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  1. I had a conversation with a friend who has a family member at the club. The jist of it was mowbary always goes on about " I could be at home with my family" when things get to him and he can't cope with criticism. On a Xmas night out with all the players, instead of engaging with them he sat on his own watching some lower tier Scottish game! As a side note, in training players say Gallagher is frightening when running with the ball at players but can't control balls fizzed into feet, not that I needed telling that.🤪
  2. I'd settle for just a good manager with Venkys track record
  3. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/education-56664180 Where are Britain's loneliest places in lockdown? 1 Blackburn 2 Middlesbrough What an ironic coincidence
  4. https://www.linkedin.com/in/suhail-shaikh-a626b210?originalSubdomain=uk Suhail Shaikh3rd O&M Consultant & Board Member at Blackburn Rovers Football Club Bharti Vidyapeeth, College of Engineering and TechnologyBlackburn Rovers Football Club Greater Blackburn with Darwen I've found this on LinkedIn and asked to be connected maybe if others could do the same and we my find a way to get the message across via Venkys adviser
  5. I don't think any fans have the Venkys ear (hope they do) so the only people they listed to are part of the coventrio sadly, again not fit to own the club!
  6. Sorry rev but if fans couldn't see or have the appitite to have their voices heard even when it was and still is obvious that the Venkys aren't fit be be owners then the numbers objecting to Brockhall will be nominal. As for pitchforks and torches not the people I know, just wanted our club back, but that horses has bolted.
  7. If it's anything like Venkys out which should have been supported by all Rovers fans then it will be without a scene bar the residents at Brockhall unfortunately
  8. If it wasn't so serious it would be funny https://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/p04v15sl
  9. Unfortunately he can sit here as long a as he wants because his boss is only here cause TM got him the gig. Nice and cozy!
  10. Needs to run away (I'll give him a lift home myself and a £200 covid fine would be worth it) because all the goodwill he stored up with the fans has all but gone!
  11. If we had a manager that was more consistent with team selections (square pegs round hole), tactics, substitutions and not afraid of the opposition which always comes out in pre match interviews. Even with this squad a better equipped manager would have us up amongst the playoffs. The big question is do we have a structure in place to recognise this and act accordingly? These are some of the comments fro Norwich fans forum. Blackburn played really really well apart from the dirty tactics, best team to play at Carrow Road this season and well worth their point. Worried about th
  12. Who's that rat/rats then, name them I would if I know or is it iyo?
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