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  1. Fantasy little run and cut back by BB there. The rest of the Chileans acting like SG unable to anticipate play
  2. Wouldn't Newcastle be entitled to 40%...so his left peg and right arm?
  3. What sort of clown show are we running here? Somehow we "thought" we had a club option on Chapman for next term, but it turns out we don't? We don't even know the terms of our own players f'n contracts! It must be a metal ward up there. The whole lot need to go. Tony Mowbray had suggested Rovers had an option in the deal that brought Chapman to Ewood Park in January 2019 that would be triggered to ensure he was under contract until at least 2022 but he has learned there was no such option for the club to trigger in the deal of Chapman.
  4. Last game will feel like Christmas Eve. Only instead of getting a gift I’m hoping to wake up the next morning to someone gone.
  5. If it doubles the chance TM gets his walking papers...all for that
  6. All I heard was he would have been happier with a 2 or 3 nil defeat.
  7. We’ve been dire since the turn of the year. The results in January with the exception of Luton were undeserved. Boro, stoke and birmingham all played us off the park.
  8. Top 6 quality says the manager to start the campaign...he’s fucking mental
  9. Bucko is our player. Rule number one under TM always play others players over our own. For a man who talks a lot about not building a team through loans we always seem to have a lot of them in our team sheet every week.
  10. Agreed 100%. Themis was the season TM was building for and it turns out he builds worse than my 3 year old with his blocks. The only positive I take is that most of that deadwood will free up cash when their contracts run out. Selling AA has to happen as I don’t see him happy here if he’s still kicking about. I’m hoping that with a new manager we could see the youth we develop reach their potential. It’s baffling to me that any manager could retain their role at any level with this run.
  11. Didn’t watch but can’t say I’m surprised in anything except TM still being in charge.
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