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  1. Shame he hasn't got any for Sunday as that's when the game is. 😆 Anyway, no worries Philip, think it'd be a thanks but no thanks anyway with there being 3 of them. A bit unfair to leave one of them on his own.
  2. Has he got any for Sunday? 🤣 Seriously though, my stepson flies out to Germany tomorrow so I've just asked him. Edit: For clarity, there's 3 of them going so he's seeing what the other 2 think as one will end up being disappointed.
  3. Dorset is a clown! All he kept saying after the initial squad was announced was that Wharton wouldn't be on the plane. Quite clearly has never watched the lad play.
  4. Yeah, a very underwhelming record since then, although a quick google did turn this one up for Hearts last season. Although I don't think there's anything in the rumours, it's definitely worth a watch! https://www.skysports.com/watch/video/sports/football/12803613/stephen-humphrys-scores-a-sensational-goal-from-his-own-half-to-secure-hearts-win
  5. According to this, there's also a full England cap in the mix as well. Wiki shows him as having 119 apps for Liverpool's first team so I assume all clauses have been met other than the England cap. Looks like it was only finally sorted whilst he was on loan with us. https://www.nytimes.com/athletic/4223896/2021/02/10/liverpool-told-to-pay-fulham-around-4-million-for-harvey-elliott-by-tribunal/
  6. Almost 12 mths to the day, I was on my mate's stag do & got talking to his brother (hadn't met him before - long story, long lost family) & whilst we were waiting for the champions league final to start I was going on about this young lad that we had at Rovers. I must've gone on about him that much that he DID remember the name - got this from my mate earlier on this evening : All I can say is, Steve Waggot, Venky's, go fuck yourselves!!
  7. Kinell mate, I know where you're coming from but ...
  8. Out of interest, has anyone tried the finance option yet? Just wondering if V12 are still being knobs again for those who actually DO have a decent credit score and might not fall into arrears.
  9. Looking at his scoring record there, I would think that the 'screamer' I referred to was against Oldham. Wolves '83 was around the time I'd first started going so don't think I'd recall it that well & by 87 I'd 'graduated' to the front of the BBE.
  10. Is it just me reading too much into it, or does the pic & headline on the Rovers website look a bit of a dig at the fans?: 'We've reduced the prices so shut the f*ck up!' As I said, might just be me reading too much into it but there's plenty of the 'Sammie Salute' pictures they could've chosen instead.
  11. I do seem to recall Brannigan scoring an absolute screamer from about 25 yards. No idea who it was against but I'm pretty sure it was at the BBE as I was in the old Riverside stand at the time. It was probably a tap in from 6 yards knowing what my memory's like these days! 🤣.
  12. Why did this make me laugh so much!? 🤣
  13. So what is the plan? (Saw this the other day, but it kind of reminded me of Rovers and lack of/changing 'plans)
  14. It's actually at least 24 for the Championship: https://www.skysports.com/football/news/21564/13130980/efl-on-sky-sports-how-to-watch-your-championship-league-one-or-league-two-team-live-next-season So yeah, hand over your cash please knowing full well that there's a good chance that around half of our home fixtures will be f*cked about with, be it date, KO time or both! I can't wait to spunk that money down the drain personally! 🙄
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