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  1. The owners are not sanctioning any signings at all. I agree wholeheartedly with that point. The owners and local management couldn’t manage a coffee shop successfully. Reading this morning that Brereton has now gone from 8000 followers on Instagram to 800,000 mainly in South America. Any decent management should look at that and build on it. After identifying the position you would like to fill in the transfer window, If it was left to me I would be scouring the Chilean leagues looking if someone suitable could fill that position, thus consolidating support in that part of the world with a view to selling merchandise, etc. However at Rovers there is no one who can think outside of the box because the all appear to want a very easy and lucrative life.
  2. Just as an aside. I think our new head of recruitment needs an assistant and I am available. He will do nothing and I will help him.
  3. I would be tempted to swap Mowbray for Chaddy🥴
  4. I agree but Brereton can still show us what he can do. Mowbray spent far too much on the lad which brought its own problems of pressure and since his arrival he has been basically used and abused by being played out of position. Brereton is maturing as a young man and as soon as a half decent international manager gets hold of him his potential starts to come through. In my opinion, after watching Rovers for the last 60 years, Brereton always had potential because his first movement is first class and probably up there with the best and that is something you just don’t coach into someone, it’s natural. He needs coaching in other areas obviously but have Rovers got the personnel to do that. Doubt it. Big season for the lad coming up, that’s if we keep him as rumours are flying about Seville being interested. Even if he is sold, which may be in his best Interests because I can’t see the idiots in charge here doing much for him, I expect Brereton to be a big player in the next 2 or 3 years. Not expecting many to agree with that but that is my belief.
  5. Result does not matter as long as we don’t get tonked. Purpose of pre season is to get fit and ready for the season without picking up silly muscle pulls in the first weeks
  6. Leeds, Cardiff, Millwall, Chelsea, be very very careful
  7. AA will go but do we need a replacement? It depends on the system they are going to play. Will he use Gallagher and Brereton as they are supposed to be used or will he use them as flying wingers? Will he play tippy tappy or go more direct. If he continues with his tippy tappy then we need a replacement but if he plays more direct, I am not so sure. I know that some will say where are the goals going to come from but if we can get the ball up quicker and not allow teams to get organised while we faff around looking for our 70% possession stats, then goals will come from various sources. Having said that, I have no idea what system he will play and more worryingly I don’t think Mowbray has any idea what system he is going to play.
  8. Yes but they have run it down so far it is not saleable. They would have to transfer it for nothing and write off all debts. Dont think that will happen
  9. Not sure they will. Management, that is top management in India, need to be aware of the situation. Even if they are aware that we played and lost today, I can hear the excuse to them now, coming from an isolated house in Teeside. Not me gov, I was isolating, if only I had been there.
  10. Bloody well change the management to get the best out of the players
  11. A new management method. Don’t bother with a manager and save the money. God I hope I haven’t given Venky’s an idea.
  12. Too early in the transfer window. Armstrong will go during the last week of the window leaving no time to source a replacement. Venkys want the money, Coventrio want the money. Football and Blackburn Rovers is a secondary consideration and just a vehicle.
  13. What a moron Mowbray is: we didn’t play our senior players because they weren’t fir enough. Bloody hell, you Mowbray, organised a pre season friendly and then can’t get players fit enough for that game. Another bloody excuse, we the fans are being taken for a ride and taken for granted. This man and the management team around him are absolutely the worst that could be imagined. Time for the lot of them to go, and tomorrow would be just about early enough.
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