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  1. Wow, wow, wow. I’m a teacher. Can you imagine if I said to parents, or my head teacher, or to my employers at the council “I don’t know how my pupils perform in their exams, because I don’t look at their exam results”? Is there anybody on this website who could conceivably come out with such bullshit with regards to their performance at work? Imagine a manager at one of their battery chicken factories telling the local Indian paper “I don’t know how many chickens we have sold, because I don’t look at sales figures”. I thought reading about ‘expected goals’ was the daftest
  2. God of Midtable? We wish! God of Two Relegations to League One is starting to look more like it.
  3. I feel the mistake being made here - and it’s one that is often made - is people think of Venkys as a single body. They are not, they are a group of dysfunctional quarrelling siblings who often act in contradictory ways. My memory/reading of the Kean situation is that Barry probably wanted him gone, Mrs D didn’t (she got on with Kean’s wife), so Barry appointed Shebby to make life difficult for him. Similarly when Lambert was appointed, somebody - probably Barry again - promised him the Earth, but Lambert soon realised a promise from one of them means bugger all. It is why their deci
  4. In 2017 we went down with 51 points. In the seven games left we need six points to beat that total. Surely, surely the Raos have to notice that. I know they’re not paying close attention, but surely they see the points total at the end of the season. Is anyone confident we’ll get six or more points in the games left?
  5. OK - genuine question - what other clubs are strategically owned to make money by losing money? If it works for V’s it could work for many others. I will stand corrected if you can tell me some examples without just entering into more speculation. Also - Balaji stopped playing real life football manager years ago. We all know this. It wasn’t him who put Gallagher to right back, he doesn’t even know who Gallagher is. The only person ‘playing’ at football manager these days is TM. And he ain’t any good at it either. Finally - I take the point about their accountants not being as dumb
  6. It makes no sense, but there must be an explanation. The face saving theory doesn’t stack up for me, it would be such small news in the U.K and India. Hanging on to the club as a toy for Balaji’s son doesn’t sound particularly likely to me either. Where is he? Why is he not attending matches? He doesn’t seem overly interested in his gift tbh. Keeping the place to create loses - to avoid paying taxes in India - on the surface sounds plausible, but it seems a funny way to ‘lose’ money to me and I’m not sure that it’s a theory that stands up to scrutiny. Why not make losses in somethin
  7. If Balaji’s son payed attention to results or (wishing for the stars here) perhaps even attended the odd game now and then - it would be infinitely better than now. Right now we’re like the forgotten toys in Toy Story, up on the dusty shelf with Wheezy the squeaky penguin. I hate that a football club can be ‘owned’ in this way. This is the shit side of capitalism. The ownership of historic community institutions should be far better regulated than this. We have no God given right to be successful on the pitch anymore than any other club, but I hate that the ownership of these old clu
  8. The only chance would be if any of the Raos had guests round to watch it on TV and they felt humiliated after a tonking. However, the days of them paying attention to individual scores - let alone watching games - are unfortunately long gone I fear.
  9. I wonder what Nixon’s ‘sources’ are? I wasn’t aware he had any real link to the owners or anyone we’ll connected at the club for a long time. Maybe I missed something but I thought for the past few years he was as clueless about our owner’s motives and plans as we were. Maybe he has a link to someone with links to Balaji still. I don’t imagine the big boobed guy is a man to keep his thoughts about his old toys to himself. It’s possible the story comes - third hand at least - from someone who has heard Balaji babbling on about something or other. However, it’s also possible he’
  10. Continuing on a similar theme - in less time than TM has been managing Rovers the Beatles went from ‘She Loves You’ to Sgt Pepper (making Revolver, Rubber Soul, Help & several other classic albums on the way). In less time than TM has been managing Rovers the U.S went from Pearl Harbour to the unconditional surrender of Japan (developing nuclear weapons on the way). In less time than TM has been managing Rovers the Red Army went from nearly losing Moscow to the fall of Berlin (causing Hitler’s suicide, the unconditional surrender of Nazi Germany, conquering half of Europe and unc
  11. Hi Southside, I generally appreciate people having different opinions. It is one of the things makes the message board a good read. I come on here most days - and have done for years - to get my fix of Rovers news. I accept you’re not a WUM for having opinions that stray quite some distance from the board consensus. However, you have wound me up. You don’t work 17 hours a day. Don’t be silly, it makes everything else you say lack credibility. Unless you’re stitching trainers in an Indonesian sweat shop or have been illegally trafficked down to the south of England to work in a canna
  12. Is he from the HSH agency? I fear that’s the only place our next manager is coming from. Does anyone know what washed up old out of work has beens they currently have on their books? Just so we can be prepared.
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