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  1. Give the guy a break. He clearly thinks playing down a man improves the odds of winning. That’s what he plays Gallagher on the wing. It’s like playing with 10 every week...wicked smart
  2. I'd prefer to see Rothwell in the middle, Evens in another kit, and Dolan on the wing. But that's just me.
  3. “Blackburn Rovers to bring two academy starlets into squad vs Watford – including 10-goal striker” What are the odds he plays on the wing?
  4. Hoping the best for Gally, but fearful the only reason he can off was due to caught his up blood, not his sergio play
  5. Travis also only got hit shot through injury. It’s like we have no faith in our own youth program.
  6. When was the last time we were in good form? Our unbeaten run in January wasn’t form, it was luck.
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