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  1. Fair question. Calmer and more presence I think. As a former centre-half I'd feel a bit unsure with Pickford behind me. Schmeichel seems to be a good organiser. Pickford proved himself a good shot - and header - stopper though
  2. The Matty Holmes one always felt like a kick in the teeth - a top-class centre-half and creative midfielder were all we really lacked at that time. Would have made us much more competitive in Europe and helped build on the initial success. Instead we got - at best - a squad backup player.
  3. I guess some of those fans had forgotten SuperAtko - a classic lower league journeyman miraculously turned into a Premiership winning midfielder by Kenny and Ray.
  4. Always thought the barracking of Andrews was well over-the-top. He never hid and always tried his best. Not his fault his manager over-promoted him. Compared to the likes of Murphy, Ferguson (could have been good for us with any effort!!), Best and the rest Andrews doesn't even come close!
  5. Went with my Dad. On the Beehole End a bloke in front of us went through a full bottle of whisky before kick-off and then laid down on the terrace and slept through most of the game. Also there were young kids (looked 12/13) running around with no parents visible!! Was a midweek game if I remember. Absolute carnage when they chased the Burnley fans out of the Longside and onto the pitch.
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