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  1. So true Mark! I feel that what Downing said, and what he omitted to say spoke volumes of his “ displeasure “ towards Mowbray and all. It terrifies me to think of how he handles young players, academy lads etc if this is how he handles a fellow Boro lad and his own signing. Downing sounded exactly as I feel…..disillusioned with the club, disgusted with Mowbray and …..like him, I shall be hanging my ticket up when the players return to training….has anyone ever felt so disenfranchised from this, our club? …..and this is before Mowbray opens his mouth for the first time in weeks..I look in
  2. …I do agree Matty, that , “ this lot darkened our door”…..but, the reason I shall not be returning to Ewood , is the fact that …….. …….Mowbray darkens it further. If he were to go the ticket sales would increase considerably. Currently, there is no communication, no interest, no hope …as I’ve said before , on other topics I envy Bolton, Blackpool, Stanley, Wigan fans …they have had their shackles of mismanagement removed…ours remain firmly in place.
  3. Whilst aspiring players form a queue to sign and play for Pep ….who, in their right minds ( aspiring or otherwise ) , would have the slightest interest in signing for Mowbray .. they only need to look at what “ he’s done for “ Nyambe, Rothwell, Travis, Chapman, Davenport, Gallagher, Brererton, Bell, Lenihan, Wharton ….Tony, the forward thinking manager …who plays to players’ strengths and develops their careers …..Mowett would be great for us ….get the idea he’s a decent bloke too…but , he doesn’t deserve Mowbray.…. Don’t tell me he got Dack and Armstrong right…. Law of averages….I
  4. Brilliant post…. BRFC in a nutshell
  5. …so the season ends..I don’t envy Manchester City, Manchester Utd, Chelsea , Leicester ..the main protagonists… …but I do envy Blackpool, Bolton , Morecambe …( and even Wigan) not because of their promotions but because they have found themselves again. They have spirit, soul, unity, future , hope… they are free from their shackles of debt and incompetent owners….whilst we are ….what we are ! …being led by dynasores , funded by those who don’t even know our identity. Their fans will look forward…whilst all we can do is look back …many of us …” in anger “
  6. ….I feel really pleased for them. I remember the day when we marched together, in pouring rain , to share our mutual dislike of our owners….… …..they are rid of their shackles, we are still bound. They are rid of their management…we remain on the journey to nowhere . I actually envy Blackpool and Bolton…. They are clubs reborn …we are either dying or dead….. oh for a manager with the guile and hunger of Critchley
  7. Progress ?…. What progress? The squad has gone backwards The pitch has gone backwards The ground has gone backwards The respect of Rovers fans towards the club has gone backwards The sale of season tickets has gone backwards ( if and when ever they are announced ) …..Progress? ….we need a gear change…and it will ONLY be achieved by the removal of 3 men who have taken us to this depressing point .
  8. When you look at Rovers’ retained list it fully illustrates Mowbray’s inability to plan , to think, to develop. I’m not sure where we on “ this journey “...but we are currently without leaders, without hungry young men, without players with the ability to play out from the back ( his idea of progress ) , without structure .... ...we continue to sink..and eagerly wait for return of Ayala ...and maybe Bennett running the dressing room....so much to look forward to ....😳
  9. I can do playing kids......I can do skint.....I remember in the days before Jack’s real money he used to pay for the club postage.....what I can’t do is Mowbray. I have to admit this ( never thought I’d ever get anywhere near these words) ....I hope Ewood is silent, empty, morgue- like ......and remains so until he goes . I believe many will be sharing my view.....we cannot, must not go anywhere near a season ticket......until that wonderful day dawns and we are Mowbray free.... it will like coming out of lockdown and I’ll be joining the queue at the ticket office.
  10. As for where he lives....I couldn’t give a toss, as for the retained list ...I couldn’t give a toss.....as for potential signings ...I couldn’t give a toss.... ....this is what this man and the current regime has done to me . I have NEVER felt so low with regard to my feeling and love of the Rovers....it’s even lower than SK and Venkys new reign 10 years ago. ....like Dick Turpin.....at least he wore a mask...but now.....we’re robbed in plain sight of our club and our future., the pathetic excuses given for our current predicament... The whole community/ town continues to suffer ...
  11. ...we don’t! We’ve got one of them in the dugout......
  12. ...it compares incredibly well ...particularly when you factor he has had to sell no one ! Plus the dreadful transfer fees paid for Gallagher and Brererton...and the utterly wasted wages on Ayala, Downing, Pears, Douglas .....we didn’t fail because of budget....we failed because Mowbray managed the budget .....
  13. ....sister...but I’m happy with that !! All together in the cause !
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