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  1. The twerp thinks he's funny (and so do his supporters) when in reality he's about as funny as coronavirus. The BBC doesn't like to rock the government boat, it's true. AFAIK it completely ignored this recent story, a blatant example of the corruption at the heart of the Tory party https://www.ft.com/content/f8a48bfd-8902-4667-93a6-1b903ca48e7e
  2. I wonder if a cheeky offer to Messi would be in order? He's love mixing it with the Championship cloggers on cold, wet November night at Stoke
  3. Manchester City pay £100m for Jack Grealish. We're struggling to find £100 Obscene wealth at one end at the spectrum, poverty at the other Neo-liberalism has triumphed
  4. Are you saying the BBC hasn't made enough of the gaffe because if is pro-government?
  5. Could be a good move. All the Lancashire clubs missed Paul Mariner at Chorley. Signed for Plymouth and went on to play for England
  6. The oaf has put his foot firmly in his mouth again https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-politics-58107009
  7. Barcelona have confirmed Messi will leave this summer. Do you think they'd take Armstrong in PX?
  8. Crystal Palace, Watford, Norwich or Southampton...... what a choice. For supporters of a certain age they're just rubbish third division southern clubs that we used to look down on in disdain. I feel sorry for Armstrong.
  9. The difference is Rohit's a star in the white ball game but here he is playing like a proper Test batsman A good club batsman knows which balls to defend and which to attack, but the likes of Jason Roy and other England players only know how to play one way. Couple that with some very poor techniques such as Sibley and Lawrence who play across the line in attack and defence and it's little wonder England keep failing
  10. From the BBC Before India played a county XI as a warm-up for this Test, the last first-class match Rohit Sharma played that wasn't a Test was in November 2015. The last time Virat Kohli played a non-Test first-class match was in November 2012, nearly nine years ago. As stated previously, the best players can play across all formats without the need for "match practice" India currently 45-0
  11. Don't believe anything Nixon says. He gets about 1 in a 100 of his fliers right
  12. Jennings is another one with a dodgy technique and temperament so might as well give him another go. Honestly, the cupboard is bare. Apart from one of two, this is the best we've got. It's pathetic
  13. Excuses, excuses England's batting has been abysmal for years. Blaming the prominence of white-ball cricket for England’s continuing miserable failings is nonsense India is home of the IPL with most of their players in multi-formats but they are the 2nd best Test side in world. Change needed. Start with the manager
  14. Another Test series and another England batting crisis Plus ca change Sibley, Crawley and Lawrence have poor techniques. I'd bank on bowlers at our club to get them out
  15. The civil service have a name for this...... it's called "managed decline" It's a term they use when they've given up on an industry or area and are content to let it run down in a controlled way They used it to describe Liverpool in the 1980s and the term is appropriate for Rovers now That's what Waggott and Co are doing..... they're actively allowing the club to decline
  16. This harks back to the period after Venky's took over when the club's long-time accountants, solicitors, and others all left There is obviously something going on at the club and things are not right Off pitch problems usually mean problems on the pitch. It's looking ominous; it's going to be a difficult season
  17. Anyone who thinks Hollywood in Hertfordshire has anything to do with Brexit has a screw loose. This is just another example of how southern towns benefit from no reason other than being geographically close to London. And tax breaks for the film industry of course So that's 4,000 new jobs and £700m investment in the already prosperous south east And Bristol, not Blackburn or Bolton, is on the verge of getting an electric car factory https://news.sky.com/story/amazon-backed-electric-vehicle-maker-rivian-in-talks-with-ministers-over-uk-factory-12368739 Never fear: northern towns are getting a few pennies to put up some hanging baskets and clear chewing gum off the streets So much for "levelling up"
  18. The club years ago was run by local businessmen who were Rovers fans to the core and had nothing but the interests of the club at heart. Can you say the same about the present owners? Clubs with fewer "resources" than ours such as Burnley and Watford are doing very well. In terms of size and stature we were on a par with the likes of Southampton before Venky's turned up. That is what they threw away If you came on here with the sole intention of antagonising genuine long suffering fans you are succeeding
  19. Another of the Leeds greats goes. What a good player Terry Cooper was in his pomp https://www.theguardian.com/football/2021/aug/01/terry-cooper-obituary Didn't realise his son was Mark Cooper, https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mark_Cooper_(footballer,_born_1968)
  20. Why should Mowbray makes changes? Venus and Lowe are his mates and "they're all in it together". Sound familiar?
  21. Give us £250,000 and you get a personal hotline to Johnson and Sunak https://www.ft.com/content/f8a48bfd-8902-4667-93a6-1b903ca48e7e The Tory chumocracy alive and well and unaccountable to commoner plebs. Red wallers need not apply
  22. If you hire a chief scout called Park presumably you'll end up signing park footballers But can we afford the half-time oranges and petrol money for the ringers? Pleasington here we come
  23. Yep, it's quality not quantity we need. Elliott, Harwood-Bellis and Tosin were excellent players. H-B looked like an England player to me. I'd rather have 2 quality "older" (early 20s) players from a Premier League first team squad than 6 young loanees who may or may not come off.
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