stewart and Henry weren't on Coyle's team when he was initial appointed they only came to the club after Irvine and Kelly left.
  12. Surprised that he isn't taking charge tomorrow. You'd have thought that he would be chomping at the bit to get going
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