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  1. The Brentford Liverpool game was a terrific watch. Especially just having been on Ewood watching us demolish Cardiff. That save Raya made from Jota in the first half was something else!
  2. Thoroughly enjoyable afternoon. Can't fault any one of our players & a BBD hat trick was the icing on the cake. My daughter was going out straight from the game so asked if I could get her mate a ticket (an Everton fan & also plays for their girls team) she'd never been to Ewood before & really enjoyed it, even joined in waving a Chile flag about. I've said she can definitely come again!! 😁
  3. Not if we're as slow with a new deal for him as we are with every other half decent player!
  4. Didn't realise it was 'that' Big Ste we were on about. Used to do quite a few gigs at the Red Herring years ago, real top bloke Ste. Him & Muurrry (as Ste used to pronounce Mary) used to have that place rocking. Hope he's OK.
  5. Don't worry, he doesn't look at the league table! 😄
  6. Nice gesture from Harvey. Seems like he's a pretty good lad. Hope he makes a full recovery as the injury looked horrific at the time. https://twitter.com/LFCDaytrippers/status/1437314660961767427/photo/2
  7. Great actor. Loved him in The Wire. RIP
  8. I never said whether we did or didn't. I just said he looks a decent player. Anyway, Chappers on now for Burton.
  9. Just watching the Notlob v Burton game. Quite a good watch to be fair. Gotta say I like the look of the Bolton centre half, Santos. Looks a really good player. Right age at 26 too.
  10. I'm not a Girls Aloud fan at all but really sad to hear about the passing of Sarah Harding from breast cancer at the tender age of 39. Particularly sad when you learn that she was diagnosed during the height of the pandemic & couldn't get access to the treatment which could've saved her life as the NHS were too busy with Covid patients. RIP
  11. Self defeating imo. Employee gets ST For free so brings along son/daughter/auntie/uncle whoever who pay for their ticket. Each get a pie & a drink etc, money in the coffers. Now, no ST, no 'bring along' no pies, no drinks, no nothing! It's not like we need the space! Absolute helmets, the lot of em!
  12. Link not working for me & can't seem to find the article by searching either? 🤷‍♂️
  13. It looks like there'll be quite a few issues as a result of this. Apparently Villa & Spurs only agreed to release Argentinian players if they were allowed to fly home after Sunday's game with Brazil. Argentina are saying they know nothing about that! https://www.skysports.com/football/news/11661/12398194/tottenham-and-aston-villa-in-new-row-with-argentina-over-availability-of-international-players
  14. Easy one. SW. Reason: because that would mean a new CEO & the first thing he'd do is bin TM off. (Assuming we hire someone with some degree of competance)
  15. Seriously hope you're right & this is the end for one if not all. However, meanwhile, the great institution that is Blackburn Rovers Football Club plays piggy in the middle & suffers as a consequence!
  16. Spot on! Actually been a victim of this before. Quantity over quality!
  17. Sky saying deals done for Khadra & Edun: Edit: Just pipped me there Joe, must've been the additional I took time to screenshot it! 😉
  18. We should be all over that but I can see wages being a major problem. I doubt he's on peanuts & someone will offer him more than us given the fact there's no transfer fee.
  19. Tell me about it! Looking at the chest sizes, I'm going to need 3XL but with the height guide it'll probably be down to my knees! I can always get a belt & wear it as a dress I suppose 😂
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