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  1. Big thanks to Rev and other contributors who have the long term welfare of this club at heart. Maybe the force of change was the letter, maybe it was the residents of The Ribble Calley......whatever or whoever...we have an example of people power ....maybe, just maybe.....this can be the beginning of the end for the 3 ..
  2. Venkys, Waggott, Mowbray , Beetlejiuce from LT and the “ Love in “ fans on Facebook will get what they deserve....Mowbray’s “ journey “ will, one day end......and what will be left?? .......a soulless club, an embarrassment of a team , a descent to League 1 and 2 oblivion , a mountain of debt, a dirty , neglected ground... ....I love my club but I will not be there to pick up the pieces.....I’m at the stage where I now hate him and everything about him . I’m done because.... I feel helpless and angry in equal measure
  3. I don’t use foul language.....but, reading his latest crap in The Telegraph he has fallen into the same descriptive phrase as the despised one.... ...we had Danny Fucking Murphy ....we have Tony Fucking Mowbray
  4. I know lockdown restrictions are in place , and must be observed...but...this is a serious question WHAT CAN WE DO ? ...an actual show / statement/ demonstration of the disgust we feel for Mowbray, Waggott and Venus
  5. Do you think he even wanted to score? ....surely, they’ve had as much as they can take from Mowbray
  6. How much lower, can this once great club, stoop? The men in the shirts are embarrassing ...led by an even more embarrassing man.
  7. Just heard Sherwood, on Sky say, “ Blackburn play a brand of football that allows young Elliot to develop ...”........what ? The fact he calls us Blackburn is bad enough but how Mowbray and his possession football cons these “ experts “..talking utter crap
  8. I read a “ post “ on Facebook earlier....as usual , littered with expletives at someone suggesting Mowbray should go.......and he finished it with.........”.support him and support the club or.....we could end up like Bolton “..... now, there is a thought.. .. How they have been to hell and back during the past 3 or 4 seasons ...duped by ownership whose only interests were self, lead by management out of its depth, paying players with no heart or guts to fight for the shirt....does that sound familiar? ...and where are they now? A united fan base great in number, owned by people wh
  9. My vote is, most definitely NO....it’s not that I’m after promotion, free flowing football, win most home games....I just want a club I can believe in....one which works in an honest, straightforward way. One which values its fan base , one which gets something from its Cat 1 Academy...one with a manager and back room team who are genuine football men who inspire their players to give their all for the shirt. It will remain NO ...whilst these opportunists are here.
  10. I agree Matty.....Whilst fans at many clubs will be desperate to return to their grounds, with support they have missed giving ...the returning numbers at Ewood will be a stark statement of what this management has done to this club....I along with JH and many others will be part of that 50%.
  11. The ground might get a clean up for the start of the new season but... no need to oil the turnstiles....there’ll be no buggers through them....
  12. ...Yer man must be thick in the head to sign what he has and to play the systems he has....he must now have skin to match. How can any self respecting football man not realise how of his depth he is ?? He’s embarrassing....but.....he’ll never be a burden to this club......as a man of honour, he said so ....well, I’m feeling that burden right now ....
  13. ...The players have no heart....the manager has no head ....grand
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