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  1. Magloire might not be better in the ball than Hardwood Bellis, but he's a better defender. It's not the lads fault, he has been thrown in here
  2. The ghost of Danny Graham, haunting the opposition penalty box
  3. How many wins in a row is that for Cardiff since MCarthy took over? They must have won more than we have lost over the last 6. The correct appointment,at the correct time
  4. That was definitely the worst error Kaminski has committed, but he's a huge improvement on Walton. He must be sick of the shit in front of him
  5. Branthwaite fairly won the ball and neither commentator can see that. In fact one says he was lucky not to be booked 😂
  6. The rain is coming down in Lancashire. To be fair, they groundsmen have done well. Sorry, groundspeople. Pitch looks ok considering. Could cut bad though
  7. For some reason, I keep picturing Dack and Brereton messing together like kids and Keane walking in and scolding them while they stand with their heads bowed. Must be cos of those shocking roverstore videos they did together on YouTube
  8. Now I would watch that on Netflix or Amazon prime 😂 I would imagine there would be a more serious and results focused attitude from the players, at the start anyway! There is a high possibility he would fall out with some very quickly. The summer would be interesting.
  9. Not random fans, a lot of my mates support United. Keane taking over would generate enormous interest here and elsewhere. I think it would be good. Or Keith Hill , who I also saw mentione Don here. I would say Ainsworth and Keane would both have strengths and weaknesses. Neither would be my first choice, unfortunately, they aren't available. I would like that too, but we have yet to make anything less than underwhelming managerial appointments since Big Sam was sacked. I highly doubt Waggott has started looking at such candidates or has instructed others to start. The .ore I think
  10. I wonder. I think he is eager to get back into management, that I wouldn't be so sure he would be out that quickly. It's as big a job as he's going to get and his options are getting smaller and smaller. Would be some buzz if he did.
  11. Again, missing the point. A few others have said this to you, do you process what you read at all? Clearly I didn't mean that any if that stuff mattered, just that it would happen and for me, I would enjoy certain aspects of that. As usual, you don't even offer an alternative. Pointless contribution really.
  12. A lot of good candidates snapped up I would still go for Roy Keane. Big name manager, big name club. He would take it I'd say. We would get support from Man u fans, Irish fans. We would be on Sky , a lot. He would attract players and hopefully get more out of those here, who would want to play for him and , in his own words, win football matches! It would be exciting. His press conferences would certainly be more interesting that Mowbrays. I just have such a strong feeling our next appointment is going to be disappointing.
  13. A lot of the good candidates have been snapped up. Have a bad feeling about this one
  14. True, but surely if we go into 6, 7 defeat in a row territory, he will have to be sacked?
  15. I never want us to lose, but a win here really serves no purpose other than give Tony more tripe to reel off about how "good we are" Performance focused manager when we lose, result focused manager when we win. The problem is the performances are shite too. More spin from this lad than a politician. He is doing my head in. I think the game is up now though.
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