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  1. Great line Mike, fully agree. Sums up the current situation perfectly. 15 year driver supply shortage➡️18 months Covid➡️Brexit = absolute shambles!!! Just because I take issue with some of the all encompassing "Brexit blame" it is taken as me saying Brexit is not a factor. That's never been my point. Of course it's a very relevant part of it.
  2. The Ruben Rochina of golf this last half decade for me. Can look like a Rolls Royce sometimes, but rarely delivers when it matters and never performs consistantly.
  3. Sorry, I'm confused if that's aimed at me. You've quoted a post of me saying Brexit being one of the issues is a valid point. Maybe you were making a more general point. I get @47er 's point that the Government might not admit it and seek to blame EVERYTHING on the pandemic. But do politicians admit to anything nowadays.
  4. Indeed. I've posted figures, stats, and links to reports from two seperate reputable transport organisations in this thread. So, who's really disregarding things here? Now, if the the discussion is how Brexit made the problem worse, the straw that broke the camels back, then fair enough. There's a valid point. But that's not the narrative getting peddled is it, which makes it all very disingenuous imo. Especially since your post is accusing others of not seeing the bigger picture.
  5. See, I was going to say no-one ever said we didn't. But, i suppose, in truth, some did. There was Farage's repulsive poster etc. I'm sure some morons thought it. But, as I've said before, I believe that group is a minority in Brexit voters. No sensible, non racist Brexit voter (yeah, yeah do your own gags!) ever wanted to stop immigration. It's not even a feasible concept. Just odd that it comes up so much to me.
  6. Yeah Chaddy, but the 5 million two hundred and fiftieth person ran to The Guardian because she filled out the application on deadline day, so that makes the whole operation null and void. Try and keep up. How very droll. Would work as a gag too if pretty much the whole EU wasn't suffering the same shortages. Those pesky facts eh, always getting in the way of a good moan.
  7. Tbf, he got his first cap when still with us. September 2007. I only remember that cos had a weekend in London for my 30th, and was at the match. Was chuffed to clap one of ours onto the pitch in a white shirt, and then the bloody stadium booed him! (Well, a loud minority did.) They were angry he'd refused to play for England U21 that summer. Always thought it was rough. I get the sentiment, you should be proud to play for your Country at any level, but to boo a young player coming on for his first ever cap didn't sit right with me.
  8. Yeah, agree. Was pleased to see the likes of Friedel and Duff do well after they left. And also enjoyed Samba and Bentley disappear in the wilderness after both acted like tits at the end. (I've learnt I seem to be in the minority with CS, but I could never forgive him for downing tools in the relegation season regardless of Kean or Venkys)
  9. Was even worse than that, there wasn't even any debunking done, the World was just silenced on it for about a year. Like naughty little schoolchildren in a classroom with punishments meted out to anyone daring to speak. I only found out about this one recently: The WIV had an online database with 22,000 virus samples listed on it for public viewing. Nothing to hide right, anyone can look at the work they're doing. But the database was taken offline. During the WHO investigation Feb 2021, Dr. Shi Zhengli said the reason for this database being hidden was because of 3000 attempted cyberattacks "during the pandemic". Makes perfect sense. The World was going crazy over Covid, nobody wants people manipulating data and spreading misinformation to further panic the public. Slight issue though, the database was actually taken offline 12th Sep 2019 about 3 months before anyone knew about a pandemic. 🤔 Now, I get coincidences occur. Maybe they were running out of space, perhaps an update to the website. And nobody thought anything of it at the time. No biggie. But you would assume the information has now been reviewed and investigated considering the catastrophic devastation a coronavirus has since inflicted upon the World. Nope! No one has ever seen that database since. It's ok though, Peter Daszak says because of his organization's work with the WIV "we basically know" what viruses were in the database. So you can rest easy BDS, nothing to see here. Peter has told you so. And you can certainly trust Peter, he's the guy that told us no bats - dead or alive- were ever housed at the Lab. (Since then we've had video of live bats at the lab, building facilities that list 12 bat cages, and a patent filed in 2018 for a bat breeding program). But like I say, you can trust old Peter, he's a scientist, and all us plebs just don't get it. 😉 Sources: https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.wsj.com/amp/articles/wuhan-lab-leak-question-chinese-mine-covid-pandemic-11621871125 https://www.taiwannews.com.tw/en/news/4130431
  10. Top level trolling from the Mail. The headline is the bait, but once this first paragraph is out the way: "Brexit, increased gas prices and the Covid pandemic have all contributed to the crisis, which will leave families substantially out of pocket over the coming months." The rest of the article is basically a party politic broadcast for how nothing is Brexit related. I'm fairly certain they don't mention the B word again. But list countless other reasons for the issues. I think they know 'the left' spread that article like wildfire, (most probably without reading it), which unknowingly helps deliver their narrative to an audience that otherwise would not see it. It's a modern day trojan horse if you will. C'mon, that's genius. I tip my cap to them. 👏👏 These people aren't just dangerous, they're extremely clever too.
