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  1. Shite: just been called in for my COVID-19 vaccination at 18:10 on Friday. By 18:15 I will have a sore arm and we will be 2 down.
  2. You have just talked me into it. Off we go to the shed. see you later.
  3. Why am I not surprised? More worryingly, why am I not upset? This guy just cannot go on, it’s pitiful to watch.
  4. Good post and I agree, but IMO there are no dead rubbers as teams below us pick up momentum. I think we will be relying on 3 teams to have less points than us and it will be too close for comfort. Hoping it doesn’t come down to last match with big club because we will lose judging by their efforts and our efforts yesterday. MOWBRAY MUST GO
  5. Just watching Big club v Swansea hoping Big club get murdered but they are playing quite well. What struck me is that they are obviously motivated and the body language coming from the dug out couldn’t have been more different from what I saw earlier at Wycombe. Mowbray needs to go and now, or relegation is a certainty if not this year then next. Back to watching Big club who by now I am expecting to be at least competitive.
  6. Finish with a Rioja gran reserva. Mowbray can wait til tomorrow
  7. He needs to go tonight along with his assistant. Johnson appointed as caretaker till end of season along with an assistant who will provide enthusiasm. Players told, give it everything or your on your way. Dare I suggest Bennett in this role. Then assess at end of season?
  8. New head of recruitment. Who is on the Middlesbrough staff doing that role? We needn’t look any further.
  9. I see Chapman is getting rave reviews at Shrewsbury. He is due back at the end of the season and could be a ready made replacement foe Elliott when he goes back to Liverpool. The lad just needed games. However, fear not because Tony will have him playing left defence mid field then drop him because he is not good enough.
  10. Think you are on the wrong horse here. Think Mowbray has just basically lost it.
  11. Don’t worry. The boy done good. It’s taken this long to get into the Tony way. If you believe that you will believe anything.
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