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  1. Is it OK to start feeling excited about our prospects this season?
  2. Thanks for the sentiment but I cant take the credit for it; I merely shared this from a Facebook post I saw. I really it hope it happens. This guy really is Mr. Blackburn and its heartbreaking to see what this awful disease is doing to him
  3. Petition to rename The Riverside Can the post be pinned? Thanks.
  4. Looks like we should have a good attendance tonight. I bought a couple of match tickets earlier today and couldn't find a decent seat anywhere!
  5. The Rao's luck has to change some time with an appointment. The law of averages suggests they will...look at the inbred lot down the road!
  6. If we had started the season with this back 4 we would be in a playoff spot right now
  7. When was the last time we won 3 back to back games in either of the top 2 divisions?
  8. I personally thought Johnson was tremendous. What an astute signing that guy is turning out to be. He and Travis in that deeper lying middle of the park must be up there with the best in the division. Cunningham and William's coming back in to the side has made us very solid. Obviously delighted with Walton too. Always looks good to save a pen but his height really helped towards the end to take the hanging crosses and pumps forward. The corner appears to have been turned and looks like the way weve played in the past couple of games we look like steely with our preferred defensive 7
  9. I'm shocked people think £4 a pint (or equivalent) is expensive for a pint of Fosters. Personally it's not something I would ever drink (unless I suddenly become 17 again); but its merely the higher end ot what I'd expect to pay in a pub these days. I'm completely unaware of prices in Blackburn but if I went out were I live (Southport) I would easily expect to pay close to a tenner for two decent pints. The bigger issue for me is season tickets. If the club were bold and rolled back prices akin to 2010 levels of £200; then I am certain the number sold would have been huge and a full(er) g
  10. It's on SSN as confirmed Championship deals for today
  11. Blog post from me around Charlton and our [lack of] defence which can be found
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