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  1. Yesterday proved to me why thousands of fans have walked away from this club. I actually think that the people running the day to day operations actually did bust a nut yesterday in blind panic to get a forward, but their sheer incompetence stopped that happening. The people running the show thought to quote Mowbray "clubs will be actually e calling us to offload players, come the last few days of the window". Well they didn't and we had no answer! Will there be a crisis meeting today to get answers to how the hell we didn't get a striker in the window, no chance!
  2. Having just seen the West Brom goals from last night I think we need to be practicing defending long throws into the box. Sheff Utd certainly hadn't!
  3. I was staggered 2 weeks ago we hadn't signed a soul. We have since lost our best player and still not signed anybody. Yet Mowbray waltzes into his press conferences and the same happy nodders from the LT and BBC Lancs buy into "how hard" Mowbray has it. Irritated isn't a strong enough word, I'm livid!
  4. Also the small matter of losing lots of the first team squad and replacing them with literally nobody.
  5. The Barr one really had me scratching my head, being part of the management team at Salford must be one of the least stable jobs in football. Then again if the people in charge at your club are trying to half the size of your training facility you may not feel too wanted!
  6. Good post. Surely any slightly organised team/business/charity would have at least an A-Z plan of actions. A - We are given a Brereton style transfer budget. Z- Nothing, scrapping around for lads to be given a chance from the Northern Premier league. We seem to have no plan whatsoever.
  7. You can see it, we can all see it but we will see how many in the press dare to question it. Surely some broadcast outlet will ask "what the hell is actually happening at Blackburn", they won't!
  8. I know Venkys are shite houses, I know Mowbray is holding on with all his might to his last ever pay day, I know Waggott is the worst CEO in football. But, I'm still going to say it ... I'm absolutely staggered at what is going on at Blackburn Rovers with regards to preparing a squad for a season in England's second tier, I'd be shocked if a league two club were so clueless. It is an absolutel embarrassment to the history of this famous club, its an absolute shambles!!!
  9. 12 months left on his contract and a 40% sell on to Newcastle, this really isn't going to end well for us is it!
  10. Another £29.5m worth of shares have been added by Venkys. I'd probably prefer to watch that money be set on fire than watch the current set up spend it!
  11. I get the business model behind it, I just don't see any teams in the league 21/22 season bringing that many outwith of Preston/Blackpool who I could see telling us to ram £36.
  12. This. You cannot convince me for a second that there are any Cat A+ games next season. I think the club are massively wrong if they think they can charge those prices for games you would expect to be our biggest away attendances - Blackpool, Preston. I look at the teams in our league next season and I don't see many big away followings at all.
  13. The LT are saying there is no clause, they also state due to his age we would be in receipt of compensation if he left. Not sure who to believe.
  14. What annoys me most about allowing Mowbray spinning his living away from home yarn is a bloke 10 miles down the M65 does exactly the same and shows no ill affect. I worked away from home for nearly 5 years, didn't like it so changed jobs. I'm more than happy to discuss with Tony about the benefits of moving jobs closer to home!
  15. I just hope Mowbray goes before Armstrong as I don't think I can handle him being "delighted for the lad joining a big club" when he ends up at somewhere like Norwich or West Brom.
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