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  1. You didn't answer about whether you blamed him or not. So just put it to bed and set the record straight with a simple yes or no answer. Do you blame Brown for the 2008 financial crisis that this country had?
  2. You have to fear on this showing that the Ryder Cup could be now entering a period of US dominance. You look at the depth of their Golf at the moment and it is frightening as well as these 12 players here all of whom have plenty of years left in them they have the likes of Na, Horschel and Reed not in this team. Not to mention some very exciting young players coming through like Burns, Zalatoris and Wolff. On the other hand on the European Tour I don't see a huge amount coming through at the moment, hopefully this might be a wake up call for it. Harrington has to be down there with Faldo and James in the worst ever European captain stakes, whilst we were always up against it this week some of his decision making has been very odd, even going back to over 2 years ago when he chose to give himself one less pick. As for some of his pairings this week it seemed like they were just drawn out of a hat.
  3. He doesn't have a belief or ideological bone in his body. He will say whatever he thinks the audience he is speaking to wants to hear and will benefit him. He and Johnson are two sides of the same coin. Starmer like to play the 'forensic' serious lawyer whereas Johnson likes to play the court jester. In reality they are both a couple of opportunists who will say anything. It's a shame though that you don't apply your correct highlighting of Starmer's broken pledges to those of Johnson's.
  4. Not what I am saying at all but I think The Rt Hon Sir Kier Starmer KCB QC who earlier this year charged the tax payer £1.84 for stationery has long forgotten where he came from and is very much part of this country's elite, do you not? To me he's an upper class opportunist who doesn't speak to or for working class people. The Labour Party needs to be led by someone who represents the name Labour. You haven't answered me today about whether you blame Brown for what happened in 2008. This is what you do you avoid answering the question by claiming to have answered it (despite not having done so) because you know that your answer will make you look hypocritical. But not to worry because below I have found an old post of yours about Brown and the 2008 financial crisis. I think we can all see that yes you do attribute blame to him for it, which just highlights you hypocrisy as you attribute blame to Brown for when the economy retracted by 4.1% but attribute no blame to Johnson when is retracts by 9.8%.
  5. It read to me as though you did and looking at his response to you it also read the same to @Gav. I'm not if you look back at my earlier post I said I did blame Brown's management of the economy for what happened in 2008. I have asked you if you do blame Brown for what happened in 2008 and you haven't answered. So I will try again, do you blame Brown for the country's recession in 2008 or not? China locked down early, all but eradicated coronavirus in a matter of months, whilst even last year managing to grow the economy. Johnson could achieve none of those three things .
  6. So do you blame Brown for the country's recession in 2008 or not? And our economy retracted by more than any other major economy under Johnson's leadership. Fact. And in our recovery we are still lagging behind a lot of other countries. One might also argue that it was the lack of leadership from Johnson and slowness to shut down back in early 2020 that allowed Covid to spread in the country and meant that the shutdowns when they came were longer and more damaging to the economy.
  7. It certainly seemed to me that you were in the post below. If you don't blame Brown then why not just say the global financial crash rather the 'massive financial crash that happened on Brown's watch'. You can blame him though for the fact that our economy retracted by more than any other major economy.
  8. But it happened on Johnson's watch, you were blaming Brown for what happened in 2008 saying that it was on his watch, to not apply the same logic with Johnson is pure hypocrisy. Also the fact remains that our economy last year retracted by more than any other major economy not matter what excuses you use.
  9. In 2009 under Brown's watch the economy retracted by 4.1% and the year before that by 0.3%. Last year on Johnson's watch the economy retracted by 9.8%. I would be critical of both Brown and Johnson's management of the economy, would you?
  10. The Labour Party in 2021. Out of touch and out of office for a long time whilst they continue to participate in identity politics. The first party conference in 2 years we have a hopeless, dysfunctional, corrupt government and all we have seen from the opposition so far are internal squabbles and identity politics.
