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  1. The LET do press releases more than journalism, unfortunately
  2. A video with an expert, one of the foremost in this field. The fact you call it "wacky" is bizzare. Is it that you just don't understand what he is saying? There are how many people who understand this as well as him in the world? You certainly are not one of them or anywhere near it. So ,again, I ask you to reference real world date, from your favourite scientists debunking Robert Malones points, I'm still waiting. Ideally use ones that don't work for the pharmaceutical companies, cos well, you might not understand this, but they have a conflict of interest. Also, please don't use the Atlantic again ie click the top article on your google search LOL What real world data is this? The same real world data that shows the virus has a 99.7% survival rate and those who have died were predominantly 80 plus with at least 2 underlying conditions? Ya, I have looked at that and hence why I made my decision. Good for those in that category there is an emergency vaccine which gives them choices. If you're young, but unhealthy with your life choices and therefore choose an intervention to protect you, that's fine, you do you. I hope for all those who have there are no long term side effects, as I have shown happened previously with emergency vaccines.
  3. Both could have happened that day. It has happened with players before Either way, too late for us , especially without a plan B
  4. All budgeting is done with FFP in mind and so it should. If those players get bigger contracts at bigger clubs, fair enough, some will need to up their game to get those moves, because comparative clubs have the same or less than us to throw around. I suspect there is a stand off going in many instances and some will sign when they look around and see their options. If we have to sell some so be it, we just better have replacements lined up.
  5. Prior infection shown to give 27 times better protection than vaccination. Hopefully governments start recognizing this for the millions of individuals who recovered from the virus, instead of pushing a "vaccine or nothing" approach https://www.wsj.com/articles/covid-vaccine-natural-immunity-infection-israel-study-cdc-11632151556
  6. Ya, I would never have disputed that he was. Especially over the first few yards
  7. I mean with the pandemic, was it ever going to be any other way? I was reading the other day up to 12 clubs could be looking at point deductions over the next 2 seasons. If we manage to avoid that, it will be a success and leave us in a relatively strong position with the academy producing some good young players at an outlay of only 1 million per season
  8. Maybe not someone lying though, one of us could have had the deal agreed, it fell apart cos of the medical, the other team moved in and then it fell apart following the medical too. Either way, doesn't excuse the fact we didn't have a plan B and C
  9. Buying clubs with debt secured against the club just shows financial safeguards and rules are only for the plebs
  10. Interesting ,but possibly misleading , top speed is one thing, but it's that pace over the first few yards that's the difference maker. Armstrong is actually probably near the top on that list too, but some of those guys like Traore it takes a bit of time to hit top speed
  11. They surely have money put away? They have maintained a good Championship squad whilst receiving huge amounts of TV revenue. If they do go down and Dyche stays, they will walk the Championship the following season, calling it now
  12. We were right not to sign him it seems, but we did also appear to put all our eggs in one basket and leave it very late in the window to find out this was a non-runner. We knew Armstrong was leaving
  13. A covid crank, is that someone who still doesn't believe it came from a lab in China? A quick scroll 🙄 That seems to be the go to standard of research on here. Anyway, as I said, I just thought it was an interesting question. I'm not agreeing or disagreeing with the result.
  14. It was actually this guy, for what it's worth https://www.google.com/search?gs_ssp=eJzj4tLP1Tcwqao0NDM1YPQSSClSSMqvTE5VKE8syc7MKwYAhSUJhw&q=dr+boyce+watkins&rlz=1C1GCEU_enIE880IE880&oq=dr+boyce+wat&aqs=chrome.1.0i355i512j46i512j69i57j0i512l7.4445j0j1&sourceid=chrome&ie=UTF-8 Seems like a fairly sensible man to me.
  15. I find it surprising there hasn't been a PS4 management game. I have had these on PC over the years, but I am gone cold turkey now, they take up too much time
  16. More for you here https://maryannedemasi.com/blog/f/covid-19-vaccinating-kids-–-the-debate-heats-up
  17. Why does it matter? It's a poll that poses an interesting question. I didn't say I agreed with the result You still think it didn't come from a lab ya? See article above
  18. https://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/2021/09/21/wuhan-scientists-planned-releaseskin-penetrating-nanoparticles/ Remember when Trump said it came from a lab in China and he was labelled racist and big tech and the MSM labelled it as fake news and misinformation? They were funny times. This isn't a debate about Trump by the way, he's polarizing, but the fact remains, time was wasted with attempts to debunk what is literally right in our faces, just because the bad orange triggering man said it.
  19. I would say the majority of people who are unvaccinated are not "petrified" by the vaccine, They have weighed up their age and other risk factors of the virus and made the decision for bodily autonomy based off that. I'm sure if the virus had Ebola like symptoms, there would have been no weighing up the risks, it would have been clear cut. As it stands, people can make the virus out to be more lethal and dangerous all they want, but it's not true. I know that triggers a lot of people. They should look at it that we are lucky it isn't more lethal.
  20. So funny that this expert is saying something that goes against the mainstream narrative. LOL! Quick lets debunk him and run hit pieces. All the while cackling morons laugh at a man who has deducted his life to the literal technology that's used in the vaccines. We live in bizzare times.
  21. You can surely track back a post or 2 before that one to find the link? Here you go anyway https://www.theguardian.com/world/2021/sep/10/boys-more-at-risk-from-pfizer-jab-side-effect-than-covid-suggests-study It's ok though, cos Pfizer themselves assure us the vaccine is almost as safe for kids as the virus
  22. Oh, so this expert isn't the right kind of expert? He has forgotten more about MRNA vaccines than you and every other person on this board currently know combined. Can you source someone better than the bloody Atlantic 😂😂 to debunk what he is saying? Talk about a hit piece, "he claims to have invented it". Am ,no, he did, he was on that team. Event he first sentence is rubbish, so why would you take any of the rest of it seriously? Do another google search there, quick. Your entire knowledge base appears to be based off immediate google searches when faced with information that goes against your entrenched views. Are you able to formulate an opinion beyond regurgitating articles that come up in a google search that takes about 10 seconds? The bloody Atlantic......LOL. I would take it more seriously if you wrote it on a piece of toilet paper and took a screenshot. Source some real research to debunk what he says in the video. I'll be waiting
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