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  1. I'm not a Rugby fan, but I watched "The Rugby Codebreakers" last night on BBC1. I really enjoyed it. It was a real insight into the division between Union & League in the early days & up until the mid 90s, particularly in Wales. Think it's also available on iPlayer. I was quite pleased as I only ended up watching it because it was on after MOTD2.
  2. Hmm, now what could possibly cause such a downturn in sales? 🤔
  3. Called a draw on Saturday, although I did say 2-2, not that it matters much, it's still 1pt and 0 GD. I can't see anything other than defeat tomorrow unless a miracle happens & we sack Mowbray & appoint a new guy today, meaning that the players will at least give their all trying to prove something to the new guy. However, back in the real world, it'll be 6 defeats in 7, Lucas Joao will score a hat-trick then go & sit on the (naughty) steps sucking his thumb whilst pointing & laughing at Mowbray. We generally do tend to score at least one, so I'm saying 4-1 Readi
  4. Sitting under a bramble bush would make him a better defender compared to working under Mowbray!
  5. Avoided coming on here yesterday after the game as I was so angry at yet another abject performance, devoid of anything even remotely resembling tactics or passion. I consoled myself in the hope that maybe, just maybe, I'd get up today, check in & he'd either be gone or strong rumours that they were dotting the i's & crossing the t's on his pay off. But no. Nothing. Nada!. What the hell does it take to get rid of this clown? All the talk from these muppets saying 'yeah, get rid when we're in a relegation battle' is stupid. The time for change is BEFORE we get in a rel
  6. Actually think this will be a draw. I'm going 2-2. Tony will mark it as progress & we are left in limbo again. Will probably watch but mainly because it's an excuse for 2hrs respite from decorating the hall, stairs & landing!
  7. I wouldn't exactly call this a success (At Huddersfield obviously):
  8. Rag 'n' Bone Man - All You Ever Wanted (Just to bring things right up to date after recent complaints! 😁) Reminds me of another song from possibly 80s/90s, but can't think what - like it though!
  9. Anybody else say that name out loud over & over to themselves to see if it was another Runya Boloksov moment?
  10. Big & Rich - Stay Home (Quite an amusing but realistic view of the pandemic - and extremely catchy!)
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