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  1. I see you can buy tickets on the QPR site, but it isn’t clear if that includes for the away end?
  2. Games coming thick and fast! I can’t seem to find anything on tickets? All sold out? Rovers site only seems to have coach tickets available?
  3. Same old, same old. Tinkler TM gets the tactics / motivation all wrong. Why oh why does he keep playing people out of position? Magloire at RB?! Hopeless. 6 points thrown away this week.
  4. I’ve only seen the brief highlights on Sky this morning, but wow! 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 Exciting that this season it is Rovers players, rather than loanees delivering - much healthier for the club.
  5. Brilliant! I’ve just ordered one, plus a copy of issue 2.
  6. Tough first half. We had to dig in / ride our luck, but 2nd half we stepped it up and grabbed maximum points. We will have tougher (to be fair Hull we’re decent, but clearly lacking clinical confidence) opponents, but you’ve still got to get the job done. Good result, plenty of positives. 👍👏🏻
  7. Ground out a good win 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 Some really good performances from a number of players benefiting from a run of games, and fair play to Chapman who took his chance tonight. As I’ve mentioned before I think in part the smaller squad has helped on two fronts: Less squad rotation so players have settled into their respective roles Less reliance on loan players who aren’t as invested in the club A positive start to the season. Two potential hurdles: TM might put Ayala and Lenihan upfront on Saturday. WBA look very good.
  8. It’ll be like the last midweek audio coverage, they’ll remember to flick the switch at 8pm!
  9. So… Presumably back to the starting XI v Swansea and fingers crossed Morecambe was a one-off, not a reality check. To be positive, the nice new away shirt will be deployed. I am going 1-1.
  10. Very, very poor. A team that could and should won. Momentum lost. Hopeless.
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