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  1. Not easy to get rid of a player who has been given a four year contract. Same goes for Ayala-three year contract and he has only played a handful of games. Does anyone know what his injury is?
  2. That was the same number that called me last week. Told the young lady that I would not be renewing my ST if Mowbray was still in charge next season. If he isn't potted this week, I honestly cannot see us gaining another point and relegation looms.
  3. They are probably making the calls in alphabetical order as my surname begins with B.
  4. Don't know if this is the right thread to post this comment, but here goes. I have just had a telephone call from the club, a young lady asking how I was. She said they were contacting all season ticket holders to ask how they were. I told her that I had watched every game this season on iFollow and she asked if I had enjoyed them. Needless to say, I told her that the football was, for the most part, dreadful to watch and that in my opinion this was all down to the manager's tactics. She said that many of the people she had contacted had said the same thing. Although she did not ask if I would be renewing my ST, I volunteered the comment tnat having been a season ticket holder for 58 years, I would not be renewing if Mowbray was still in charge, as I would not be prepared to watch turgid football week in week out. I can only hope that if enough ST holders say the same as I have, maybe the message will get back to the owners. We can only hope, but I am not holding my breath.....interestingly, she said she had not watched any of the games this season which leads me to suspect that she is employed by a PR company to make all the right noises. A desperate throw of the dice by SW?
  5. This sums up exactlyhow I feel. I am in my 70th year, have had a season ticket since 1967 and have supported my club through thick and thin (and believe me there have been some bad times). However, I have never felt more depressed than I do today. I'm not one of those who think the club has a divine right to be in the top division, but as a fan, I feel I do have the right to see my team play with purpose and passion and with definite gameplans. To my mind, the players we have now ought to be good enough to be challenging for a play off spot. The problem is that they are completely lacking in guidance and proper coaching, and as a result, teams like Rotherham, Coventry, Preston and Barnsley can nullify us with little or no effort. Others have commented time and again about the folly of having your centre forward on the wing, your best midfield player (Rothwell) playing out wide when he should patently be in the centre of midfield. I just wish that Mowbray would read this MB and listen to long suffering fans like me, in despair at the current situation. It's no good saying he will go when the owners tell him to, because he is fully aware that the owners know little about football and even less about what the position of manager entails. Managers live and die by results and if Mowbray had an ounceof decency he would resign tomorrow, or at the very least as k for a structured leaving by mutual arrangement like Neil Lennon. If he remains as manager at the start of next season, then for the first time in 54 years I will not renew my season ticket.
  6. I have been watching the Test Match . Have India solved the Covid problem??? 15,000 fans in the stadium, little or no social distancing and only a handful of people wearing masks. Yet we can't allow 2000 fans into stadia that are capable of holding 30,000 plus....😷
  7. Nothing wrong in my opinion with loaning a good quality PL keeper. After all, it worked for Sheffield United didn't it?
  8. Some great memories of SMC in this thread. I was there 61 to 69, Toss Kennedy was my form teacher and a great guy.
  9. I agree with you, Joe. I started using Car Park H two years ago when I began bringing my wheelchair bound brother to the games. To my mind ten minutes should be sufficient to allow most pedestrians to get away from the stadium. The twenty minutes delay causes frustration. I also agree that there should be staff on duty in the carpark and that there should be a one way system in place to avoid the free for all when the gates do eventually open. One further point-it is all very well opening the bus lane to enable right turns, but the guy operating the traffic lights (operating the box opposite the Empire) does not allow more than a few vehicles at a time to exit. I wonder if he knows the amount of cars trying to exit the car park and the effect he can have on traffic flow? Some joined up thinking is required to provide more coordination.?
  10. Same here, 55 years since my first game, time marches on.
  11. This is the problem. The manager is untouchable because of the management structure at the club. Waggott is not going to sack the man who hired him.
  12. A bit unfair on Rothwell and Graham, given that they have only started a couple of games this season. Rothwell in particular needs a run of games, not just twenty minutes every now and then as a sub.
  13. After eleven games last season, we had 15 points. This season we have 14 points after eleven games. Progress? Arguably, we have better players this season, but they are not being used properly or played in their correct positions-or they are not inspired by the manager. As many have said previously, we are grateful to TM for turning the club's fortunes around, but all managers have a shelf life and TM has reached his sell by date.
  14. Apart from the first ten minutes, we completely outplayed and outmuscled a rather lightweight Spurs side. I agree Samuel was impressive, but in my opinion Brad Lyons was the outstanding player-he ran the second half , playing some incisive passes. Davenport was steady if unspectacular, and keeps a cool head in the DM position. Defence was largely untroubled, though when called upon, Hilton made a couple of decent saves. A thoroughly enjoyable performance.
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