  11. "The tasks they did, and the conditions under which they worked, might not appeal to British workers." This comes up a lot right. What am I missing? It seems the people that called me racist are very angry about the reduction in numbers of immigrants coming to this Country to be exploited. "See what you've done! I was quite happy letting these people work long hours for low pay, whilst doing crappy jobs and being looked down upon by society. It made my life easier, and gave me access to cheaper products. What now?! You really expect some of the British people to fill that gap. That is absurd! They are supposed to be at home enjoying use of the benefit system. I don't expect them to stoop to such indignities. I wish you'd just go away with your racist ideologies!! " 🤔🤔🤔 British exceptionalism Jim, in it's purest form, and repetitively spewed out by those that claim to abhor it.
  12. Sheff Utd, West Ham, Tevez and Mascherano would point towards that being a big fat no. Tough on WW though, you're right.
  13. Rank incompetence isn't against the rules. Derby been cooking the books for ages. There were red top articles about how the betting company had sponsored Rooney's signing and that's why he had No. 32. Dodging up a stadium sale too wasn't it. All being done in plain sight. No surprise they've been nailed. There's bending the rules, and there's taking the absolute piss. Edit: Errrr allegedly.
  14. That's exactly how you referenced it.......twice. By the way, a hell of a lot has happened in 2 years since your 2019 article. Odd thing to bring up. The Guardian has tons on it recently. I'd recommend the, (I assume ironically named), Jasper Jolly articles. Remind me never to get stuck near him at a party.
  15. Fair enough. Wasn't necessarily aimed direct at you, just a general rant. Sick of some of the BS I've heard and read recently from those "reputable" sources. The figures are all there if these journalists bothered to actually do their jobs. For instance, here are the 2018 figures: https://www.bifa.org/news/articles/2018/dec/truck-driver-shortage-crisis-now-spreading-across-the-whole-of-europe By my calculations, through Brexit & the pandemic, France's shortage has doubled from 20k to 43k. UK's has gone up about 15% from 52k to 60k. Yet we all know the headlines we've seen.
  16. This problem has been building for decades Mike: "The driver shortages have been affecting the global road freight market for around 15 years." The pandemic has exacerbated it. And, yes, Brixit has had an impact too. But it's getting boring it being solely attached to Brexit, when most Countries in Europe have the exact same issue. Estimated driver shortages: Poland- 124,000 UK- 60,000 Germany- 45,000 France- 43,000 Spain & Italy- 15,000 https://www.globalcoldchainnews.com/driver-shortage-is-pan-european/ And here's a good article on why these staff shortages might turn out to be a good thing for low pay workers. About time these companies with billions of profits each year started paying people properly further down the chain: https://www.newstatesman.com/politics/uk-politics/2021/08/the-lorry-driver-shortage-has-exposed-britains-exploitative-low-wage-economy
  17. So bad. I keep zoning out and feels like I'm watching a giant killing FA Cup tie on the BBC. Wolves v Aldershot Town or something. Ffs.
  18. These commentators....Smallwood was a fans favourite...... and Tony might start panicking about the number of goals conceded soon. They obviously haven't heard defenders are coming.
  19. I think we should all just get our medical recommendations from Nicki Minaj: It prompted this response: And she's currently arguing with Piers Morgan and Laura Kuenssberg over it. What a World!
  20. Hull haven't scored a goal in their last 5 matches. Hull haven't scored a goal in the last 4 matches against Rovers. Rovers have kept a clean sheet in 4 of last 6 home games against Hull. Pretty emphatic stats that all point to one thing being guaranteed to happen tomorrow.....🤔
  21. The refs reacted with emotion rather than using their heads. (Seems VAR didn't get involved, 4th official on side called it.) Just like the ref admitted he did with Gomez I believe afterwards. Said he saw how bad the injury was and sent Son off unfairly. Awful injury for poor Harvey just when he was breaking in the 1st team. Good luck to him on the recovery. But I'd struggle to make a case for that being a yellow, never mind a red.
  22. Yeah, felt like it right. Groundhog day. We could say that about a dozen games a season last few years. Clearly looking good isn't translating to points. 😥😥 Sad times. And this is where we're at, just waiting for the inevitable. I genuinely don't believe there will be another manager in all the football leagues that has survived so many dismal troughs. Say 10 game spells, will there be any other managers with such a low pts per game % repeated so many times that is still in a job. 🤔
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