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  1. Elliott Bennett was clearly not up to standard when we got promoted back to the championship. In defense of Bennett, he came in around the time the team was full to the brim with couldn't care less mercenaries. He gave his all and gave a shit around a time very few did. And though I'm sure some would disagree I think he helped cultivate a bit of culture change in the dressing room. I personally won't miss him much but have no ill will towards the guy.
  2. On the Rothwell chat, I was absolutely bewildered for the love he got in his first two seasons (still am). However even though he doesn't have great numbers this year, undeniably he's improved and seems more mature in decision making. This season really he has predominantly played box to box, whereas previous seasons we largely saw him out wide or occasionally attacking mid. I think the positional change has done him well, his range of passing has improved, decision making is still not there but it's far better than it was. Box to box midfield play is not strictly around numbers it's about influencing and dictating. Whilst he still was inconsistent the old Rothwell would be useless when not on the ball, now he's matured in his tracking back and tempo. We absolutely should try and extend his stay.
  3. In defense of Brereton he started the season really well, picked up a two week injury and was inexplicably used as a bit part player whilst we were struggling then picked up again ass end of the season when he was consistently picked again. His numbers from out wide are nothing to be scoffed at and he's got very useful attributes. Under a different manager he'd be even better. I think Brereton largely is one of the players Mowbray has done the dirtiest in his time here with garbage management. The handling of him has been baffling and pathetic.
  4. I typically find myself a 15-20 game a season man, some home some away which just works for me. Frankly the hierarchy at the club does not deserve the level of commitment a season ticket entails. It hasn't for a long time. It won't for a long time. Mowbray is a pressing issue and desperately needs to go. But Mowbray or no Mowbray the hierarchy is still rotten and clueless and will be for a long time. I wouldn't judge anybody either way if they wanted to get a season ticket or not.
  5. Tony Mowbray is truly a magician, every week I ask myself "how could it possibly be worse than that" yet somehow the shower of shite manages to do worse than dismal. I'm in awe.
  6. I've spent a tenner on match passes for every game this season and maybe enjoyed about 4 in total. Get out of this club now Mowbray. Please just fuck off
  7. Well done boys decent first half, team looks fluid. This ref is a genetically modified turnip
  8. Gallagher, Dolan, Trybull and the two centre backs all very good. Trybulls best performance for us and he showed a bit of fire for once. Great to see Dack get a much needed goal for his confidence he looked much fitter today as well. Rankin Costello had a good hour. And I'm not his biggest fan by any stretch but I do think we've missed Bradley Johnson. Still though Mowbray needs to go.
  9. Didn't this guy win player of the season for us (I want to say 16-17). A very average and limited left back but I thought an ok centre back at this level anyway. I have no ill will towards the guy but he'll be forgotten quickly, managed to rack up 140 apps for us. In a way he almost encapsulates the types of player we've had over the past 6-7 years, inconsistent, injury prone and pretty forgettable.
  10. Did pick up after the goal but anything at this point is just delaying the inevitable, still playing trash football, picking up the odd result but going nowhere. But a good win nonetheless. Also don’t think that Branthwaite boot was intentional (still a penalty) so Neil Warnock can sod off the daft old goblin
  11. This last two months has been the worst football we’ve played in years. Absolutely 0 direction and 0 clue. Pathetic, boring, directionless none of our lot have a clue
  12. And their first clean sheet in apparently 30 games as well
  13. Was weird watching the match normally I’d be furious conceding a last minute goal but I was completely calm like I was absolutely resigned to it. Always thought on paper this squad looked exciting, the disappointment is that they’re just not good enough. Every starting 11 we have is just full of players that don’t fit in to the style or even the position half the time like a patchwork quilt of unadulterated sin. As for Mowbray always said give him until new year, hands up it’s the same old song and dance and it’s time for him to go. Was probably time to go for a while but I’m more forgiving than most. We all know it’s unlikely Mowbray will go anytime soon as the owners don’t really give a shit and there’s a sincere lack of true responsibility for those not performing.
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