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  1. Just completed my first season on FM21, managed to get Rovers up as runners up to Norwich. Good start to the Premier League, sitting 7th coming into November. No real money to spend, but a good set of younger players (JRC, Dolan, Buckley, Vale etc) give options for the squad. Shipped high wage fringe players (Gallagher, Bennett, Evans etc) which gives room to sort new contracts for Armstrong etc.
  2. The reverse fixture we were desperately unlucky to lose, this time there will be no luck in the defeat. Only hope is Watford aren’t too hot away from home, but we are generous hosts. Many years ago I went to Vicarage Road where we won 1-0, Marcus Bent. I had a 50p / £1 bet on that so won £33. As a student that was a real bonus. Not massively relevant but at a stretch the only positive thought I could come up with for this match.
  3. It’s really, really hard to judge. The older players are injured so often we can’t judge them. The younger players are rotated, dropped, mislaid so often we can’t judge them. (Key reason why the confidence has drained away) If TM could settle on a team / formation / tactic - he and us could judge.
  4. Billy Barr / Damian Johnson caretakers - if immediate upturn, carry on until the end of the season then review. Otherwise the Cowley brothers, young, ambitious, great job at Lincoln and started to turn the ship at Huddersfield who were a right mess.
  5. My issue with TM is the constant changing of players, formation, tactics etc. This is why the team isn’t clicking, making errors that lead to the goals conceded and have lost the instinct / confidence to score. In a break of play in the 2nd half they were showing one of the players a new set of tactics / formation and he looked bewildered. Yes we have injuries, but what other clubs don’t? (It doesn’t help matters by signing players like Ayala who was always injured at Middlesbrough etc - hardly a shock it’s now happened for us.) We have lost our way and as the season peters out, we
  6. Enthusiasm, excitement... hope? It’s telling when I am needed to start the match thread! With settled teams often the most successful, TM will be reaching for his selection lottery machine. Heaven knows what the starting XI will be. Tea-lady might be in with a shout for right back, if they haven’t been furloughed. We tend to nick a result when it’s all doom and gloom, but I can’t see past a draw which TM will be brimming with pride over, despite the calamitous late equaliser. My one hope is that Dolan gets a run, our young ‘stars’ need game time to kick on. Presume the matc
  7. My Burnley supporting wife has a spring in her step this morning. I attempted to explain that our squad is more than good enough to challenge for promotion, but TM delegates the starting XI and crucially formation to our 18 month old daughter. On reflection I might actually be onto something. Hopeless. I’d be less bothered if we didn’t have such a good squad. When we were relegated the squad was poor, but we could and should be doing better.
  8. So with Dolan or Elliott to choose from in the right, TM goes for Gallagher - sigh.
  9. I only use the PS for CoD as well. If there is a difference on the PS5 version of CoD on the next release I’ll probably upgrade then.
  10. Is this on red button? To be fair I find the screen resolution and commentary better on iFollow. Another random selection tonight and we will need some luck. That said we are due a decent performance and I expect Swansea to not sit back, which might help us.
  11. This is a tricky one... I live in Swindon now, so would only normally watch one or two home games (family visits), but during lockdown I’ve paid £10 for every matches the club has gained. However would that be overwhelmed by those who would normally attend switching to £10 online? In which case they would need to cut admission prices or increase iFollow costs? Also, what about families - multiple tickets versus a single £10. Also, I like live football so I normally would choose watching Swindon Supermarine live Sat 3pm, that TV - but would smaller clubs (Accrington, Chorley, hey
  12. Ha! I see your point... it was a Rovers email, plus presumed there were some fixtures not included?
  13. Apologies if I have missed this. I keep getting emailed about a half season pass for £70, but when I go on the Rovers website I can only see Audio season passes?
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