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  1. Shocking...didn't realise we were so much down for the Luton fixture!
  2. How about admitting you got the pricing structure wrong and lowering the prices for a few home games....we might then get more on Ewood than Blackpool or Preston. 😟
  3. Absolute bellends filling Jerry Cans as well as their Cars....selfish gobshytes creating a problem where there was non. 😡
  4. .......Waggot would have been slavering at the thought of giving them the Riverside too!
  5. But we have Billionaire owners who 'will respect the Jack Walker Legacy'.
  6. This fella would flog the clubs silverware if he could.Moaning about attendances being of concern yet hasn't a clue how to remedy the situation. Good times ahead.
  7. Would swap places with Burnley in a heartbeat...financially stable,owners who are pro-active with the fans and a Manager who appears to get the best out of a limited side. Never thought I'd ever say that.
  8. Fox n Hounds looking very nice with makover....opens this Friday I believe.
  9. Yes indeed Gav but me and thee have been in away followings two and three tmes larger even pre JW days. The bar seems to have been lowered so much these days.
  10. You equate a half decent start to the season as a promotion push Mashed?.....forever the blind optimist eh! Talking up a following of 1,600 like it's something special?..My word,times have definitely changed for the worse. 🙄 Our support is Atrophying at an alarming rate make no mistake.
  11. Remember Rovers always taking a good following to Oakwell when the away end was the open terrace behind the goal...you could see for miles around! 1-1 P.S. Our respective Clubs history's have no comparison whatsoever!!
  12. What would you change?...where the hell do you start! 1.Ask our owners,who have not attended a home game in years btw,to re-engage with the Supporter base expressing their desires and expectations as to what they expect in return for their Philanthropy.If they no longer have any desire and passion to be connected with this Club then put it up for sale and sell to prospective new owners who will give a damn and move this stagnant situation forward for the benefit of all concerned.We are simply going nowhere at present,a rudderless ship in a sea of shyte. 2. Employ a CEO with vision and an understanding of the Towns various demographics.Seriously,is it a wise move to charge £30+ in an area classed as one of the most poorest in England and then on the back of a Pandemic that has hit hard..what is the thought process in that?.He didn't get everything right but oh Lord for the days of a certain John Williams. 3.Employ a Manager who is able to get the very best from his side.A manager who does not speak to the fans like they are idiots (i don't look at the table bull) and wants to see us back in the top flight.It's been achieved by smaller clubs than us with a lesser budget.We are underachieving,there is no question. Feels like I'm just scratching the surface here but Jesus Christ,have Rovers fans ever before been in such need of reconnecting with their club?...Apathy reigns supreme but the causes are there for all to see surely.
  13. We are clearly losing our supporter base and fast.A new low under the dreaded tenure of Venkys happened tonight I believe....we experienced our lowest league gate at Ewood since it was rebuilt some 28 years ago.Apathy within the Town is clearly at an all time high since the dark days of the mid 80's. Blackpool(with all due respect) had some two thousand more on Bloomfield tonight,let that sink in. A decade of owner negligence,lack of supporter/owner interaction coupled with a CEO who appears to have little connection nor understanding of the local demographics of the Town and then you throw in a Manager well past his welcome and you have a recipe for disaster...you reap what you sow. To see Ewood so empty is a heartbreaker,this is not what JW wanted.A radical change of direction is needed within the corridors of Power at Ewood before It's too late. Genuinely worried and saddened at events unfolding.
  14. Heartbreaking but we have folk running the club who are totally clueless to the local area and the general feeling within the Town. A new low indeed tomphil.
  15. Doesn't mean much?...when was the last time we had less than 9,000 home fans for a league game at Ewood? Very sad.
  16. Been a long time since two subs have made a difference to our performance like that! Khadra looked impressive.
  17. Absolutely Jim....but chadders says look at the table not the form guide. 🙃
  18. Come Tuesday and Ewood could see it's lowest league game home crowd since the stadium was redeveloped some 27 years ago.A Manager who has no targets nor expectations and gives the impression he doesn't give a shiny shite either. Simply not good enough for this Club and it's Supporters. A slow,engineered decline and these b'stards are all in on it.
  19. How he is still here I just don't know....same old shyte being served.
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