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  1. It was a sarcastic post that adds nothing to the discussion.
  2. It’s a very childish post Chaddy. It’s becoming quite regular from you these days.
  3. You’re asking why? You know why, - or at least you should know why.
  4. The replies in the comments column from the Brexit Xenophobes/racists are predictable. Not a fact or a brain between them.
  5. Harrington resting players this morning because he says, they’ll be needed fully refreshed for the singles. If we don’t win a lot of games today Sunday won’t matter. USA going with same pairings as yesterday.
  6. The driver shortage and having to relax the new visa rules is a fundamental failure of brexit and the rules restricting freedom of movement. The govt have had plenty of time to prepare for staff shortages and have done virtually nothing to prepare for it. I can only assume that they didn’t believe anything like this could happen. Either that, or they’re totally incompetent - probably both. The idea was that U.K. workers would step into these jobs. Where are they coming from? Where are 100,000 drivers coming from? As I asked earlier, why then shouldn’t we open our borders again for care workers, farm workers or all the other businesses that have relied on EU workers? If we don’t do that, where is the training for U.K. workers who are going to take their place? Where are all these people going to come from? It’s a total shitshow and was quite foreseeable.
  7. To be honest, I think it’s all over now. I can’t see how we can possibly overcome this deficit.
  8. So, a question… If we can temporarily suspend freedom of movement hoping that EU drivers come back (and why would they when the govt are telling them they can only come for a matter of months then go back home), why can’t we do the same for other sectors such as social care?
  9. Brexit was all about getting rid of foreign workers. Lorry drivers, because of the new rules dont meet the skills threshold to qualify for work visas in the UK under the government’s new points-based system. you know what? Remainers argued all along brexit would mean a shortage of EU workers and that would cause problems for U.K. businesses. Didnt take long did it?
  10. Government considering temporarily allowing foreign drivers back into the UK to help with goods/petrol deliveries caused by brexit and the pandemic. 😂😂😂😂😂😂 we were going to be better off after brexit weren’t we? Brexit is turning out to be far worse than Project fear ever said it would be.
  11. Europe being booed onto first tee. Not great, eh?
  12. I thought they would have declared earlier. Warwick’s best chance of a win surely would have been to set Somerset a winnable target. I can’t imagine them going for that.
  13. Warwickshire 200/1 after only 39 overs! Lead by 178. Somerset are going to have to bat a long time.
  14. Warwickshire good chance of winning. I reckon they’ll leave themselves with 2 full sessions+ to bowl Somerset out.
  15. The tv camera is too low, meaning we can’t see the wicket. Any chance someone could ask the Umpire to either kneel down or move to one side so we can see?
  16. I haven’t seen a lot of lancs game today, but the current lead of 160 could well be enough. This wicket is so difficult to score on. 160 is a long way off.
  17. 115/8 lunch. Trail by 28. It’s not quite over yet, but I suspect the decision to bowl first and bat last could cost Lancs the game.
  18. The Americans know nothing about that Gav. Just a Tory politician looking to salvage something from the disaster that’s Brexit.
  19. ? What kind of reply is that? Did you know the UK had the biggest drop in the G7 last year?
  20. Brexits proving to be more of a disaster than project fear ever said it would be.
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