  11. The Rt Hon Sir Keir Starmer MP KCB QC.
  12. It seems that a Starmer government wouldn't be one that followed the science. You don't think that someone who has been head of public prosecutions, who is a knight of the realm, an MP, a member of the privy council and the leader of the opposition is upper class and part of the elite? I would say Atlee was upper class as well, but unlike Starmer he wasn't a pure opportunist he had beliefs and convictions. Starmer stands for and believes in nothing. Also unlike Starmer who went from university straight into the legal profession and then to Parliament, Atlee did have real life experience firstly volunteering in and then managing a charity club for boys in the east end of London and also serving in the first world war.
  13. And who is now Sir Keir, the former head of public prosecutions, who following that was parachuted into parliament via a safe seats and is now undoubtedly very much part of the upper classes and ruling elite of the country.
  14. Scrap HS2 and test and trace for starters. Two massive wastes of money spent by the Tories. It's funny when it comes to things like nationalisation or benefit cuts then the question is always asked how are you going to fund it yet that question is never asked every time HS2 goes another few billion over budget. In the last decade the cost of HS2 has gone up around £70 Billion and no doubt that will continue to rise.
  15. He doesn't have a principled bone in his body. He's an upper class opportunist who conned dopey Labour members into voting for him by saying things that it was clear as day he didn't really believe. Marr is in my opinion a pretty poor interviewer but even he has got Starmer tied up in knots.
  16. Very strange pairings again this morning from Harrington, so far his captaincy is down there with Faldo's in terms of selection and attitude. Surprised to see Casey in after two lethargic showings yesterday let's hope Hatton can liven him up a bit at least Hatton has a bit of fight and fire in him. Stunned to see Fitzpatrick and Westwood out again especially together also very surprised that Fleetwood and Lowry won't play any foursomes, Fleetwood was 2-0 in foursomes last time out and I think foursomes would Lowry's game nicely.
  17. Whilst I'm sure there are empty shelves in certain stores around the country it is greatly exaggerated and constantly given oxygen by bitter Remainers. Who's first reaction to an empty shelve seems to be to take their phone out their pocket and take a picture. A bit sad if you ask me but some of these hardcore Remainers are very sad and bitter people.
  18. Harrington put his faith in experience and it has badly let him down. McIlroy and Casey sent out twice and hardly holed a thing between them, it was also a very strange decision to put 2 rookies out with Casey. Poulter a captains pick just doesn't have the game for this course. Westwood who only qualified thanks to Harrington opting for just 3 picks looked like an old man up against this young long hitting US team. This could well be all but over by tea time tomorrow.
  19. A tough first session. Rahm and Sergio complemented each other beautifully, Casey and Hovland played decently but were beaten by a very high quality performance from Johnson and Morikawa. Fitzpatrick and Westwood seemed a strange pairing (especially in foursomes) and so it proved both looked what they are out of form players, it wouldn't surprise me if we don't see either of them until Sunday. Poulter is another one who may well not been seen until Sunday he was never going to be the right pick on this course and in his current form, he's in the side due to former glories.
  20. After 2010 a lot of Somerset fans wouldn't be too disappointed to see Somerset bowled out cheaply tomorrow.
  21. A quick scroll through his twitter feed shows that he is a Covid crank, who seems to think that car accidents are comparable to a contagious respiratory disease.
  22. It's a poll of around 800 people so not exactly definitive. And I suspect it is a poll run by some covid crank and voted on by their followers. Which would explain why you cropped out who ran the poll.
  23. At least he got to speak to someone of sound mind.
  24. And again unattributed almost as if it is just made up by the western MSM. It also makes little sense because as I previously said United Russia lost votes and seats to the CPRF but of course they are the wrong type of opposition in the eyes of the western MSM. In Pounds or Rubles?
  25. The USA in 2021. U.S. border guard uses whip-like cord against Haitian migrants | Reuters.com
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