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  1. Reality is, have our goal stood then that would not have happened.... the championship and officiating is a joke!
  2. Rothwell held onto it to the perfect amount of time, he was onside....
  3. A completely routine call and they have completed stuffed it.
  4. the pitch looks absolutely awful, what is going on... TERRIBLE officiating....
  5. A thumping 2-1 win for us this weekend, for me I think this period is vital. I think is we can pick up 3 wins from the next four, it will set us well for next year, unlikely I know!
  6. I have to agree with you that I think he does try to draw teams out from the back which does not work all the time. I certainly think to be successful in the Championship you have to come to us and get at least a point and teams are happy to tuck 10 behind the ball and just see it out.
  7. Surely it is just at the end of the season? but then could argue missing key players and still doing as well?
  8. so the unintended deflection that wrong footed the goalkeeper is not luck?
  9. this aged well. Not sure what everyone is moaning about, we are playing well I think....
  10. Honestly absolutely gutted Davenport, he seems like a top lad and a good footballer- You can see how much it meant to him when he missed that chance. Hopefully he keeps going and gets there.
  11. 4 points of play off places and you are sick and tired of it, would hate to know your thoughts if we were doing badly. Going nowhere in what sense?- what context, we are likely to end up with more points than last year and in a better league position? I am not sure there is really ever a circumstance where I would ever want my team to get hammered.
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