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  1. ..I agree ….it’s very sad. However, Covid doesn’t seem to be impacting other grounds , in fact they have greater gates than ever….our gates , in my opinion, are as they are, and will remain as they are whilst Mowbray and his band of weary brothers remain in post. I will return to Ewood , every game, as soon as we have a leadership I can believe in and respect. The VERY life of our club and our community is being squeezed…how much life will be left before “ the powers that be “ will realise we have had enough.
  2. …I would love this man of integrity to be aware of this forum and, indeed read it . Maybe he could explain the level of disgust , disbelief and general amazement that comes his way….maybe, once it’s explained the Joe Bloggs of us might learn to appreciate what a gem he is !
  3. Tell me…how can ANY stake holder have anything other than contempt for this appalling piece of utter embarrassment… Any player ?.Any coach at what ever level or age group? Any one involved in the administration of the club ? Any one who finances the club ? Anyone on the payroll ? Any real fan ? The man is FINISHED …the only problem for our proud club…he’s finished, drawing payment from our proud club and dragging our proud club further into the mire ..SHAME on you Mowbray
  4. It’s THAT time again on a Saturday when we haven’t won….not because we don’t have the resources to do so but we have a man incapable of using these said resources. WHAT does it take to remove THE reason for repeated failure on and off the pitch ? What was today’s gate ? What will it be Tuesday? I now despise this man …..My club is not my club anymore … …..and , it will be THAT time again next week, and the next week….until he’s gone….wonder what that next home game gate would be ?
  5. …true….but the most embarrassing display comes from the touchline….week after week ….
  6. Commeth. the moment….commeth The Mowbray…only HE can snatch a draw from the jaws of victory….HOW MUCH LONGER
  7. ….I’ve been asking these same questions for the past two years , little if anything to do with his contract situation.….I came to a conclusion…very simply …he doesn’t , because he can’t .
  8. Yes…Yes…Yes….I will be there….How ? Where ? I got seriously burned the last time we, as fans tried to apply pressure…….I lost, who I believed ,were friends …my mental health suffered and for what ? We’re in even more trouble now than we were then no identity, no pride, no future, no heart , no balls. . Back in the day we had the likes of Henry Winter fighting our cause….and now ? …nobody as we are perceived as a lost club heading to even more mediocrity. Some Rovers fans continue to support and believe the crap spouted by the 3 ( I wouldn’t know what the owners spout ) ..so well done them but I can’t do that…until I see some semblance of guts, decency and transparency ..it’s not for me. But…..I will fight and support others who have the real BRFC at heart ….not the shell we have become .
  9. Yes…..Yes…..Yes …..Count me in …how , where …?? I got seriously burned last time we, as fans, tried to apply pressure………I lost who I believed, were friends, my mental health suffered …all to no avail….and I never thought I would want to experience the same again…but…..we’re in even more trouble now than we were then…no identity, no pride, no future, no heart , no balls…. Back in the day we had the likes of Henry Winter fighting our cause …who have we got now ??…..no one…because we are perceived as a lost club heading to an even more mediocre level than we currently are .. Some fans continue to believe and support the crap being spouted by the 3….well done them ….I can’t …until I see some semblance of guts, decency, transparency and a club that respects its fan base ..it’s not for me….but I will fight , with others who still have the real BRFC at heart….not the shell of a club we have become ..
  10. When are people going to realise that these horrible men have taken our club to horrible levels ? They have constantly displayed utter contempt for our club, our history ..and they leave us ( some in shock, but not me ) with this embarrassing collection of bodies about to pull on our shirt… Surely the time has come for supporter action. I marched against Venkys, I challenged Singh, I hammered Kean from the terraces , I withdrew my season ticket after 35 years ….surely the time has come to completely boycott all things Rovers …the exit of these charlatans has to be hastened…they have no integrity, no concern for our dying club….for God’s sake can we done together AND ACT
  11. 🤣….Thats an insult to Roy Cropper ….at least he has some grand occasional one liners….and, he tries to save the world !!
  12. I can support the club…. but I cannot support the current regime….no accountability, no thought of the fan base, no idea in the dug out , no truth . I’ve supported many a poor manager in my 50 plus years and I supported them because they were transparent…and they did indeed , their best. It will remain “ no hard cash “ from me until we regain our identity, our purpose and our pride . I’ve played my part, defended our club but I am currently beaten by “ the 3 “….other issues consume us too , owners etc but until I can believe what comes from the miserable mouth of Mowbray …no .
  13. Couldn’t stand Mowbray before tonight….still can’t ….but that’s 3 great points for our club …well done the boys in the shirts, and well done all who travelled.
  14. The only transfer news I’m praying for is nothing to do with what might be coming in…it’s what desperately needs to go out…Mowbray, Lowe, Venus. Their entire presentation by what they do and what they say is doom, doom and more doom …….would you sign for them ? …….would you pay to watch their football ?
  15. ….Sadly, if it takes the season before he ***** off the fan base will have ******off .
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