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  1. Wow! Those sizes are tiny! Looks like 3XL for me this year & I usually get XL!
  2. Moyes rang AA up promising him more Freedom to express himself playing alongside their Bad Boys. He said "I'm Your Man!".
  3. Funnily enough, my dad rang me yesterday asking me if I could go round & renew online for him (he's 74 & a technophobe). He said he'd been ringing the club since Monday & couldn't get through. Kept getting a message saying "we'll answer you're call as soon as possible, but we are experiencing a high number of calls" 😅 Looks like Doris must be busy trying to run the entire operation at Ewood on her own! My dad's comment was "fucking hell, I thought I'd kept ringing old Trafford by mistake!" 🤣
  4. Jesus! I think I would've seriously lost my shit if he'd ended up here, no matter how good he may or may not be! Ex Boro (a given these days) & Moggasaurus' brother!! Just the thought gives me cold sweats!
  5. For once, just once could we not just sign a player who has no previous connections to either Mowbray or Boro (or both!)!!
  6. The camera panned to the bench in one of our games last season & I genuinely thought a homeless guy had been given a free ticket to sit on the bench that day! Mowbray & him are not exactly what u call "inspirational" are they?
  7. Just sat in the pub having a pint & that proper made me laugh, particularly as I'm definitely in that group. Nice one Sparks! 🤣
  8. Think you may be disappointed there. It's guaranteed to be £50. Just checked & the 21/22 Forest Home kit (also Macron) is £50 on their club shop website, so I can't see ours being any different.
  9. Have you seen his missus? I'd never leave the house!! 😁
  10. I like it. As others have said, at least there's a "uniqueness" about it with the rose detail rather than the stock offerings of late. Would prefer reversed halves but I suppose it means we won't have the halves/quarters argument this season! 😅
  11. Yes, that's true. There's also quite a few now where you can just walk in without booking. I dropped my missus off for her 2nd jab on Sunday & noticed that the centre at St Johns in Preston now has signs up saying "Walk-ins Welcome". These weren't there a couple of weeks ago when I went for my 2nd.
  12. So sad to hear that mate. Hope your kids pull through. I've also seen it at close quarters with my mother-in-law's ex partner. She put up with it for 17 years before she finally kicked him into touch, it was destroying her. She's had a new lease of life since.
  13. Dear God, what planet are these kids on!? Only lost 1 key player? I'm assuming he means Elliott with that one. So THB wasn't key for us last year? Without him we'd have had 1 fit CH! You're also assuming that AA is staying? Us realists know that there's very little chance of that. Whilst I wouldn't describe most of these as 'key' players, there's a hell of a lot of game time to make up from last season from the likes of Holtby, Bell, Douglas, Downing, Trybull, Evans etc
  14. Looks to be wide of the mark that one. Ignoring the fact Everton have confirmed they've suspended a player, the only Danish goalkeeper I can think of who's name rhymes with Michael is 34. Police have confirmed the player is 31.
  15. I think somebody spent too much time out in the sun yesterday!
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