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  1. Ironically that is probably how Brum saw it - getting rid is easy but replacing with an upgrade is tougher when the decision makers are tools
  2. Each time we have sold/lost our top scorer then a “big money” signing has come good the following season (Armstrong, Brereton, Sammie S) Given our recent lack of spending that should mean Gallagher comes good and bags 25 goals next season 🤔🫣🤣
  3. A mention for Kyle “Derek the builder” McFadz who has been solid today Eating my words
  4. Great - the fuck ugly losers kit and Derek the builder at center half… What can possibly go wrong?🫢🫣
  5. Expecting a full house on my bullshit bingo card if we stay up regardless of if we lose today Togetherness, build together, a solid platform, miraculous escape, senior players character and courage, young squad, fantastic achievement that lays the groundwork for a bright future after a summer on the grass… That said I expect roughly the same bs if we get relegated by 1 goal (my expectation)
  6. Thanks. Pretty shabby to say the least but money talks. on the plus side - maybe some non league clubs will get an extra few attending at 3pm today
  7. Maybe I missed the PM but why are 12:30 tomorrow?
  8. I still expect us to be relegated on goal difference and by a solitary goal at that
  9. If he was on 5k PW and had signed for less than a million he would be a decent signing/player given our ambition of lower mid championship. For 5m and 15k (or more) PW then we could do better. All told: if it is Telavovic or Gallagher then it is no longer a discussion… (although sometimes I wonder 😉)
  10. Probably told not to play him as the deal is structured so that every appearance means that we have to send 50p and a tin of spam to Crewe…
  11. So who decides the “preferred candidate”? Sounds very much like GB gives Waggot and Suhail a list with a few benefits/drawbacks and then they pick the cheapest or the one most likely to toe the line. I’M guessing this is GBs new remit in order to keep his job after inadvertently appointing someone with ambition, demands and standards/integrity/balls…
  12. Does Hyam get credited with 3 assists or have I misunderstood how it works?
  13. Not yet 🤣😉 (I meant that he did it here but not a word afterwards. As others have said - smart - but it would be fun with a little q&a on his time at the club 🥳)
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