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  1. TM - just think what SG and BB will be worth considering how AA and BDs values increased. Venkys - wow, contract extension Mr Mowbray. Anyone with any football knowledge - My Brain hurts...
  2. Would selling us mean that 150 millions would evaporate from their balance sheet?
  3. That they did it once is naive. That they keep repeating the same mistakes is insanity 🤔 As to why they don't learn - i can only assume they have had positive experiences in their other businesses/ventures.
  4. Seems about the most appropriate thread: the following should be taken as dark comedy (if anyone is offended let me know and i will remove the post) Rovers website - first telephone number is....
  5. Reading that article makes me think we will end up signing another striker in the summer 🤣
  6. Amateurs - a real discussion would be about if iced buns have currants in them...
  7. So Ewood pitch is in shocking condition - perfect opportunity to move a youth cup tie and play it there 🤔🤡
  8. The thing that fascinates me the most is BB's total inability to shoot. Even bog awful midielders/defenders can manage to hit a ball properly once in a while but, with the risk of being the old chauvinist that i suspect i am, he shoots like a girl 😳
  9. Bennett looked good when he came on. Consider what that actually means...
  10. Could someone hack the crowd noise generator and loop "we want Mowbray out" Please
  11. I would go further - a league 2 side would at least stand up to them physically. We look quite literally like schoolboys playing against men
  12. We have a formation? Could one of the Brentford lads tell our players what it is...
  13. TBH i'd have been bloody annoyed that our player went down before laughing hysterically that the ref gave a pen... But i'm old fashioned
  14. The water dripping from the roof of the Blackburn end - never understood why we had to stand in exactly the same spot every bloody game even if it meant being dripped on 😳🤔😂 A pie, a cup of "Tea" (washing up liquid) and a rousing rendition of "get yer ..... for the lads" whenever a female came within 30 yards of the fence and the look on my dad's face everytime when he joined in before realising that we always stood next to an older lady 🙈
  15. Anyone hazard a serious guess at what typical land procurement costs are for this kind of housing project? (Either as a cash figure or typical percentage of budget)
  16. More concerning is what the new one won't do that the old one does...
  17. PS. Every game i have seen (which means not the last 4) Armstrong has impressed with his pressuring of the opposition gk/defenders. Problem was that often he was totally alone in doing it...
  18. After seeing the goals i will concede that TM may have been on to something about needing a bit of luck... 😂
  19. So - might not but relevant but following the purchase of a kettle (initially deployed in frying pan role) and a toaster (that is flexible - can be used for sliced bread, barmcakes/teacakes/breadcakes...) i am now considering a coffee maker despite not actually drinking coffee... Makes more sense than putting Dolan in the middle with SG & BB om wings...
  20. Who takes the free kicks? Last time i watched it was Douglas 😳
  21. Blimey - that was depressing. If he was sending out a youth team to play against them I could understand it a little but ffs - we don't have to try to compete, we have to compete. So many ifs' and "try tos' " after 4 years of building a team is just scary. A caretaker manager in his 2nd game has more positivity and higher demands from the players! That said i actually expect us to rag a win here just to remove even the remote possibility that a change would be made or even discussed in a place far far away...
  22. Was under the impression that we are a professional football club with coaches and quite expensive/well paid players. Hoping for some luck is what i do when i buy a "lucky-dip" lottery ticket 😳
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