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  1. I think the group supporting Mowbray is getting smaller by the game.
  2. That Leeds fan obviously doesn't know Mowbray.
  3. I still don't get the best attack for a while. I dont think our attack is as strong as last season with Armstrong, or the seasons before with Dack and Graham. Of his 8 games this season, I would say his good/bad game ratio is more like 2/6
  4. Having one good game, then one bad game, is the epitome of inconsistancy. Brereton still doesn't look like a championship level footballer. We might have options out wide, but most of our balls into the danger areas are either under or over hit. So those options are not working. How can we have our best attacking options and yet not have a central forward.
  5. When you say Diaz was wasteful, if you mean shit, I would agree.
  6. Waggot has a long list of things, that he is going to look into.
  7. So what Diaz needs to do is, improve his football skills, his awareness of the game, his speed and his reading of a game. Then he will be, just about alright. He was very poor yesterday.
  8. I don't know how much we are paying Poveda, but on todays performance, it is too much. It looked like he was running in treacle. So slow and with poor distribution. I am sure Chapman would have done better. These comment come at the end of a shit day. Poor game,train delayed, last bus didn't turn up. I hope things look better tomorrow
  9. I tell you what was good to see last night, Lenihan in the stand with the fans and he was up out of his seat shouting encouragement in those last minutes.
  10. It's funny how people see things differently. You saw Johnson as trim and tidy. I saw him as overweight and cumbersome. At his stage of recovery I would not expect him to be running around bossing games, he was there just to see if he could last half a game.
  11. Where you on the same "How to answer questions" course as Waggot ?
  12. Tickets for the Barnsley game are no longer on the official site. Seems strange with a day to go.
  13. We are on a bad run of form. It is just that the results have been good.
  14. How can he have signed a long term legal agreement when he is under 17 ? It would not be worth the paper it is written on, If a better offer came in.
  15. What is a great move by the club ? Or is this said with a hint of sarcasm.
  16. I don't wish to be pedantic, but I did say, Hit the target. To me that is score a goal. If I had said, On target , I would agree.
  17. It is not so much the asking of questions. It is the lack of constructive answers, that seem not to be re-questioned
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