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  1. Craven cottage looked pretty bad the other night. Not far off Ewood.
  2. What has Lampard done to make people think he has potential? He gave youth a chance, fair play, but he spent a huge amount of money. I still think they probably should have given him a bit more time, but it's a results business,the window is open and it's not Romans first rodeo. Not sure about Tuchel though. I would give that til summer and they go after Rodgers.
  3. Sounds positive, but it also makes me suspicious that the Venkys would have that level of idea what goes on with transfers, which I don't believe they do. I would believe Mowbray would over rule them alright though, stubborn man.
  4. The communication is never ideal, it's hard to tell if anything is different really. It doesn't seem like it from the outside
  5. Joao is a useful player, a handful. Bottled the peno alright,but they will be there or thereabouts
  6. Ya a penalty and yellow card would have been fair. The loss of Fry was the biggest blow for them It looks bad in the replays
  7. Ya, Dack was class. Knows how to win. Calmed things down. The incident in today's game is all over sky, with Warnock ranting on. He has a point, but wasn't intentional. A lot for a young player to be dealing with
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