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  1. Really surprised to see Magloire in the starting line up and clearly Blackpool had done their homework on our weaknesses on that side of the pitch. We missed Nyambe and Lenihan badly but what we missed in the first half more than anything is any energy and organisation. What a turnround in the second half, particularly when Gallagher went off and Edun came on. The midfield began to control the game with Rothwell and Travis pushing forward. Really impressed with Edun but no doubt he will be back on the bench next game. Brereton in the right spot again, as a good striker should be, just a pity we don’t have another to join him.
  2. Don’t know if it’s been mentioned but Povieda ran straight down the tunnel at the end, not acknowledging anyone as far as I could see. Seems that Mowbray has a problem or two with the loan players he has taken on.
  3. I don’t watch Rovers TV as I’m not that keen to see highlights, replays or interviews, plus I’m a tight git! I do subscribe to the occasional away game when available. However, if I lived overseas and had paid £170 for a season TV pass only to be told the day before the game (or not being told at all) that the game was not being broadcast on Rovers TV I would be absolutely fuming. I know that the club have to comply with EFL rules regarding broadcasts but that should be in line with a schedule published well in advance, not the day before the game. Subscribers could then make other arrangements to watch. The club are obviously benefiting financially from these extra games so the very least that they can do is compensate those who have lost out. The £170 is clearly excessive and a partial refund should be considered. I wouldn’t hold your breath!
  4. Rubbish performance today. Can’t see what Clarkson is going to add to the team compared with Elliott last season. Povieda too faded after a bright start. Boro will be kicking themselves that they didn’t win this game. They were exactly what I would expect a Rovers team to be but without the cutting edge. What a difference with Buckley and Dolan on the pitch
  5. Got no problem with getting a few bodies through the door but we need experienced players. Also maybe one or two physically strong players who can mix it up and come out on top (Mokoena style)
  6. It may only have been around 9000 Rovers fans yesterday but they fully got behind the team and were treated to a battling display from the young (and older) lads on the pitch. COYB
  7. Is it too much to expect a Rovers win on Saturday? 😉
  8. Seems that Covid, Venkys and Mowbray have created the perfect storm. i too have renewed because, frankly, I miss my live football! i try to not get involved in debates about individuals within the club or matters I know little about but from some of the stuff being posted it seems that we need to expect some significant changes very soon. I may be wrong.
  9. I get this and there must be quite a few with the same view but by not attending there is less chance of that candle being re-ignited. Its not just about less income through ticket sales, merchandise, catering, hospitality etc. It’s about match day experience and support for the team. Even 15000 Rovers fans would create a much better atmosphere. Covid has brought home to many of us that we need to value those things that we have taken for granted. It would be great if some of those still holding a candle for Rovers showed their support at Ewood.
  10. OK you like posting and thats great but if its all just negative stuff (you admit you cant get excited about football) then whats the point? Lets face it, Venkys have screwed up big time but no amount of negative posts on here is going to change that. For those of us who still watch its about hoping that there will be some light at the end of the tunnel. We don’t need folk discouraging us from having that hope or not attending. Last year I was seriously ill and never thought I would ever be able to go to Ewood again. Thankfully I have recovered and last Wednesday I made sure I did and it felt great. Yes it was a bit scary being there but you only live once.
  11. No disrespect but as I said before I’m not really sure why you and many others bother posting on this blackburn rovers football club supporters board. If you are still protesting then fair enough but it really doesn’t fit here on a season ticket topic when you clearly never have intention of buying a season ticket again.
  12. Dashed over the Pennines for this game, getting to Ewood bang on kick off so didn't get chance to catch the team news. What a surprise to see several players I didn’t recognise. Where were Travis, Rothwell, Gallagher etc.? Against a Leeds team that held its own in the Prem last year my immediate thoughts were that we would get battered. The Yorkshire hordes would then delight in abusing us and traipse back to their caves in the hills. How wrong I was! The likes of Magloire, Garrett, Davenport, Buckley and Dolan did not let themselves or the team down. OK some mistakes but overall we competed well. A goal from another youngster was icing on the cake and certainly quietened the Yorkies down. Kaminski was also at his best but his kicking (to the delight of the their fans) left something to be desired. A number of late substitutions gave Leeds the upper hand and an eventual equaliser, which they deserved, didn't take away from the overall performance. It was good to watch live football again and although still cautious I’m looking forward to getting back to Ewood regularly. Watching online is no substitute
  13. IMO its a little early to be making bold predictions as a lot can happen between now and the end of the transfer window BUT our current squad is paper thin and if as is likely, we lose Arma then I can’t see where the goals will come from.
  14. That would probably require Bradford to stream the game. Will be interesting to see if the EFL permit streaming of home league games to those who don’t want to attend?
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