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  1. Indeed. At least they did sack him before the end of the season though. What position were we in then actually?
  2. At this stage it's bad either way, they have dragged it out to the point where another manager hasn't had the end of the season to take a look, so a new appointment will already be playing catch up. Or they just aren't sacking him. Like it's hardly option C and they have the Barnsley manager lined up. We can dream though
  3. Some bizzare stuff, but this would be beyond the pale. I think that all the signs point to nobody knows what's happening, at best.
  4. Nobody is stopping anyone posting what they want, so can we stop saying thats a things that's happening?
  5. No,me neither, but it's a mental state of affairs The way Mowbray is talking though. Is he that deluded? Surely if the ITKs here heard it, he has heard it? If it's as conclusive as they say. I'm not trying to be snide by saying that
  6. Ya keep sharing ,but don't act like a child if some people question the validity of that. The manager doesn't realise he has been sacked ,so it's a bit odd. Someone should really tell him he has already been sacked. Cos he definitely doesn't know. In fact he thinks the exact opposite. Crazy club
  7. A couple of vague things from a long time ago plus "not as big things". Cool. Conclusive evidence. You have predicted far ,far more that hasn't happened. Say what you want. It's a free country/message board. Not sure why you are getting so defensive anyway if you believe your source. Bit odd that. I didnt mean it in a snide way, apologies as it may have come accross like that. The fact you are on the edges of "I told you so" already about your info though, tells me a story. Anyway, I hope you're right
  8. I get sick of them when it's something this serious! Some saying them here will be on giving it the "I told you so" if/when he is sacked, but it seems to me that no one knows more than anyone else. Obviously and logically he should be gone. So it's not that difficult a prediction to make or rumour to start
  9. How many things have you predicted that didn't happen? Even a broken clock is right twice a day
  10. Wishful thinking I reckon. The "coincidences" are tentative at best, plus he is getting to renew contracts ,for example Johnson. Brokhall has nothing to do with anything, just that the public rejected it and there is no evidence India have changed communication at all. Rumours on message boards are all they are. We all know he should be gone, so it's easy to say he will be. However the fact he is still here now alone shows that this is not a normally run club.
  11. Didn't work out too bad for Brentford signing Toney, or us with Dack.
  12. Different for me on Ifollow, but I would be hesitant to watch as the football was so bad at stages this season. Toothless possession for the sake of it. Gallagher on the wing. Just not enjoyable unfortunately.
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