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  1. Wasn't it Nixon himself who mentioned the 3 club rule regarding transfer speculation...
  2. PS. Still being offered 9-1 for relegation and it is getting tempting to override my loyalty/guilt... 🥴
  3. Just found out this is on tv here - I'm going for 4-1 to Swansea with Ayala lasting 17 minutes, Lenihan sent off and Nyambe tweaking a hammy... Official crowd 10 742 and just under 9000 in reality
  4. Not a chance that Rothwell starts in midfield unless we go 5-4-1 🙈
  5. I don't think the difference would come close covering Ayalas contract alone - never mind the rest...
  6. I'd have banned you for that question 😈😉 (Joke just in case anyone needs it pointing out to them)
  7. It could if TM and Waggot decided it should. Just add something vague to the jobtitle/brief so that it doesn't look too obvious... Think Arbitro is spot on.
  8. When Senior get the ok to sack Coyle - just after the transfer window closed wasn't it? Think it is bollxx but Venkys and Logic are mutually exclusive
  9. Plus plan C for last 20 when we are losing a.la Samba as CF 😉😀
  10. I dunno - that Chilean lad is looking promising after acclimatizing to Blackburn ... 😜
  11. I can Imagine that the "coventrio" (for want of a better name) and whoever it is that actually deals directly with V's have quite simply been told to cut operating costs by X amount or and reduce staffing by X percent That would be pretty standard in an organisation where the owners don't know much and the decision made in about 20 minutes as the V's went through their portfolio. Been in a similar situation where big, pointless expenses were approved only to asked to remove 40 % of the "essential staff" a few weeks later... Needless to say i chose to break my contract and leave.
  12. Credit: half-time team talk did wake us up even though we still look shaky midfield and defensively. Brereton looks reborn and Rothwell and Buckley could be match winners. Pickering definitely an upgrade too.
  13. Just added another zero to his value - now up to 700 000 😉
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