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  1. TM - just think what SG and BB will be worth considering how AA and BDs values increased. Venkys - wow, contract extension Mr Mowbray. Anyone with any football knowledge - My Brain hurts...
  2. Would selling us mean that 150 millions would evaporate from their balance sheet?
  3. That they did it once is naive. That they keep repeating the same mistakes is insanity 🤔 As to why they don't learn - i can only assume they have had positive experiences in their other businesses/ventures.
  4. Seems about the most appropriate thread: the following should be taken as dark comedy (if anyone is offended let me know and i will remove the post) Rovers website - first telephone number is....
  5. Reading that article makes me think we will end up signing another striker in the summer 🤣
  6. Amateurs - a real discussion would be about if iced buns have currants in them...
  7. So Ewood pitch is in shocking condition - perfect opportunity to move a youth cup tie and play it there 🤔🤡
  8. The thing that fascinates me the most is BB's total inability to shoot. Even bog awful midielders/defenders can manage to hit a ball properly once in a while but, with the risk of being the old chauvinist that i suspect i am, he shoots like a girl 😳
  9. Bennett looked good when he came on. Consider what that actually means...
  10. Could someone hack the crowd noise generator and loop "we want Mowbray out" Please
  11. I would go further - a league 2 side would at least stand up to them physically. We look quite literally like schoolboys playing against men
  12. We have a formation? Could one of the Brentford lads tell our players what it is...
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