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  1. The two recessions NOT caused by our own policy-making stand at 1 Labour and 1 Conservative. Self-inflicted recessions (I count 3, but it may be 4) are a Conservative specialism, however. You cannot pretend the Conservatives are fiscally responsible in politics, only with their own businesses and their mates.
  2. So, in your view, working class people should know their place, shut up, and stay in their lane?
  3. I do have plenty of idea, because I passed Yr8 Biology. Go to your local library and pick up a Secondary School textbook. If it spread as easily between vaccinated people as you think, there'd be no point in vaccines at all. Spread implies the person vaccinated is infected, but vaccines are designed to prevent infection. The reason they work is that they heavily restrict spread on an individual basis because they prepare the body to kill a virus. When the majority of the pack are vaccinated, even those not vaccinated have some protection, hence the term 'herd immunity'. Restricted spread means the virus has fewer opportunities to mutate, and in all likelihood can be wiped out. Vaccines are the reason we're nearly rid of so many awful diseases. Guess what happens when people don't vaccinate? They spread again! There are some viruses that mutate quicker than we can deliver vaccines (flu being a good example, I expect Covid may be another). They key is to prevent a lethal or vaccine-resistant strain from evolving, and the only way to do that (that science knows of) is to vaccinate so your body can kill it ASAP or avoid getting it altogether (aided by others' vaccinations). Lobotomies were the trusted science until something better came along. Vaccines remain the trusted science until something better comes along, doesn't mean they don't work.
  4. Comment from one of our former HGV drivers: 'I was told by half your country that I wasn't wanted there. I spent last Christmas stuck on a runway car park in Kent instead of with my family, and was forced to go back to my birth country a month later (Note: He didn't qualify for settlement despite being married to a British woman and with a British child, thanks Priti Vile). Now you're struggling and the BEST you can offer me is a short-term visa, rather than just letting me work in the supply chain as I did before?'
  5. It CAN happen, but the chances are so miniscule as to be near-negligible when compared to spread between the non-vaccinated.
  6. I think me and you are much closer in view on this than I'd previously realised. My take on it is that Brexit isn't 'the cause', that's pisspoor governance by the incumbents. BUT Brexit is what's turned the problems caused by Covid into a genuine crisis. I think that without Covid, these problems would have arisen anyway due to the nature of Brexit in another couple of years UNLESS we had an exceptionally astute government. IE: Brexit depended on the nous of Government of the day. However it has turned out to be the millstone around our necks stopping us dealing properly with anything else.
  7. Not how they've told me. They feel as if half the country told them to 'fuck off home'. And that's just the drivers that worked for us. We've always paid them as employees, and above market rate so money was never the issue for those that have left us.
  8. All this because 3 BP garages had temporarily closed 😭😭
  9. I'm more pissed off with Waggott than I ever have been with Mowbray. I think it's Waggott that's hitting Kean territory of 'just f*** off' rather than Mowbray (even though I'd like him gone too). Have we ever had chants for getting rid of a CEO before? I'm hoping it starts next game for this absolute shyster.
  10. I thought it was that he's a dick.
  11. Wife made an interesting point that this is probably the first time in our lifetimes that the science wasn't known 'for certain'. Not quite 'unprecedented' (owing to the flu pandemic - likely caused by the first real mass travel of people in WW1- and lots of recent Asian epidemics) but by no means certain.
  12. Rayner now ought to be LoO imo, that was a brilliant performance. Starmer is good at PMQs but he never kills it off. Rayner's performance was like when NZonzi sat Lucas Leiva straight down at Anfield.
  13. We should have known there was a problem when he said it was just a case of putting the oven-ready deal in the microwave. That never works.
  14. I can answer that, those particular bays are broken, so the cheese is stored in the warehouse fridges. Should've been fixed over a week ago but apparently our maintenance contractors are also struggling to employ qualified engineers. I think more industries than Haulage are starting to hit the fan. One of our suppliers reckons they'll struggle to supply fizzy drinks next week if the CO2 shortage carries on much longer.
  15. £21,000 in diesel? Am I reading that right, because that's more than my salary!
  16. Ditto tbf. Although I remain vigilantly 2m apart from anyone outside my family, parents, and in-laws. Plus I wash my hands much more than I used to.
  17. If the media didn't talk about it, we'd be looking at millions dead from the original outbreak.
  18. Due next week now, but it's definitely booked in now.
  19. I think he's a TV writer. I'm sure it's the fellow who wrote Doc Martin.
  20. Have you posted the right link? There's nothing about children receiving Covid jabs in that article. It's about the general population not requiring third 'booster' jabs.
  21. Didn't mean to specifically attach this to Brexit, just know this was where the HGV chat was.
  22. The lack of HGVs is now starting to affect the flu jab season. My dad's flu jab appts have been moved back by at least two weeks to allow the flu vaccines to be delivered.
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