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  1. I guess you first need to learn how not to do it before you go see how a proper club operates.
  2. Who needs accounts when there’s no money to sign players?
  3. He could not score in the premier league just as easily as doesn’t score here.
  4. Who need goals when set up for a nil nil draw each week?
  5. The only deal that should be offered to Fleck should come from Stephen Mulhern
  6. Leonard is twice the player of Gally. Getting his wages off the books likely worth more than we’d get in a transfer fee
  7. I said even if it’s not his direct responsibility, he’s going to be viewed at fault. If I hair a contractor to build a home and he hires a bloke that doesn’t pound nails in the wall. I blame the contractor even though the nails in the boards aren’t his direct responsibility. After the Obrian saga he should have seen the business was completed. Say what you want it’s his reputation that take the hit.
  8. It may not have been his direct responsibility but after the previous January he should have micro managed the completion of the deal. You simply cannot have that happen on your watch again.
  9. Can’t be a surprise for GB to go. Should have immediately been sacked after the McGuire debacle, probably should have been after the O’Brian and Brierley failures if we’re being fair. Not sure he’s to blame for it, but any owners who pay attention would have sacked him then. The only surprise is Waggot remains. A competent organization would have sacked the whole lot and started fresh. Unfortunately as long as Venkys are around competently ownership will remain illusive.
  10. Oversee the bundling of transfer day deals?
  11. Depending on wages wouldn’t be a terrible deal. He’s better than Buckley/Moran/Garrett who all got lots on minutes in the middle
  12. I know JDT is gone but I’d much rather be handing him a £20 m+ million transfer budget than Eustace. Not like anyone’s getting that sort of funding but if they were.
  13. There was a time we weee told we had to create our own transfer budget. Since then £26 million in transfer fees + Szmodics fee will have been received. We should have £20 million + to spend. We will be lucky to get £2.6
  14. Better than Gally I’m willing to bet
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