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  1. Brilliant result, onwards. upwards, in spite of TM. Strange when you play your two strikers up front.
  2. Who'd have thought! Excellent, perhaps the team have stopped listening to the manager.
  3. It was, took my then five year old, who promptly fell asleep all through the second half. He's no interest in football. It's the youngest who got the bug.
  4. Checks notes......my title was too large to be pinned. I headed it Rovers v Cardiff, and I put 25th September!!! I can't alter it now it's pinned.
  5. I have only been to Cardiff once, did it piss down! All in all it was a reet good weekend. I had money and stayed at the Hilton.....Souness and the team brought the cup back that night. I think I got drunk! Head to head: W 26 D 22 L24 - close. First game at Ewood 02/01/1922 lost 1-3. Most recent, at Cardiff April 21: 2-2. Only club, not from England, to have won the FA Cup - 1927. Recent players to have played for both clubs, Rudy Gestede and Junior Hoilette. Little known fact, Rudy shares my birthday (10/10). Eight games played, Rovers giddy in sixth, 13 points, Cardiff tenth, 11 points. TM needs to feck off, but on the basis it won't happen in the next week, he will no doubt "shuffle the pack" yet again. I predict a riot, but no idea about the score. DO NOT GO GENTLE INTO THAT GOOD NIGHT....Dylan Marlais Thomas (before you all shout he was born in Swansea....he's still Welsh), a sombre poem at best....sums up the fact we should all pull together to hope at some point the Loons depart and we can rise again. Here's to a win. COYB'S.........
  6. If they had any semblance of interest, it would have happened ages ago. Not going to happen.
  7. I think you couldn't be criticised for switching off at half-time. But that's football. Fair play for the subs, but he doesn't do it regularly. Perhaps being at home after Saturday's result, he thought the crowd might turn?
  8. Do not lose a two goal lead. For once TM made the right decision, if only he'd have done that more often?
  9. Changes needed, lucky there, but he won't make them till 60 mins. He's shocked me!
  10. Welcome back to the house of fun, only 8 and a half hours since Hull scored........
  11. John Barnes, don't go round the back, just through the legs.
  12. Commentators saying let's look at the first half best bits....I expected a blank screen.
  13. Abject again, never really on the front foot, but what do you expect from a dinosaur who sets us up not to lose to a team that can't score. Needs change, and that's from the top down.
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