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  1. Sad news indeed for one of the English games most natural goal scorers. He fought off some demons to enjoy his life again and the Saint and Greavsie programme was part of a footballing Saturday ritual. RIP Greavsie.
  2. It's another point towards staying in the Championship but I have to say Barnsley were there for the taking. We were quite solid defensively and restricted Barnsley to very few chances but our attacking play left a lot to be desired and poor finishing when we did actually create something. There wasn't a great tempo to our play and lots of misplaced or wrongly weighted passes. Brereton was more Brereton than Diaz again and Poveda didn't really contribute too much. Dolan was frustrating as he did some really good things and then spoiled it with a poor final pass or wrong decision. Travis was our star man in my opinion with lots of tackles and decent distribution. Overall I wasn't too disappointed with a draw but it was well within us to have taken all three points.
  3. AFC Darwen are selling home shirts in adults sizes today. The price is £25.
  4. Garrett was sat in the stands with his family.
  5. I agree Matt. We met a group of fifty something Bolton fans when we were coming back from Millwall recently. They were really upbeat about their future and full of praise for their new owners. Meanwhile back at Deadwood...........
  6. What a great, graphic image that is. A real indication of how football was before all seater stadiums.
  7. All the best in your new job my friend. It's not something that particularly interests me but clearly there is a market for it so knock yourself out 😁😁.
  8. It's a bit like PMQ's when Johnson just doesn't answer questions but blathers on about something he thinks has done well. Parliament protocol forbids anybody pushing him too hard for answers but this is the Fans Forum where he should be held accountable and made to answer questions.
  9. This was a reasonable question. PB expressed concern about the club’s pricing policy for individual games and particularly the prices against West Brom. He felt that a price of £25 would have more than paid for itself in increased total income. This was a bullshit answer which frankly is not an answer. SW stated that it had been decided to keep away fans in the lower tier of the Darwen End after the West Brom game. He accepted that this helped create a better atmosphere inside the ground and it did avoid having disabled fans split for others. That sums up Waggott for me. He can't answer a basic question which was essentially that the club could have made more money by being sensible. But being sensible went out of the window a long timrago. FOW.
  10. A conflict of interest has been raised already with the B'astard doppleganger.
  11. Pre Jack Walker I always thought of Barnsley as a Yorkshire version of us. A loyal hard core support of around 8,000 and a ground in need of tlc. Come to think of it that similarity is with us again after the decade of decay.
  12. We were pretty much in line and thought he was onside as the ball didn't appear to be played forwards.
  13. I think Covid is the ideal screen to use as one of the excuses for our low attendances and season tickets but that is bucking the trend of pretty much the majority of football clubs, many of which have actually increased ticket sales. I personally don't know anybody who isn't going because of the pandemic. I agree with the other reasons you give though.
  14. You missed quoting where I said how poor Hull were. Do you not think the substitutes made the difference tonight?
  15. As much as I criticised Mowbray on Saturday for costing us points tonight his changes brought about the win in my view. The game was pitiful up to the changes with no real tempo or any sort of intensity. Khedra did more postive play in his first two minutes than many had in the previous fifty. Butterworth filled the gaps behind Brereton nicely and could have had a couple of goals himself. Three points is always the aim so it's mission accomplished tonight. Without taking too much gloss off a win though Hull were abysmal and I fear they will be in a massive fight to stay up.
  16. I thought he had his best game for us on Saturday but up to then his form was indifferent. Early impressions are that he is better offensively than defensively but in my view he can only get better with game time.
  17. Football is strange. The Everton v Burnley match had 0-0 all over it as Everton were shockingly poor and Burnley would have snatched your hand off for a point. The turning point was Burnley scoring. It woke Everton from their slumber and the could have scored five or six after that.
  18. What a tragedy for the young lad who was really looking the part for Liverpool. Hopefully it's a clean break with no complications (assuming it is broken) and he can be back fully fit for next season.
  19. I'm still angry about yesterday but the thing that is really grating with me is the lack of contrition from Mowbray. Over the last four years I have seen us throw many leads away but yesterday was a watershed as it was so apparent who cost us the points. On the bus home lots were blaming Mowbray, lots who I have never heard offer any criticism of him previously. If he came out and admitted his errors I would respect him more. As it is he is heading into an utter contempt zone from me.
  20. I thought Ayala was beaten too easily for their first goal too. All the classic Mowbray failings of the last four years were apparent today. Weak defending and negative, unnecessary changes which weaken us. And predictably his interview on Quest sees him carping on about the referee, a referee who should have sent Lenihan off early on by the way.
  21. I've seen several comments saying we went to three at the back but we didn't. He went to a back five which I firmly believe was our undoing. And if anybody needs reminding it was Luton at home and WE GO TO A BACK FIVE. He should be sacked for that alone.
  22. The referees performance will inevitably dilute Mowbrays inadequacies but he was as equally poor for both teams. Lenihan should have been sent off early on for an over the top challenge which endangered the Luton players safety which set the tone for an indisciplined game which threatened to boil over several times. The weakness of the referee was highlighted many times as he frustrated players, officials and fans from both teams in equal measure.
  23. The reason we were too deep is because he decided to go with a back 7 and couldn't get out. He is an imbecile.
  24. https://www.rovers.co.uk/news/2021/september/We-should-have-put-the-game-to-bed/ No accountability from our feeble excuse of a manager. No mention of changing shape and tactics, not even to defend why he did them. From a football perspective he is strangling the life out of our club and he is not being held accountable.
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