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  1. iFollow commentators mulling over the possibility of relegation. Goodness me, things are looking bad. (I don't have Sky!)
  2. Prior to last Saturday's fixtures the top 10 or so teams in League Two were all separated by a single point between each. I can't say I have ever seen that before! Both Leagues One and Two are heating up nicely this year, looks to be a proper relegation scrap developing at the bottom of League Two with Grimsby, Barrow and one of Southend and Colchester. Can certainly see a lot of promotion, playoff and relegation places going down to the last day at this rate.
  3. Paul Cook is the new Ipswich Town manager. Will be very interesting to see how their season fares from here.
  4. Has it ever been stated why Hilton's gone all the way to the Highlands? You'd have thought there'd be better options closer to home if all he is to do is be an understudy, and he's hardly got the experience at any decent level you'd imagine Ross would want for a man to slot in when they're fighting off relegation from the top flight.
  5. 90 minutes of absolutely nothing remarkable whatsoever. Why do I do this to myself?
  6. Aye, not buzzing about this one either. I'll still be watching out of habit but in all honesty I am genuinely most interested to see if we can actually get any worse!
  7. I hear The Heat Is On playing at Oakwell. No chance at Rovers!
  8. On the Barnsley commentators tonight who are not too bad. Getting increasing tired of the Rovers iFollow commentary.
  9. Good lad. Refs have put up with player's abuse, scheming and cheating for years so it's good to see one standing their ground not taking any grief. Turns out Drysdale's in the RAF, so that may account for something!
  10. For me it was the same as after we beat Bristol City post-lockdown - I spent the next few days believing we were onto something then watched it gradually fade over the next month!
  11. On your last point, Brentford away perhaps? Didn't get off to the best start but I was genuinely impressed at how we managed to walk away from that with something, especially when we've seen just what Brenford can do since.
  12. Slough Town's joint-manager has said he's embarrassed to be associated with the League and Southport have called them the gift that keeps on giving. Proper football that is, give me that all day before the pristine, water tight PR statements you usually see these days. Such a shame though that this isn't a laugh, it's literally clubs trying to keep themselves alive. Tonbridge Angels have already said they'll go under by the end of the month if the situation continues. The National League hardly covered itself in glory finishing up last season but this has just been a shambles from s
  13. And very well taken again judging by a video doing the rounds on Twitter before. Good to see one of ours go on loan somewhere and make a real impact!
  14. It's so frustrating, he'll have an odd game, usually off the bench these days, where he makes a genuine difference (see the quick thinking v. Luton last week), but he'll then spend the next four or five games completely anonymous or absolutely crocked. Still a hell of a player (at this level anyway) on his day, but I fear as he gets older and no less prone he's basically spent at the level and consistency we require for a genuine promotion push. In a weird way, my complete and utter belief that we would not win today on account of our nosebleed / glass ceiling past has actually made th
  15. Very impressive to score 9 goals in 3 league games last month and only have 2 points to show for it. They managed a 4-4 at the Valley amidst all that too! It would be interesting to know just how much 'home advantage' at all levels is diminished by lack of crowds.
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