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  1. This'll fix the housing crisis..... a millionaire suggesting that people should sleep in rubbish bins. https://www.mirror.co.uk/news/uk-news/multimillionaire-invents-bin-pods-rough-21397084.amp?__twitter_impression=true&fbclid=IwAR1Q3HEQdnYLJESGu33tPO9fodNF7-gSAeNmL6MLgK0sL46RrfrSzSGsstU So instead of building new council homes and making serious efforts to eradicate rough sleeping like Labour proposed in the last election, let's try to spin a profit out of their homelessness crisis by selling bins for people to sleep in All yours £100 This is Tory England
  2. The ground work for all of this stems from Thatcher's "there's no such as society" speech where she made it clear that self-centred greed was the new driver of the economy and social policy. The Scottish government ended tenants' right to buy council and housing association properties on 1st August 2016. Since then there has been a renewed effort to build more social housing with a target of 35,000 between now and 2023. The SNP under Sturgeon, as ever, showing how it should be done.
  3. The vandalising of council house provision by the Tories after 1979 by reducing new council house builds to virtually zero, and running down the existing stock by giving millions of council houses away below market value, was nothing more than political bribes to the occupants. Over the decades, ever more families have been pushed into a virtually unregulated private rental market as the supply of social housing dwindled away The Tory government's contempt for ordinary people's housing concerns reached a nadir in 2016 when it actually voted down an amendment to ensure that private rental housing was fit for human habitation. Over a third of the Tories who voted to allow private landlords to continue renting out slum properties to people with nowhere else to go were private landlords themselves. As a nation we've actually spent the last four decades going backwards and allowed the establishment class to erase the gains we made during the Attlee post-war reconstruction.
  4. Where did I say they don't work properly? The question (which you continue to avoid) is whether you, not an 80-year-old, would continue to avoid vaccines if it were a matter of life and death
  5. If Mowbray is a “legend” what word would you use to describe genuine managerial “legends” (horrible word anyway - what does it mean?) such as Dalglish and Souness? You know, managers who’ve actually won trophies?
  6. That's pretty rancid comment. The French are faced with a near impossible job given the length of coastline. Churchill said the bomber would always get through in the BoB and it's true with the refugees - if they're determined to set sail there's little both sides of the Channel can do The French interior ministry figures obviously came as a surprise to you - on the upside I would suggest, hence your over- reaction. The French are letting themselves down by not publicising these figures more widely and more often - then we might not get ignorant comments such as the "French aren't doing anything or not doing enough" Incidentally, ministers responsible for immigration from France, Belgium, the Netherlands and Germany met this afternoon to discuss ways to end small-boat crossings. Priti Patel was disinvited after another foot-in-mouth moment from Boris Johnson this week when he called for the thousands of "migrants" who reach English shores to be returned to France. With idiots like that in charge, it's not easy why they don't trust us French interior minister Gérald Darmanin said today: “The more France is used as a punching bag for British domestic politics, and we hear provocative statements like ‘France has to take back all the immigrants’, the harder it becomes to find a solution. It’s not only insulting it’s totally unrealistic.”
  7. And another thing: With regards to the latest clampdown, why is travelling on public transport considered a risk and other far more risky activities, such as attending football matches, aren't?
  8. Avoided the question, this is about you, not an 80-year-old
  9. Reads like traditional French bashing when in reality they deserve more credit French police and coastguard say they face a difficult task trying to monitor hundreds of kilometres of coastline with limited resources, while people smuggling networks are growing more and more sophisticated. The French have a policy of not intercepting boats once they are in the water, judging any attempt to stop the dinghies too dangerous because of the risk of panic or sudden movements that could capsize the vessels. I found a quote from France’s interior ministry, which said: “While the number of crossing attempts has increased significantly; the failure rate remains at a very high level, around 60 percent since the start of the year (compared to 56 percent in 2020). In addition, from January to October, 1,295 smugglers were arrested and 30 networks dismantled, up compared to the same period in 2020." I'm not "at peace" with anyone, merely pointing out France while also like Britain is playing games at a political level, is making strenuous efforts to help Britain deal with this problem.
