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  1. West Ham knew Martin Britt was a crock, and I think Rovers did too, but we still signed him, £25,000 IIRC though I might be wrong, a fortune at the time. He'd obviously done his cruciate (a wonky knee they used to call it) which was career ending then but would be routine surgery now. Britt was a good player. I remember seeing Gilliver sitting in the Nuttall St stand injured more often than he played.
  2. I'm utterly appalled. He is "PM" after all. You forgot old Alexander de Pfeffel's 8 children by 6 women. At the last count
  3. Correct. Just like the "Global Britain" nonsense. The EU wasn't preventing us making new markets in China, India and the rest of the world as the Brexiteers claim. Look at Germany for an example of a successful EU member that is truly "global". The Chinese love their cars. Fact is , we were having our cake and eating it as EU members. Seven weeks on, I still haven't seen any upside. Perhaps it will arrive in 50 years' time, as Rees-Mogg said.
  4. Not disputing they have a case to answer. The PCC will deal with it. Doesn't answer your silly statements about the Guardian.
  5. Yes, we know. But his name is Boris Johnson, or Johnson. Or serial liar to be more correct. An honorific like "PM" Johnson is American
  6. You're the one making silly statements about the Guardian.
  7. Well there it is. England batting beaten before the start. Mindset all wrong and poor techniques exposed
  8. Two misfields in the first over. As one journalist said they can’t bat, they can’t bowl and they can’t field. Bring em home
  9. This isn’t “entertainment” it’s a travesty of test cricket He might be out quickly but Rohit will show how to play spin
  10. Get out to the pitch or let it come to you. Either way you’re playing it under your nose.
  11. Foakes undone by his head falling away to the off so he was playing outside the line of the ball. Lbw inevitable
  12. Leach has a better technique than most. Watches the ball all the way on to the bat and plays it under his nose. By doing that he’s also playing it late which is the hallmark of the best batsmen.
  13. The ball wasn’t spinning though Pope should have seen it was seam up and was going to go straight on.
  14. Archer out to another rubbish shot swiping across the line. Pitch not involved. Archer should be No 11 never seen him make any runs
  15. Watching Pope again he hasn’t watched the ball on to the bat and played it under his nose. He’s pushed out looking for turn that wasn’t there. Poor batting and good bowling.
  16. Pope just played down wrong line, root and stokes played around their pads, neither had anything to do with the pitch
  17. It's so sad what's happened to Rovers in the past 10 years. The fans, the club, the town, the community didn't deserve this to happen. Jack Walker's legacy has been raped, diminished and destroyed by charlatans, chancers, spivs and crooks. Could the footballing gods for once smile on this proud and historic club for a change?
  18. Sunak planning to raise corporation tax in the forthcoming Budget Funny how it was a written off "calamitous policy" by the right wing press when the exact same policy was proposed by Corbyn.
  19. Ok, I'll "think what I will" The Guardian's editorial stance at no point ever supported Jeremy Corbyn, which shows you haven't got a clue what you're talking about in your pathetic attempts to denigrate the paper .
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