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  1. If Mowbray is due in India for talks next week, I think the owners shou cancel the tickets immediately and save the money. We started the season ok but are now back to type. Playing lads out of position, no game management etc. Took a run of about 17 games without winning to semi sort it last time and I can only see this happening again. if you remember when Brereton was first signed, he was like a fish out of water but a couple of weeks on international duty under a manager who knows what he is doing the lad came back a different player. I always saw there was a player in him, please refer to my past posts Time is up with Mowbray and Waggott for that matter. Our owner's need to reassess the situation and quickly.
  2. The world, according to Waggott. Covid has been a terrible thing and it only occurred in Blackburn.
  3. Probably he is contracted to make so many appearances. Money will finish football off.
  4. Difficult one that. When subs came on intensity and speed increased, was that the subs or was it a reaction from the team? Don’t really know. Bit of both I guess.
  5. Dear Mr Mowbray. can we have some movement in midfield and top end please and quicker movement because this is turgid
  6. Mowbray again. Tragedy is I am not even upset because I was expecting it. Surely the owners will see through him.
  7. BBC Sport Lancashire @BBCLancsSport “I said to the Chilean head of football, I'll deal with the situation & if you want to complain to FIFA do that” To add to Mowbray's lack of management skills, his inability to set teams up, his lack of understanding bringing substitute on at the right time and his poor communication skills which results in a total lack of enthusiasm, we can now add his appalling diplomatic skills. Does anyone know what he is good at?
  8. Chaddy we can go on like this all day. Yes, Newcastle haven’t, but Aston Villa did. FIFA should have come up with a proper solution but didn’t. It is therefore for individual club’s management to decide. We, Rovers made the wrong call because it will cost very dearly in the longer term but like I said before this management team are simply not up to it. End of story.
  9. Some other clubs have allowed players to travel despite what FIFA have said. They have taken a management decision on what is best for their club and quite rightly, given FIFAs track record. Rovers on the other hand have hidden behind FIFA, there’s a surprise.
  10. Mowbray and Waggott should be relieved of their duties as soon as possible. Apart from the transfer window debacle which they may claim they had their hands tied by Venkys, I look at the Brereton situation. The lad is chosen to play for his country but because of the situation he will need to isolate on his return and miss 3 games. Having now pi***d off the player and also his country they get FIFA involved and in all probability the lad will get a 2 game ban. Remember this is a guy we are trying to get to sign a contract extension. For one extra missed game, we will probably lose him for nothing because I can’t see him signing an extension. Instead of forging a relationship with Chile, where we had an opportunity to sell merchandise we have thoroughly upset them. All down to rank bad management, because they are unable to see the bigger picture. Can’t see beyond these noses.
  11. Mowbray is a poor manager. He doesn’t know what his formation is week to week. Any manager who is half good knows this and when it comes to transfer windows know where to invest. Mowbray just looks at who is available and takes them, out of desperation usually at the end of the window, hence we end up overloaded in midfield or this window overloaded on the wings having refused to play the one and only winger at our disposal all through the last campaign. No wonder we are in a mess. venkys really need to bite the bullet and get rid.
  12. If that is true then Mowbray, Waggott, Venus and Park should be relieved of their duties first thing tomorrow morning.
  13. I believe Mendy from city has suddenly become available.
  14. Seen him a couple of times. Looks relatively quick and makes intelligent runs. Scored a great goal from just outside the box. General view, he his young and has a lot to learn. A little on the small side for a centre forward estimate 5’9” or 5’10” so not a target man. Probably suit Mowbray? Talking to a mate who is a Plymouth fan, gets his share of bookings. Went through a Barron patch last season around 20 without scoring. Just signed a new contract at Plymouth, so would probably cost us. Not sure that he is championship level and feel it would be a risk for us. If we go for him I hope I am wrong.
  15. At risk of being controversial, I don’t think we need another striker. Brereton is a different player. Gallagher is just a bout ok particularly if he is played in the right position (target man up top). Dolan has done ok so far. We have some good young lads coming behind them, McBride probably the stand out and sooner of later will require game time. Its obvious that Obifemi is not really interested, so just leave it and concentrate on other areas that do need attention. I also think we operate as a team better without Armstrong as our balance was never right with him. Told you I was going to be controversial so getting my tin hat out in readiness.
  16. I see the lad at Leeds we are interested in, is now in advanced talks with Sunderland. This new recruitment guy is really earning his keep.
  17. Depends if Mowbray dare risk Ayala. If he does no need to Chuck the lad in from the start. If he saves Ayala then he needs to start him as he appears to be first class at protecting the central defenders. However I am trying to second guess Mowbray which is beyond the talents of Jesus Christ let alone me.
  18. I agree but no sign of them running the club properly. Ewood is a mess. Pitch needs desperate attention. Brockhall for sale They are not going to leave the club. Far too arrogant. looks like death is the only viable option.
  19. I see that our new head of recruitment is earning his keep.
  20. Three things we learnt from Blackburn Rovers Carabao Cup defeat to Morecambe From Lancashire live. Answer is we learnt Waggott is crap, Mowbray is crap, Venus is crap All 3 need shifting.
  21. Now is the time for Venkys to return. Balaji can jet in, call a meeting with Waggott informing him that his services are no longer required and his last act will be to inform Mowbray and Venus they are dismissed. Oh and please leave the keys of the company cars on the table as you leave the building. Should that happen, I think I could start the process of forgiveness?
  22. We had a proper manager who had the ability to see things back then.
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