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  1. Based on past events I could see us creating a monstrous wage bill, relegation and so on… sound familiar?
  2. The one thing that really annoys me is that everyone drops deep - leave Dolan in the centre circle ffs. That means 2 opposition players will stay back and just maybe the odd breakaway from a routine clearance.
  3. TBF we did get control of the game after the change of formation. Buckley gave the ball away more or less centrally, Pickering slipped and Kaminski could/should have done better. Don't blame the formation but we really do look like we have a massive hangover from saturday...
  4. Thought it was "bring your kid to work day" when he came on - wondered whose kid it was...
  5. If we aren't planning on offering him a decent deal then sell for whatever we can get but with 40% sell on Right manager and fitness/physio could make him into a 10m player. Worth a shot if we can't be arsed/afford trying to keep him...
  6. That is what is making me wonder - why (how) has he suddenly become pragmatic overall (though it is balanced out by the false 9 b******) Just wondered if there had been a shift in the balance of power but equally TM is doing the same as players who suddenly step when the end of their contract is in sight...
  7. Anyone have an eye on the bench. Is TM running the show or are there signs that subs are chosen by Venus/Lowe for example? I ask because I have never seen TM this active on touchline but also we are playing more "pragmatic" football with some (far from all) sensible decisions and a better allround spirit (tbh think part of that linked to the return of fans)
  8. Fair play - Buckley first Rovers player to complete a decent pass
  9. Buckley and Dolan to regain control of midfield πŸ‘ŒπŸ»πŸ€”πŸ€£
  10. If correct then we are pretty screwed and should be looking at getting our kids ready for League One
  11. Next attempt got the following response: Hi there, This issue has been highlighted and it should be looked into this week.
  12. The earlier one in the box to BB was pure class though
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