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  1. Why is someone's age going to matter to working class voters. Surely it's the policies that mater.
  2. A big change of direction at the moment with Starmer as leader they are just Tory lite.
  3. A very debatable penalty for me. Just in this game Boro had a perfectly good goal disallowed for a foul when if it was a foul it was on a Boro player and should have been a pen for them. Warnock over the years has had some absolutely horrendous decision's against him and he does seem to have more than most go against him. As I say I have long thought that there is an agenda from officials towards Warnock and I think it stems from the fact that they don't like that he is a qualified ref.
  4. Interesting comments from Warnock about Swansea, ref's and Steve Cooper's dad. I must say the thought has crossed my mind before. One thing is for certain Swansea get a lot of iffy decisions go their way.
  5. Still needs a win from the 1 of next 2 to better his 6 points from 10 games that saw him resign from Coventry sighting that he was an 'honourable guy'
  6. Gavin Ward causing carnage in the Swansea V Boro game with some abysmal refereeing. I've said it before but to me there looks to be a clear agenda from officials against Warnock.
  7. A big much needed win which should all but assure survival. But it was frustrating watching and thinking what could have been. Firstly Dolan has been used almost exclusively as a sub since the first few weeks of the season and when you see him today you can't help but think how he may have injected some life into some of those abysmal first halves that we have witnessed over the last few months. Dack looking so much better playing in his best position. If Lenihan played like that every game rather in every 1 in 3 or 4 then we'd be right in touch with the top 6, our results so often parallel ho
  8. England utterly clueless how to bat on turning pitches but it's not a surprise as when a county produces them and produces spinners for England their reward is a points deduction. The selection for the last 2 test was terrible, you really do wonder if they even looked at the pitch. The rotation and sending players home seemed to have no thought to it, it almost seems as though they have prioritised T20 cricket. All that said this is a fantastic India team, probably their best ever. When you look at some of the high quality players who either missed out through injury or non selectio
  9. Let's just hope that they didn't use the governments utterly shambolic test and trace system. Because if they did then you have no idea how Covid secure it was. COVID-19: Test and Trace barely used check-in data from pubs and restaurants - with thousands not warned of infection risk | Science & Tech News | Sky News
  10. Was a decent left back but never a centre back. He should really have been moved on a while ago.
  11. It's not just north either the rail system down here in the South West is abysmal, destroyed by Beeching cuts.
  12. If Labour don't change their direction and their leader soon then the next election will soon become unwinnable.
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