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  1. Haven't we been saying for years now that Mowbray's first priority should have been to fix the defence? Didn't we point out Howard Kendal's team always sneaking 1-0 wins, which you can't do if you leak goals?! Didn't he waste big transfer money (for us) on forwards who disappoint anyway when there were gaping holes at the back? Didn't we keep saying "a good manager builds from the back"? Didn't we sell a terrific keeper in Raya and not have a replacement for a whole season? Why did we lose 2-4 at home to Reading? He's out of his depth.
  2. So long as you're happy to stay at this level that's fine....😂
  3. Ironic isn't it? Now we finally have a decent keeper and the defence is improved, we don't have a decent central striker despite spending £12M on 2! You couldn't make it up!
  4. 4 oz of wine gums---my staple diet as a kid! Made my dentist rich!
  5. I was at that first game as well! 😂
  6. Ah well. So much for my memory! I was sure he was dropped in the World Cup, but I'll happily take your word for it. Wasn't he not so much dropped but not selected when he was fit because Geoff Hurst was preferred ie he could have played in the final but wasn't chosen? (trying to salvage a bit of my reputation here!!) You're right about Italy, he was unhappy there and never settled (so I've since read!)
  7. He was a great finisher, the stats speak for themselves. I'd put Dennis Law above him personally but he was in that sort of company. One of the very first British players to rebel against the maximum wage operating at the time and play abroad. Great success in Italy. Career coming to an end as we won the World Cup---unlucky there, in the squad but not picked.
  8. Jimmy Greaves died aged 81. Saw him play many times. R.I.P.
  9. We're on different time lines here. You are assuming that this good start will continue for the rest of the season. I'm taking the longer view and, imo, the realistic one. Whatever you want to believe its obvious that our gates are dropping year by year.
  10. Its true that we are playing better, (or rather getting better results) than many of us expected. But I remember last year so I don't expect this to last. But, contrary to what those writing to the LT believe, I will be delighted to be wrong.
  11. Likely to be an increasingly small one unless things change quick though?
  12. As for us being 5 years behind Brentford, I'd say we were light years after watching the first half.
  13. I've not read anyone suggest we break FFP rules and have a high turnover of managers.However I have read many complaints about signing crocks, paying $12M for 2 strikers who can't lead the line, paying to borrow youngsters who keep our own youngsters out, hanging on to a manager who clearly isn't taking us up and putting prices up beyond local ability to pay. All complaints on the basis that these actions were wasting precious money, reducing our support and threatening to take us nearer to administration.
  14. I went when we won 1-0 in the Premiership (Duff?). That away end was exactly the same except for rows of plastic seats recently installed! No roof or anything else! And the bogs overflowed outside!
  15. A big club too. Crowds last season regularly in the 20's. Now 16000+. Another Phoenix Club in the making here I think.
  16. Don't put your hopes in Johnson. Another great signing from Mowbray. When he does eventually return it will be for a few games at most and he'll be off again.
  17. Course they will! I'm a fan of the German model but it will not happen here.
  18. As to the "better the devil you know" argument---- we do know the devils we've got?! Personally I welcome any interest from anyone else in owning Rovers. No actual evidence that anyone is interested of course but its good to be cheered up sometimes.
  19. They are in it to make money----from you! They must keep the club in the Premier League to stand any chance but they will, I suspect, never do more than they have to. Football is sick right now. Should be no foreign ownership at all in English football. These clubs should be community assets and run to fit that purpose. We know from experience, you have yet to find out.
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