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  1. That's not worse than no signings and being in a position where we are about to lose our top scorer
  2. He has, but he should have brought more through at the end of last season. His 2 big money signings haven't worked out. He didn't paly Brereton properly for a year and a half. Illogical stuff. He refused to accept any blame at the end of last season. You can criticize them and him. You seem to be manufacturing this being a one sided attack on Mowbray, with Venkys being ignored.
  3. I think it goes without saying about Venkys at this stage. We all know the story. They aren't going anywhere though and Mowbray has been given time and money and failed to prepare us. So he deserves the flack. I agree he's not the man to bring the youngsters through, but for some reason ,he is being tasked with it. Their absenteeism lack of football knowledge and inability to hire good staff just makes mountains out of mole hills and everything is exacerbated
  4. Supplementary,it's fine. If our only 5 signings are 5 young players on loan, you ain't succeeding with that
  5. Have you ever seen Doyle play? Or are you just saying some unknown 19 year old will just walk into our midfield? He probably would to be fair and I haven't seen him either
  6. The manager doesn't even know if he has a budget. The whole thing is pathetic and not at all how a club who plan on doing well would be doing things. We will end up with 5 loans in from City and Liverpool. They will take the places of our own highly rated youngsters. The work to replace Armstrong on a permanent should be happening as we speak. We both know it's not.
  7. This thing of 5 loans coming in after the season starts. It's just a bullshit way of doing things. Disruptive
  8. Why not consider loaning older, more experienced players?
  9. Indeed ,that's why I would much prefer a player in a swap too. All cash is ideal for the owners and bad for us. Looks to be going that way though. Anyway, I mean jesus Mowbray doesn't even know. At a functional club him and the head of recruitment would know we are getting even say £3 million and work on the deal to replace him would be taking place now. At a club who cared they would have someone lined up and be like "Armstrong's gone, but we have this guy". Not here though. I don't know if we can blame Mowbray for this one. He looks to be made of glass.
  10. It's not worth risking Armstrong on Saturday, but unless he's playing silly buggers, Mowbray is suggesting he might. He won't give his all anyway, no matter what Mowbray or the club have done for him and that's even without the unthinkable and him getting injured. In fact players not giving 100% is a sure fire way to get injured.
  11. This Palace link worries me. At least Southampton and Norwich were apparently offering players. We get a big fee only and that will probably just disappear, or we spend like £2 million max. Obafemi or Idah would be far better imo.
  12. We were talking about Hugill I have no idea what Idah would be on to be honest
  13. Didn't realise JRC was injured again Not good. Not good at all. Very, very worrying. The guy just cannot stay fit
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