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  1. Bugger... I'm for Loftus road on Saturday, first rovers match in ages and was really looking forward to seeing Wharton in action.
  2. Doc: Please remove your trousers and lie on the bed. Rebelmswar: Ok Doc, where should I put them when I take them off? Doc: Just put them over there,... beside mine!
  3. I know... I nearly fell of my seat when I saw it on my news feed. Seems very out of the blue, cant remember us linked with him. must say whilst I've heard of him I couldn't provide much info on whether or not he is any good.
  4. Blackburn Rovers submit £2.5m bid for Hyam - exclusive (footballinsider247.com)
  5. Impressive couple of days I must say. Can these signing be involved tomorrow?
  6. Without having read all the debate on the 'nobody through the middle' topic... could it just be as simple as he intends to play 2 upfront rather than 1. As in 2 running the channels instead of Graham up front on his own?
  7. Has Brereton stayed on after that challenge? He looked in some pain.
  8. I'd rather see Rodwell get a run out at centre half... he claims that is his more natural position and it's a position of greater need for us currently. I'd like to see what he has at centre half.
  9. Fair point, but I think Reed is an upgrade on Evans (and I'm a countryman of Evans')... and based on what I'm hearing Davenport looked good when he featured in pre-season. Although I must admit I have never seen him in action myself. Is the consensus on here that Davenport should start in the 2?
  10. The potential Reed signing does seem a bit unnecessary given the numbers we have in that area (the 2 in front of the back 4). However, in my view he is better than anything that we have in there currently and Tony sees it as a chance to upgrade in that area. Yes, Smallwood and Evans were good servants last year, but Tony needs to be ruthless and if there is an upgrade available at a manageable cost then he has to go for it. Especially with it being such a vital area of the pitch - if you have a good 2 in there it makes a world of difference. So I say go for Reed and pair him Davenport, with Palmer, Dack, Rothwell/Armstrong in front of them.
  11. Yessssssssssss! Certainly sounds like it was against the run of play. We'll take it. That'll do wonders for the confidence.
  12. Apologies if it's been mentioned before, but what type of front man is this Nmecha? Target man or a quick skillful type? Cheers
  13. I don't think Bell's attacking strength alone warrants us playing 3 at the back. I would even suggest that when Bell is solely responsible for wide attacks on the left he struggles. He would be more effective as the left back in a 4, taking advantage of overlaps and 2 on 1s in combination with a left sided midfielder.
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