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  1. I'm always sceptical of takeovers after our delightful owners, so with quite a few Dingle supporting mates I've grown rather tired of how amazing their new owners are. This article did make me smile this morning, their takeover was funded by only around £15m of consortium cash, £55m of Burnleys own cash and rather Premier league riches dependant loans.
  2. I honestly couldn't think of a more Mowbray goal to concede at the end. An unopposed lofted through ball in the middle of our half over the head of our midfielder playing centre back, to their striker who is being chased by our striker who spends most of his time on the wing.
  3. For me, the legacy of Mowbray not sorting the defence is what every signal fan will come back to. We concede dire goals, not just these last two games but for most of Mowbrays reign. The personnel has not been improved and we are reliant on loans to play left back with a long history of injuries. The air of stagnation at this club stinks, too easy for back pats when it's all going wrong. Not enough butting of heads, all too nice. Unfortunately it stems from the manager, and rightly or wrongly what we have seen from him for years. A new manager would have probably been able to get some sl
  4. Could be very bare on numbers come Saturday. Holtby is being given family time in Germany, Williams is isolating, Bennett has ankle ligament problems, Rankin-Costello misses out too. Today is COVID testing at the club and Evan's and Kaminski haven't yet arrived back at Brockhall so fingers crossed they are back in time to get tested, or have not picked up anything whilst away.
  5. Maybe, I know people seemed concerned that he was brought in on loan last year into the U23 set up, and I think Sharpe from the LT said it was just a pre loan before signing.
  6. Sorry if it's been covered in previous pages but I noticed last night Wright-Phillips was on the bench for City. I thought we loaned him last year with a view to signing him, anybody know what happened? I would assume loaning youth players to play youth football is rather unheard of.
  7. Hope to build on the Leicester game …. more likely to be like the season opener against Norwich a few years ago. Elliott Ward and Jason Steele still give me nightmares from that game!
  8. Whilst the statement reads exactly as expected, it simply reads the same as a utility company justifying a price hike.
  9. The only person who can change this situation at this moment is Charlie Mulgrew, he can mutually terminate his contract with the club. His lack of football shows he isn't in the managers plans and with our financial plight it's obvious he wants him out of the door. The fact he is still here shows he isn't happy with the severance offered to him. The ball really is in his court, football or money.
  10. The goals conceded last night summed up Mowbray demeanour now, half arsed! First goal not fully concentrating, second goal a lazy flick and the third you knew what was going to happen straight away. All so predictable. Nobody has a clue what the owners are going to do, I just hope its without Mowbray.
  11. It's all too nice for me, nobody falling out when things go wrong, no big bust ups. I very much see the running of the club from top to bottom as we will just keep riding this out for as long as we can and for as long as those idiots in India keep paying. It reminds me very much of the Sunderland documentary that no matter what happens on the pitch, in the transfer market, in the boardroom, it doesn't matter one jot as we will send a bill to India that gets paid (I'm not convinced it particularly gets paid more saddled with debt!) and they can all still enjoy the gravy train. Nobody invol
  12. We aren't stupid people, we all have bosses or lead in our day jobs and we all know when things go well the "team" self manages and everybody is happy. When things aren't going well the gaffer earns their money and finds a way of getting the best out of their team. Our gaffer seems completely incompetent when needing to rally the troops, the massive concern for me is they are ALL his troops!
  13. Absolute horror show, am I surprised .... not in the slightest!!
  14. We really do have some issue with getting into the Championship play offs, everytime we get anywhere near we throw in the worst possible performances!
  15. I heard about the Dyche issue with Garlick about a month ago. The chairman understandably wanted to be guaranteed Premiership safety before handing out contracts. Covid came along and the chairmen has eyes on the club being in existence never mind the futures of a few players. From speaking to mates who are Dingles, they remember the club being in trouble after the ITV digital debacle and they will 100% back the chairman and not Dyche.
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