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  1. Adoma is sensational. Great tackle by Brereton though. Would definitely take 0-0
  2. I like Edun. Decent signing. Shit they are applying pressure...
  3. It's up to Butterworth himself really. He had one chance and he missed, albeit it was offside. I like him and this is his chance
  4. What is a reasonable wages to turnover ratio? Because it's difficult to see us competing if we have anything near a sensible one from a monetary viewpoint. The turnover isn't going to drastically increase. I'd say oursvis very low by league standards. You do thinks it's reasonable that he should be top earner? I suspect he thinks the same, but the club won't pay him more than some others
  5. You don't know it hasn't cost us points. A goal scoring centre forward could have won many of the tight games
  6. He almost scored and the earlier back the better. As for your points, Put it towards offering players a better deal? Its about a month wages for them, possibly less. £85,000 isn't going to go very far with regards signing anybody. We won't miss out on a deal because of £85,000 Ya, fair enough could go towards the stadium upkeep, but they larger projects they just need to approve. He's our main player and if he scored and we won I would say it was £85,000 well spent. He almost did and it's easy to criticize in hindsight. All speculation with the cost anyway.
  7. That 189% figure in isolation doesn't mean much and we are only staying competitive with that. It will always be an issue with the crowds and stadium size. I would imagine it's all about money. They ain't gonna move somewhere on less than we are offering. Do you think they would? Also let's say Lenihan wants to be top earner ,is that reasonable?
  8. Brady signed for Bournemouth. I'm not a huge fan tbh(although will always have that goal against Italy) and he has injury issues ,but it makes me wonder why we haven't signed an out of contract CF. There are surely some knocking about
  9. I know we didn't and I think we agree it's inexcusable Ya apparently we wanted him and Obafemi at another stage. It's really poor we ended up with nobody and you would imagine it'll cost us points in the long run
  10. Keep sharing this stuff. It's actually incredible 🤣
  11. It sounds like he wants a new deal too 😅 Is this really am issue with all clubs? We have a serious issue here and it's a pretty dumb one to be in. You give them a few extra thousand a week and you potentially make millions. It's in our interest to sign them up. It really doesn't sound good though....Surely Waggot should be explaining the economics of this to them? Does ffp come into this? We must be offering them peanuts.
  12. To be fair we can't force teams higher up the league to take him! His ability and profile dictates where he ends up. If he's good ,he should rip it up there
  13. How close? We surely could have signed someone from Europe for a million or 2. Poveda and Khadra don't look to be the answers. We didn't have a winger for ages, now we have 3 who he plays centre forward Able next summer ,but let's see about willing! Do you think they will give Mowbray a new deal? I wouldn't be surprised
  14. I always mix them up, yes Farke and yes Norwich 😅
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