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  1. Kipre on the bench today. Not sure if that is significant or not.
  2. Because he is a useless manager. Can’t set a team up, has no idea how to change to plan B when it’s not working. Doesn’t use substitutes to advantage. suspect he has lost the dressing room He has to go.
  3. Changes to come around the hour mark, like last week, week before that, week before that. Not saying Mowbray is predictable, but?
  4. What has Davanport done? This manager is awful! No more debate.
  5. I have a book called save the riverside stand by Peter White with some excellent old Photographs of Ewood and players. Since you posted this, I have been looking all over the place for it with a view to sending it to you. Unfortunately, I can’t find it anywhere including spending some time in the loft, freezing my bollocks off, resulting in Mrs 4000 holes giving said bollocks a good kicking for making the whole house cold. When the weather improves or gets warmer, I will have another look.
  6. Dear Tony. Rearrange this well known phrase or saying ”at straws clutching”
  7. Sorry to hear about the passing of George Sharples. He didn’t score many goals from his position at wing half but one I do remember was against Preston. I think it was a mid week match. Rovers went 3 up in first half hour, the Preston defence where terrible but the goal George scored was at the Darwen end from a corner. The Nob end defence allowed George the longest run to get his head on the ball which bullited into the net. I swear he started that run in Shadsworth. RIP George, happy memories.
  8. Totally forgot about George Jones but just looked up his record and he scored 14 in 39 appearances for us. That was at a time we where in free fall on our way to 2nd division. At the moment I would take that from Brereton or Gallagher
  9. I hear what you say, but it didn’t do Liverpool any harm when Dalglish took over. Just saying.
  10. In 1963/64 season we topped the league around Christmas time, no mean feat for a team of our stature. Minimum wage not long gone and Everton came calling for Pickering offering big money at the time, possibly world record transfer and presumably good significantly better wages than we could afford. We replaced Pickering with a lad (Martin Britt) from West Ham reserves, needless to say it didn’t work out. Soon after Mike England was put at centre forward, arguably the best centre half in the country, reason being there was no alternative because there was an adequate centre half in the reserv
  11. It was a tragedy we lost that match to Oxford. In my opinion we would have gone on to win the cup. We were a far better team than either Preston or West Ham the finalists and if I remember correctly it took Preston umpteen attempts to get past Bolton FFS. Still?
  12. Since Mowbray arrived, defensive recruitment has been terrible. Strange for an ex defender.
  13. Hi Darren. Somewhat off topic so apologies. I was reading an article earlier today and was reminded of something you quoted earlier in the thread, the 1928 cup final. The article was about Alfred Wainwright who was/is famous for writing books about walks or rambles in the Lake District. During one of his walks, he was joined by a reporter or colleague and on a beautiful day and as they were taking in the view as they were taking a rest, the reporter asked Wainwright if he was able to which piece of land would he take home with him? The reporter was expecting the answer striding ed
  14. The way he has been playing recently Jim, it would have been his presence in the box. He has become a real handful and I think it would have created opportunities nearer the goal. I accept that he is not a natural goal scorer but that is not the full story.
  15. We missed Brereton last night. Would have made a hell of a difference.
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