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  1. That's Mr honesty and integrity giving the fans the middle finger I'd say. Not looking at the table, hmmm that sort of statement reminds me of a man who didn't see a plane he was looking at!
  2. Reading have released their accounts, just losing £836k PER WEEK. Wages 211% of revenue. There cannot be a more messed up division in the world in relation to finances!
  3. North Korea would be impressed with the amount of propaganda the managers and LMA can spin to keep each other employed. Football really is the biggest boys club in the world, usually running up losses of circa £500k PER WEEK!
  4. I actually fear Damien Johnson is starting to get burned at this club for being on Mowbrays side of the line. He will be stood by Mowbray whilst he is talking all his guff and discussing all his great tactical knowledge of long balls up to Armstrong and immobile strikers playing on the wing. If I was a pro at the club I'd be looking at Johnson and wondering how can you go along with all this crap. I think the players down tools some time back and a massive example of that is the complete lack of social media content coming from the club with player participation. There has been none for
  5. The thing that has me absolutely fizzing is we as fans can't vent our anger. We in person can't be at the ground to show our dissatisfaction and shout and scream which we have every right to after this awful run. The broadcasters and reporters have an easy life, as Mowbray is nice to them and doesn't give them 1 word answers like Lambert used to leaving them short of column inches. So they don't push him hard. Mowbrays friend is the boss, so from the outside looking in you know he is getting no rough ride there. It's all too easy being an employee of BRFC and it makes me sick!!
  6. I in absolutely no way want to accuse Mowbray of being a liar or corrupt, BUT how anybody could be so blasé in a post match interview about an absolutely diabolical performance tied in with a diabolical run leads me to think he KNOWS he is going absolutely no where. The only thing that leads me to think he knows he is so safe is that he is part of a management set up which seems happy to sell the most valuable asset the club owns to make some money back for the owners.
  7. As long as we didn't pay him any money to go early I'm happy as he wasn't fit anywhere near enough. More room in the Vince Grella suite at Brockhall for Ayala now.
  8. The whole situation screams of a bloke so comfortable in his job its untrue. He talks about Watfords £90m front line, yet can't see he is touting Armstrong as a Premier League players and has at his disposal a player who would have literally made 10+ appearances for the Premier & Champions League winners this season. Mowbray has never sorted the defence EVER! He moans about injuries but gave a long term contract to a crock, who literally spent a pre-season with us then pissed off to the middle east to whore himself out to try and get more money. It didn't work out and the shiny contra
  9. This point is the thing that annoys me most about Mowbray gobbing off! He surely must realise that fans faith is weighted massively in his favour due to who his bosses are, they've actually for once done their bit with backing him and it's a horror show! There will be way too much to do in summer from a standing start, start moving forward now.
  10. I find the not a Premier League club for a long time comments wholly insulting. We should have never been a League One club but he likes to talk about the promotion out as a success and I'd never take that away from him. That promotion today is as relevant as when we were last in the Premier League. The Premier League/Play offs this season wasn't out of our reach, regardless of being there previously or not, the league is at absolute best average. Injuries haven't helped, Travis and Brereton were both excellent before being injured and have come back ropey to be kind as well as Dack.
  11. I'm always sceptical of takeovers after our delightful owners, so with quite a few Dingle supporting mates I've grown rather tired of how amazing their new owners are. This article did make me smile this morning, their takeover was funded by only around £15m of consortium cash, £55m of Burnleys own cash and rather Premier league riches dependant loans.
  12. I honestly couldn't think of a more Mowbray goal to concede at the end. An unopposed lofted through ball in the middle of our half over the head of our midfielder playing centre back, to their striker who is being chased by our striker who spends most of his time on the wing.
  13. For me, the legacy of Mowbray not sorting the defence is what every signal fan will come back to. We concede dire goals, not just these last two games but for most of Mowbrays reign. The personnel has not been improved and we are reliant on loans to play left back with a long history of injuries. The air of stagnation at this club stinks, too easy for back pats when it's all going wrong. Not enough butting of heads, all too nice. Unfortunately it stems from the manager, and rightly or wrongly what we have seen from him for years. A new manager would have probably been able to get some sl
  14. Could be very bare on numbers come Saturday. Holtby is being given family time in Germany, Williams is isolating, Bennett has ankle ligament problems, Rankin-Costello misses out too. Today is COVID testing at the club and Evan's and Kaminski haven't yet arrived back at Brockhall so fingers crossed they are back in time to get tested, or have not picked up anything whilst away.
  15. Maybe, I know people seemed concerned that he was brought in on loan last year into the U23 set up, and I think Sharpe from the LT said it was just a pre loan before signing.
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