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  1. Did pick up after the goal but anything at this point is just delaying the inevitable, still playing trash football, picking up the odd result but going nowhere. But a good win nonetheless. Also don’t think that Branthwaite boot was intentional (still a penalty) so Neil Warnock can sod off the daft old goblin
  2. This last two months has been the worst football we’ve played in years. Absolutely 0 direction and 0 clue. Pathetic, boring, directionless none of our lot have a clue
  3. And their first clean sheet in apparently 30 games as well
  4. Was weird watching the match normally I’d be furious conceding a last minute goal but I was completely calm like I was absolutely resigned to it. Always thought on paper this squad looked exciting, the disappointment is that they’re just not good enough. Every starting 11 we have is just full of players that don’t fit in to the style or even the position half the time like a patchwork quilt of unadulterated sin. As for Mowbray always said give him until new year, hands up it’s the same old song and dance and it’s time for him to go. Was probably time to go for a while but I’m more forgiving th
  5. I always thought Dack had a year extension we could invoke. Very worrying nonetheless you can argue a lack of funds all you want but letting several multi million pound players leave for nowt is financially irresponsible. Those players would need replacing which would cost way more money in transfer fees, agents fees and admin than it would an extra 5-10k a week. I’m sure it’s not as straight forward as that but this should be a priority and not have been left on the backburner for so long. This could and should have been dealt with by now.
  6. I turned off in disgust after the red card and pen, I decided to brave the second half and I’m glad I did. That was some effort. Gallagher ran himself absolutely ragged and he has to be my MOTM. Buckley looked shaky as owt at first but grew into his role and got us up the pitch with some excellent passing from RB. Nyambe and Ayala were excellent and even Amari Bell looked good. That was a hell of a fighting spirit from a group of players who clearly give a shit. Good stuff.
  7. I feel like the back four is way too narrow and the midfield aren’t picking up their men going back. We’ll get punished if we continue like that
  8. Great performances from Brereton, Armstrong, Johnson and Wharton. Wharton’s passing did look a bit iffy but he also threaded some really impressive balls in between the lines alongside his questionable lofted balls forward, which tells me it may not so much be technique and more decision making which comes with games which I wouldn’t be opposed to seeing more of him this season. Impressive.
  9. Sharpe made the point then the squad started skryking if I recall
  10. Has Mowbray ever given a justification for Gally on the wing? A rational? Anything because we all sit here stumped week in week out seeing a very clear problem that he’s blind to (well one of many things he’s blind to)
  11. I felt a bit for Tom Trybull, in essence he was being asked to do a two man job and cover in DM for the marauding fullbacks. Last night you had Corry Evans ineffective in some bizarre midfield position I couldn’t make sense of what his role actually was, wasn’t defensive cover (which it should be) wasn’t assisting attack or even box to box just a strange static role. Because of how ineffective the midfield was trybull was overworked and the lack of shielding saw reading taking a run at our centre backs way too frequently. The players might not have all been available last night but you must ad
  12. Three utterly abysmal goals to concede. I can’t comprehend the absolute brainlessness. Lenihan blatantly being targeted.
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