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  1. Gambling is one that always worries me. I think because I can see how easy it would be to fall down the rabbit hole into danger, it doesn’t need a cataclysmic event to start it just a bit of fun followed by chasing a loss, the next double or nothing could recover it all etc I hate how ingrained it is in football as well, full on back to back adverts and sponsorships but ‘when the fun stops, stop’ but at the same time place 4 more £5 bets this week for a FREE bet! Anyway that’s off topic but huge thanks to @JacknOry for opening up, a hugely brave and powerful action and a moving, sad and empowering story
  2. Love it and love the extra effort and non generic design
  3. Bloody hell if we are in the market for the player Tom Trybull is replacing its panic stations!
  4. Sad to hear and glad he’s talking about it, never warmed to him here he often looked like he couldn’t be assed and this shows that there was a lot going on there
  5. Shrewsbury have given everyone that renewed last year a voucher for a free drink or food item on the concourse for every home game Nice touch
  6. Defo think we’ll get a Brereton Diaz kit reveal tomorrow Would be amazed if they don’t capitalise on Breromania with free Brereton Diaz 22 shirt printing and cheap overseas postage as well
  7. They’ll be spinning his return as ‘like a new signing’
  8. We’ve heard nothing but my dad went to renew ours this morning, I have a 10 year old and a 5 year old. For as long as I can remember the under 8 tickets have been free but it’s not anymore - no idea why you would take that away to be honest it feels incredibly short sighted Not getting her one now as she won’t get to many games
  9. They should get Bradley Dack and Brereton to leave a voicemail on every number they have doing their best Del Boy and Rodney I remember (although evidently not all that well) answering the call to a recording of Sparky (or was it Sam) asking me to renew my ticket One year that even gave me a squad number via post!
  10. Let’s be honest how many of the 87 were football manager bedroom hopefuls? It was pretty predictable however that it would end up being a mate of Mowbray
  11. At 21 Nyambe had made 97 appearances for us, was a first team regular and earned a new, improved contract. He had 100% established himself and broke through. Still raw; maybe but that wasn’t the point discussed. On Butterworth I remember the last game of the season a couple years back when he and Buckley came on, he looked by far the better prospect then so hopefully he can have a clean run of fitness
  12. Nyambe absolutely had made his mark and broken through at 22, he may be a better player now but he’s currently 23 and has made 153 appearances for us. Not saying Butterworth won’t come good but Nyambe made his debut at 18 and has been a championship (and league 1) regular ever since, you can’t compare the two Edited to add David Raya also made his debut at 19, became the first choice keeper a year or so later then departed for big money at 23 with 98 appearances
  13. I wonder if the kit is still on the roof from Umbro’s genius reveal campaign last season
  14. It’s weird I went to the ewood concourse sale a couple of weeks back and when I was paying heard a chap (who I believe to be Warren Lucy going off his voice) talking to the retail manager saying he’d seen something in the flesh and it was majestic. I assumed he was referring to the kit and a teaser or reveal was imminent but nothing since
  15. At least theirs looks like a Sheffield Wednesday kit though
  16. They said a week or two back that they are wearing a temporary kit today
  17. My main interest in this game is seeing this kit that never will be!
  18. I’d love for us to be creative with the community stuff; the recent Eid community thing was a great idea. Would be good to see the club trying to bring the differing cultures together somehow
  19. I can’t see any removed posts in the last few pages? The lads not protected at all although it does feel some people are too quick to jump on anything he posts
  20. And that Chiesa fella that’s scored two of the best goals of the tournament
  21. It’s at this point that tournament football is impossible to predict, I’d fancy us to beat anyone, I’d also fancy us to lose to anyone! Denmark turn up tomorrow with less expectation on their backs, they’ll be thinking if they stay organised they could frustrate us
  22. Aren’t you both saying the same thing? First £1.75m is ‘tax free’ we get that in full Anything above is ‘Toon Taxed’ at 40% So £10m - £1.75m = £8.25m £8.25m x 60% = £4.95m £4.95m + £1.75m = £6.7m to Rovers I may be reading wrong but feels you are arguing with someone saying the same
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