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  1. As it stands presume it’s back to just midweek games for RoversTV / iFollow?
  2. Positive: It was on Sky Red Button, so I didn’t pay for this ‘entertainment’. Negative: Everything else.
  3. Red button time... Mind you ifollow I find better quality, but I guess I need some value out of my Sky package! Sheffield Wednesday need a result, so no easy 3 points here. I’d give starts to Dolan and Buckley, might as well build up game time for next season.
  4. Huge slice of luck - though as pointed out earlier in the season when we were on the wrong side of decisions etc - it evens itself out. The joys of football! Decent 2nd half against a very poor Derby side. Big win.
  5. And because he has won promotion twice he has earned an extended contract.
  6. We should by-pass Brentford and sign up Peterborough’s striker, works for them.
  7. Friedel - propped us up for years, so whilst Tugay had the excitement, Friedel probably secured us the most points over the years. Shout to Carlos Villanueva, showed real potential when we overcame Blythe Spartans in the FA Cup.
  8. Defeat beckons, TM emphasises we are finally consistent, losing week in, week out.
  9. My FM Rovers beat Forest in the FA Cup, whilst as predicted the real Rovers whimpered through a feeble 90 mins to another expected defeat.
  10. Confident of 3 points...Well that’ll be my Rovers team on Football Manager gets upgraded to my laptop / big screen whilst the real Rovers 3-0 defeat is relegated to my iPad.
  11. On reflection we wouldn’t even manage to go backwards without tripping over ourselves, falling down the stairs and TM claiming it was simply a sign of great agility.
  12. Glass ankle, big wages - panic buy, huge waste. Very poor.
  13. As expected. Confidence, tactics, shape, leadership, hope... AWOL. Grim.
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