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  1. Actually I really think he just doesn't understand the protocol.
  2. You posted nothing wrong. It is how you watch anything on the internet. The content is the issue, not the protocol. The post you responded to was much more questionable than yours.
  3. The ''5 years behind'' lie can only be used if actually building a team. We are not. It a nonsense line anyway - decent owners and managers can turn things around quickly. Just bollocks muttered by Mowbray to push his Journey scam
  4. With all that sunshine it looked like the Easter game in '86. Then I saw fans were quite well wrapped up! Both games at Barnsley in '86 were 1-1
  5. Its still early days but the 3 promoted are my tip for relegation although I think it will be a close call for your lot. Some clubs still in false positions, I give you Brighton.
  6. To try and get an understanding of that reply it prompted me to read the minutes in full. Basically Waggott gave a reply that had no bearing at all to the points raised. That's why I read the minutes as it seemed inconceivable that Waggott could ignore the query and spout nonsense without rebuke. He seems he did. Stunning that the FF let him off so easy. Indeed the majority of Club responses were dismissive of the points raised. That is what I expected and the reason I no longer usually read the minutes. A waste of time.
  7. In may be all the coffee I drunk tonight staying up to watch the Champions League but I feel optimistic about this game. I got sunburnt there on the open end back in the 80s watching a mind numbing 0-0. The only excitement being at the final whistle when we were locked in for safety, but really so the locals could chuck half bricks at us. I stopped at a local pub on the drive back, it was like entering the Twilight Zone where they took inbreeding to a new level. I didn't stay long. 1-2 to Rovers.
  8. That site is a very interesting read even for those still stuck like me in covid pandemic. Thanks for the link and ongoing read for my 'away' days.
  9. As I said his hand was forced as his initial selection had failed, miserably. The luck came from the initial impact of the subs ... unless that was in Mowbrays strategy all along. I do not think so.
  10. Full replays and highlights are included in the iFollow package from the EFL which we had last season. Look at any club this season using iFollow and they still have them. We came away from the EFL iFollow deal to set up RoversTV where the EFL do not automatically provide the full replay and highlights. It is logical to assume that to get them RoversTV would have to strike a deal with the EFL. Deals involve cost. What other reason can there be for not providing them. The rip off is that we charge the same fees as those using iFollow but for less return. The club will hide behind charges being set by the 'authorities' - my belief is that the 'maximum' cost may be set by such. Anyway I do not and will not subscribe this season to a con trick.
  11. I am not anti Buckley but he was awful last night and Clarkson invisible. Lenihan MoM in a game he should have been banned from - surely that cannot be true. Ayala, Pickering and Nyambe all had better games in defence nevermind going forward. Given to make him feel good after his horror foul in the Luton game. Not right.
  12. Mowbray did exactly the opposite to what you claim. The unbalanced outfit he started with were dominated by a poor Hull side. This forced Mowbrays hand to make earlier than usual subs which, fortunate for us, worked .... this time. The youthful exuberance and skill of Khadra and Butterworth livened us up and we scored 2 goals. Mowbray got lucky. If Hull could score they would have won that game.
  13. Waggott already knows why RoversTV are not showing full replays or any highlights,apart from a few YouTube seconds. It would cost £££ How many times do I have to post that.
  14. 2.25 am here and I'm wondering if this is the way to live my life. Grim watch.
  15. Kaminski makes his 50th Rovers appearance tonight. Time flies when you have a decent keeper!
  16. Not many goals in the Hull lot either, joint lowest with 4. Cue a 5-5 draw
  17. We do not have the players to cover AAs goals, that's for sure. Finish 9th? The league is so full of mediocrity that is actually possible but Mowbray the Deranged will mess it up.
  18. Check out the team Rovers are playing and see if they use iFollow who have full replays but you have to register on their site to access. I haven't tested it this season but last season such registration on iFollow (i.e. without payment of any subscription) would work for free to access highlights and full replays. A full replay of the Luton game is available on Luton's iFollow. Some clubs who have their own TV also do full replays. RoversTV rip-off is the usual Waggott minimum for maximum cost
  19. Have read recent posts I checked back on my early posts on this thread. Started of as slightly critical and progressed 'downwards' on here and other threads. RoversTV is simply a Waggott masterpiece on how to feck something up in the name of screwing over fans. We quite possibly now have the worst inhouse TV coverage package in the Championship and below.
  20. Nyambe getting stick whilst nothing said about no aerial challenge out wide by Pickering and Ayala being skinned before the low cross comes in which Lenihan simply ignored.. For the equaliser Ayala, Lenihan the Lunatic and Travis are wandering around like spare pricks at a wedding stoned on something more than stale beer. The Luton equaliser was worse than Pub League defending. Naturally they look knackered late on. Mowbray said they have cut back on training to physically protect the small squad that he has failed to strengthen. The squad is small as it already contains players that Mowbray will never sue. WTF is that all about? Buckley gets stick yet Travis was pants. Odd. Lenihan .... dear God. A full time accident waiting to happen.
  21. I have posted similar earlier and since the introduction of this fourth rate yet expensive RoversTV. In a similar way to how the club has abused and squeezed ST holders they have now targeted overseas Rovers fans. Not this one! I have not paid them a penny this season and they will get feck all going forward. Meanwhile .... God Bless Google.
  22. Got to feel for Paul Hart having to listen to Jones rats all the time.
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