  10. Hypothetical question You, not an 80-year-old, are seriously struggling with Covid and you're told a jab would help to save your life Would you refuse it?
  11. They seem pretty good numbers to me and a good effort to help the UK and belie the "France aren't doing anything" narrative and that "France is actually encouraging the migrants" The Senate report also said: “France considers that it is doing its maximum to monitor its coast. During its hearing, the Directorate-General for Foreigners in France (DGEF) underlined that this effort had cost France €217 million.” It added that 600 to 650 police officers, gendarmes and border patrol officers were now monitoring a stretch of coastline and that patrols would soon be extended all the way to the Cotentin peninsular It added that France had appealed to the EU border management force Frontex for air support in helping monitor what was now an external border of the EU. Sovereignty goes back to the damage caused by Brexit. France might be making a political point but the antics of Johnson and Patel don't help
  12. Presumably you'd be one of them? Hope you're OK at present
  13. Dated 12th November 2021 Figures published by the French Senate showed France making more than 10,000 arrests from August 2020 to August 2021 and spending €217 million in a bid to stop the crossings The table below shows the number of successful crossings (traversées) made over the past two years compared to the number of failed crossings (tentatives). So from August 2020 to 2021 574 crossings failed whilst 507 boats made it the UK. The figures also revealed France had arrested or intercepted 10,522 undocumented migrants whilst 12,256 were picked up by police in the UK. https://www.thelocal.fr/wp-content/uploads/2021/11/Screenshot-2021-11-14-at-18.34.24.jpg
  14. Doctors quoted today some people struggling for their lives in hospital are saying "they'd rather die than have the jab". Presumably you're one of them?
  15. Blimey, you do get carried away, this is as bad as France have been doing "nothing to stop the migrants" One of the aims of the overseas budget was to invest in countries like Iraq and Afghanistan, make them better, improve people's lives, so they don't feel the need to leave. Cutting back overseas aid obviously doesn't help this Refugees don't see "Britain as the greatest country on earth". Why say it? For a start, France and Germany take twice or maybe three times our numbers From what I've read, those that do want to come here are mainly because a) Family b) English language c) Brexiteers won't like this but it's been well documented in the press this week - because we are no longer bound by the Dublin agreement, meaning we can no longer return asylum seekers to the EU. People traffickers have been telling refugees this as a great advantage of the UK d) Our lax labour laws (and lack of a national identity card) means refugees can "disappear" into the black economy, where they cannot be traced and probably exploited by bad employers I'm sure there are other reasons but none of them are because "Britain is the greatest country on earth".
  16. Here we go again, facemasks in shops and on public transport, and social distancing It all feels so....retro, like March 2020 No matter what variants emerge from the never ending Covid-19, nothing will be as deadly as the Brexit variant.
  17. Statement win that... didn't expect it. Hopefully boost the crowd numbers and expectations for the PNE game Old 'uns will know what happens next.......
  18. Yep, his play with back to goal is still poor; doesn't use his body and size to shield the ball.
  19. They can't all be bad.....we're winning as it stands
  20. Don't like the message so blame the messenger, eh? I see England's first Ashes warm-up game was ruined by weather - I thought it didn't rain down there
  21. Have we paid yet? If you read the papers you'd know there's doubt about it. In the past year, France has brought in new surveillance equipment, called in reservists and has more than 600 police officers and gendarmes working 24 hours a day – increasingly at night – to patrol a 40-mile stretch of rugged coast. An Iranian refugee who travelled to the UK last year said he had made three attempts to leave in a boat, each of which was stopped by French police, before his group managed to evade police attention and successfully depart on their fourth attempt. France says its forces have stopped 65% of attempted crossings in recent months, up from 50%. So far from "doing nothing" France is working round the clock to try to resolve this crisis. It's almost an impossible task
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