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  1. A disgustingly shambolic state of affairs. It seems almost implausible that we are unable to sign permanent players when we have trimmed so much from the wage bill from last year. It feels so much hinges on Armstrong being sold for a strong figure and we clearly haven't done any planning in regards to that potentially not taking place.
  2. I believe it's the PFA that will pay a player a month's salary if they don't have a contract through July and the previous one ended in June.
  3. Great detail with the rose. Lovely shirt that
  4. We are not under a transfer embargoe: EFL Official Website - Embargo Reporting Service (Apologies; I didn't realise this had already been posted)
  5. Wow - I thought we might go bold and try to harness the feeling of a return to some normality post summer. A real shame that the costs are quite prohibitive. I'm certainly in the balance now as to whether I'll get one.
  6. Just been on the Rovers ticket store and the page is there for the tickets but its blank so its imminent. How can I end up being impressed that these are actually being released in June; this is how my mind has been warped over the years 😂
  7. One would presume season tickets for the Championship season 2021/2022
  8. Definitely doesn't sound any better the 2nd time around.
  9. Anyone know if there may be some incoming news on STs?
  10. Just had a look at the Huddersfield site to see if they had anything on Rhodes and saw their season ticket offering. I really don't know why we don't do the same. £299 flat fee for all adults (which is a very good deal IMHO) which will hopefully attract more / retain more which equates to more shirt sales, pies etc. etc. When we had the £199 season ticket offer 10 years ago we had big crowds. Now granted it was in the PL, but it still generated a big increase in year on year sales so I imagine it will have swelled the coffers enormously due to tacit sales on other items.
  11. As others have mooted - Rothwell does something defences hate, and that's run at them from a central position. It forces the central defenders to either try and make a tackle often or retreat - in either case opening doors for the attacking team. It cannot be denied that when Rothwell, Johnson and Holtby started together towards the start of this season we looked our most effective. Rothwell, along with Nyambe, are firmly in the "Keep" column for me.
  12. Probably the biggest error in for the club in the last 30+ years
  13. Without meaning to be a pedant; Tosin went to Fulham and has been bang average. A good friend of mine is a Fulham fan and often moans about him. I agree he's excellent on the ball but not so good at what he's primarily in the side for. IMHO in whatever system you play, you need your defenders to primarily defend. We should be playing a "quarter back" if we want to continue in this system - someone who drops deep to take the balls from the centre halves and starts to dictate the ball from deep
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