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  1. So I was just reminded that we have a game tomorrow whilst listening to a couple of Town fans talking outside the chippy in Brighouse. I told them not to worry too much. As for Rovers, well what can I say that hasn’t already been said. A dead rubber of a game that will see us giving the squad a rotation. Can’t get too excited so not expecting too many responses to this thread.
  2. That is a ridiculous statement from Mowbray. Given our recent form we will be lucky to win one game out of 7. We may still have enough points and positive goal difference to survive but it will be close if Rotherham win some of their games in hand. I bet they don’t lose to Wycombe tomorrow! I don’t want to bash Mowbray but he has to face up to it that his project has failed and he doesn’t seem to be as concerned as the fans.
  3. Interesting to read so many diverse views on John Buckley. Personally I thought he has had a couple of decent games this week and is looking a lot stronger than when he first broke into the team. He also provides an attacking threat breaking from midfield and putting in some killer passes. A bit sloppy at times but overall its good to see another of our own doing good.
  4. Another frustrating performance against a team well below us in the league. What amazed me was just how well organised Coventry were and that they had a proper game plan, getting the ball to their front two who never gave our defence a moments peace. In fact they were all a yard quicker to the ball. Whatever is happening on the training ground is not working for Rovers. We only seem to play well in spells. The defence, after improving with Lenihan and Williams there is now too easy to open up. Branthwaite will be a good player but he’s not what we need at the moment, better to put Ny
  5. Cardiff showing what a change of manager can do! Mick Mccarthy getting more from the same players than Neil Harris.
  6. Tough game this. We only just scraped a win at home when we were on form. Barnsley have some quality with Chaplin and Mowatt always playing well against us. Much will depend on who is available but its not a game for semi-fit players or ones who are short of form or confidence. The defence pretty much picks itself as despite his poor showing on Friday, Branthwaite is still the best available (unless Ayala makes a swift recovery). Douglas or Bell at left back is a toss up with neither being too effective. Evans or Trybull to return? The main thing is that we set up pro
  7. Gallagher has had some success when he has played against Preston previously so may get the nod in front of Brereton. Midfield area is a concern with lack of anyone with creativity. Rothwell blows hot and cold and with Holtby out we are too reliant on Travis. Could we see Evans back?
  8. As much as Brereton has improved this season he is nowhere near Prem level. Chile international? Really? Two cracking goals with either foot from Chapman in League 1 may be his level. Maybe Brereton could do with a spell there.
  9. No iFollow today as the game is on Sky. if you don't have Sky you can buy a day pass from Now TV COYB
  10. Got no problem with this game being called off. Its not like we have a fully fit squad and are in form.
  11. We win tomorrow and potentially go into 8th. Its still doable to get into the top 6 but we need to find some consistency.
  12. Locked in and snowed in here in Huddersfield so thought I may as well start a match topic for this weekend’s game against Stoke. Weather not looking too promising for Ewood on Saturday, with heavy rain forecast which of course will guarantee the pitch to be even worse than it has been in recent matches. As for Stoke we know exactly what they are about having played them just before Xmas since when they have added a few players to their squad, the latest being Jack Clarke from Spurs, a promising wide player originally at Leeds. Lets hope we have a full back capable of handl
  13. IMO Armstrong going nowhere. Most certainly not to the Premier League for a massive fee. As for the badly needed centre back, as usual it will be an 11th hour signing on the last day of the window. We need one now i.e. before the Stoke match.
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