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  1. Got to feel sorry for Lowe. He played at the Euro U21s alongside the likes of Morata, Wijnaldum, Thiago, Isco, De Jong. While they've gone onto play for great clubs, he has just worked his way ever down the leagues. Birmingham > Bolton > Salford > on his way to non-league and he's only 30 and now pointed out as the example of a next big thing who never became a big thing. I'm sure he's done alright for himself financially, but his career has been a consistent downward spiral since the promise indicated by his younger days. Some reach their potential, others become Maceo Righters. Ah well, them's the breaks but hard not to feel sorry for the lad.
  2. Don't know if hindered is the right word, but Armstrong certainly took a lot of the chances to developed that all three of our front three needed.
  3. It's been years in the making...but the player in there is starting to blossom. Now, we need to tie him down to a contract...
  4. Excellent performance today from Buckley. Well done, lad!
  5. All that great attacking work but I still think Ayala has been the standout player today. We're a different team at the back with him in the side.
  6. It's 3-0!!! Ben with a second! Not a single player has had a bad half. All have had their moments. And this has not been a poor performance from Cardiff, they look threatening. We look like a team playing with confidence and with players enjoying their football.
  7. Inspired by Ben's Chilean adventures into wanting to add a Latin American flavour to his game, Sam Gallagher has today decided to channel his inner Gabriel Batistuta...remarkable stuff from the lad!
  8. Gallagher with - I kid you not! - an exquisite first touch, as dainty as that of a ballerina, before sliding it in the net.
  9. Unsurprisingly for a team managed by McCarthy and Warnock in recent years, Cardiff are looking dangerous from set pieces so we'll need to be alert at all times against those. Ayala qa rock again.
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