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  1. You reckon a proper manager like Warnock, McCarthy, Pearson, O'Neill, Hughton and so on wouldn't AT THE VERY LEAST have this squad near the play offs? Can't agree with that. Not at all.
  2. Shocking to read the negative views on Mowbray's Rovers. We gave it a right good go today and we'll put the point in the bag and move on. We're only..what is it?...35 games into our journey. The Venkys can see what we're trying to do here. We're only little old Blackburn Rovers but we'll give it a right good go. We'll take the positives. It's about the positives. Every game in which we've played absolute fookin' shit we should have been taking something from the game because my name is Tony and I talk any old shit to the press and they lap it up, saying what that I have integrity and should be
  3. Do people get the idea that TM even gives that much of a shit any longer? It's all tired excuses, repetitive blah-de-blah in interviews, no real new ideas...just Gally on the wing and others played out of position. The defence is the same shitshow it's always been under him. Sack him, pay off his contract, he will be given another job at some stage at this level as he can point to steadying the ship, blaming relegation on Coyle, winning promotion, establishing us as championship side again, add in some crap about box incursions and possession percentages and bingo. Seems like putting him
  4. Well ladies and gentleman, here at Venky's Rovers we hope you're all playing Tony Tombola Bingo at home. A reminder that so far we have had... Gally playing on the wing - Put a cross in that box No goals in the first half - Check Random little fella played up front (Elliot) against their big opposition centre halves - Check Underperforming loanees kept on in favour of our own young player, sacrificed despite having a good game (Ben) - Check Concede in the first half like usual - Check. Something needed to whine about and blame in post-match interviews, like a miss
  5. He set Gally up to fail. Then hooked him. Ridiculous. Awful man management. If you play him in his actual position and he's crap then fair enough, but everyone except TM knows he's no winger and never will be. All he has to do is play players in their best positions. Elliot wide where he's made himself into the division's leading assist creator and Gally up front to at least make a nuisance of himself with their centre back. That's all. Don't have to worry about him scoring, making a nuisance of himself up front would be enough to occupy them. Playing players in their best positions.
  6. On iFollow... Forest have a half-time round up of the scores around the grounds while the Rovers commentary has...silence. Hardly groundbreaking stuff, but at least Forest are making an effort! As always, Rovers as a club just give off the feeling that they can't really be all that bothered. It's been the same for a decade now.
  7. Aka Groundhog Day. I'm sure we'll somewhere near 12th whatever happens today. Believe in the journey!
  8. Because it's personal and not for the good of Blackburn Rovers FC.
  9. The club statement would presumably have been from Waggott, so...
  10. Kean was 10x worse than Coyle. Judging them same way is as "embarrassing" as what you call out. None of us wanted Coyle...but Kean was another level of dodgy in every single way.
  11. Is this until our next lucky win gets you to go back on this and be a happy clapper once again? Either Mowbray is the right man or he isn't. Time for people to make up their minds. It's this flip-flopping that's had us wasting the last 18 months at least...
  12. If they give us an early penalty and a man sent off to make it easier for us, no doubt we'll look like world beaters. Otherwise, hard to see how the shambles we saw against Preston can break down a well-organised Tykes side. Maybe a tedious goalless draw with about two shots on goal all match would be a good bet considering their fatigue and our recent inability to carve out more than a couple of good chances per game.
  13. He's been here for four years and you still can't make up your mind? Says it all. Way past the time to pot him.
  14. Well, Chappers has just gone and scored again.
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