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  1. Probably the biggest error in for the club in the last 30+ years
  2. Without meaning to be a pedant; Tosin went to Fulham and has been bang average. A good friend of mine is a Fulham fan and often moans about him. I agree he's excellent on the ball but not so good at what he's primarily in the side for. IMHO in whatever system you play, you need your defenders to primarily defend. We should be playing a "quarter back" if we want to continue in this system - someone who drops deep to take the balls from the centre halves and starts to dictate the ball from deep
  3. I thought we had some cast-iron guarantees that "Mogga" would be gone by now?! What's happened there then?
  4. It's been a real funny old season and one in which it feels like the end of an era. We started with real promise and gusto; and it really felt like we were setup to attack teams. Even in the games in which we got beaten, we were certainly in them and came close to scoring a few times. The garden seemed rosy and we looked good for a top 6 spot. Fast forward from the end of November, and we are spineless, toothless and structureless. Mowbray has besmirched himself with Rovers fans and his legacy will forever be dirtied. He could have left a positive mark in the minds and memories of Ro
  5. Sames! I've got a lovely bottle of Woodford Reserve needing an excuse to be drank!
  6. Is it OK to start feeling excited about our prospects this season?
  7. Thanks for the sentiment but I cant take the credit for it; I merely shared this from a Facebook post I saw. I really it hope it happens. This guy really is Mr. Blackburn and its heartbreaking to see what this awful disease is doing to him
  8. Petition to rename The Riverside Can the post be pinned? Thanks.
  9. Looks like we should have a good attendance tonight. I bought a couple of match tickets earlier today and couldn't find a decent seat anywhere!
  10. The Rao's luck has to change some time with an appointment. The law of averages suggests they will...look at the inbred lot down the road!
  11. If we had started the season with this back 4 we would be in a playoff spot right now
  12. When was the last time we won 3 back to back games in either of the top 2 divisions?
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