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  1. You could probably add Wolves fans to that too,they only stopped being a yoyo club and became an established prem team after Fosun took over.
  2. When you have people like Chaddy who'll vote Tory whatever they do what do you expect?
  3. not just that,after watching for 15 mins it looks like its going to be a 3 hour advert for Prime Video,good marketing from the Amazon people.
  4. C4 must have paid quite a lot for Amazon to allow them to show it live as Amazon has the rights to live US Open coverage.
  5. Maybe that's why we didnt sign a striker on deadline day,Mowbray found out everybody they were interested in was fit and ready to play so he said what,youre not injured,we don't want you then.
  6. When i see posts like this i always think damn what have i missed 😃
  7. 2 of those are not RB they have just been tried there by Mowbray,by that logic we don't need a striker as we have at least 5 that have been played there by him.
  8. Or maybe its you and rigger that are missing the point.
  9. If people don't like people disagreeing with them on here then instead of leaving the board just put everybody on ignore like Chaddy has done with me and many others 😀
  10. Chorley had scored 1 goal in their 3 league games before today.They beat Gloucester 9-0 today with EIGHT different scorers,Two things occurred to me,firstly what are Gloucester doing in the National league North? One thing you wouldnt say about Gloucester is its a northern town and secondly Eight different scorers must be close to some sort of record in one match.
  11. If he wants to get fans exited he only has to resign to do that.
  12. I don't think he gives a shit what the Hungarian fans think about it,he'd just scored a goal so knew all the cameras would on him so it was the right time to do it to get the message he wanted when the most people would be watching,whats the point waiting until the end of the game for the interviews when most people have switched off to do other things.
  13. Ah the moon landing.....Stanley Kubrick's best work lol
  14. I wouldn't give away fans any standing areas,youre just encouraging them to create a better atmosphere for their team,keep them sat on their arses and let the home fans stand up.
  15. Got to be happy with a point away from home,going into the international break it will be interesting to see if we have a new forward in for the next league game.
  16. You would think as a former defender they are the one group he could push on his experience to them.
  17. Nobody needs to listen to Radio Lancs as Chaddy is doing a running commentary on what Graham is saying 😀
  18. Knowing Mowbray he'll bring Magloire on to go to his fav 3 at the back and move Travis to right wing back.
  19. Goal was to be expected as we don't do clean sheets.
  20. When i was young whenever i thought of Darts players this sketch always came to mind
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