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  1. Great.... Just what we need: Watson's bloody ass reaming on the front of our kits. That'll have relegation written all over it.
  2. I think the tree you're barking up is more of an American Football thing: Eustace could be the defensive coordinator.
  3. & that's that. Off to a late breakfast with a good cup or 2 of WillieMags & then it's Derby Day here in the states........Now for the transfer window........yikes. Good luck in the PL Sammie & thank you. Enjoy your summer big club.
  4. OK Pears, these are your last minutes ever (hopefully) in a Rovers kit. For once, don't be a fuck-up.
  5. Venky's wouldn't have known Telalovic from an Assam Valley tea-tinged fart in the wind, unless they somehow owned an interest in him.
  6. When I reached the 80% mark in my first time of reading this post I thought it was going to end with something violent.
  7. There is so much incorrect information posted about the Duff transfer in particular on this thread that it belies belief. To quote it all & correct it point by point would take an hour plus & I don't see the need. It's 21 summers ago, so why beat on the ground a dead horse is buried in. Suffice to say, Duffer did not want to leave; to the contrary, he wanted to stay.
  8. The sad thing is if JDT had been willing to apply this type of setup & game plan on occasion (depending on various circumstances) instead of always going "Banzai!" we might be worried about top 6 & not this crap we're dealing with.
  9. I can't believe that bunch are top of the division. If only JDT had received the support he needed.
  10. Looking at it again at halftime, that goal should have counted, but........Brittain was guilty of a penalty, so......
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