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  1. I like Rothwell but he was dog shit today and deserved to be taken off. I thought Trav and Buckley did ok without being outstanding. Defence pretty solid and another clean sheet is heartening again. Not an easy place to get points but thought we did ok
  2. Maybe used the wrong phrase there Mark. Probs should have said made players fearful of or hated playing at Ewood such as Quinn, Thompson, Wilcox etc. Jim Smith said as much when he was manager here in the 70s
  3. FFS sparks we all know you hate him for whatever reason but it's boring now. Give the lad a chance to have a run of games which hes never had to prove you either right or wrong.You sound like a typical Riverside boo boy who ruins careers. Thought he was superb today till he tried in 2and half. The lad is a footballer.
  4. I think he deserves more game time now. His engine suits our style. Would be gutting to see Evan's back in when fit ahead of Davenport and Buckley
  5. Yeah but to be fair JRC is not really a specialist full back the same as Gallagher is not a winger. Wonder how our players would look in their natural positions. You are wrong to glibly write off JRC because he had a hard time defensively tonight. This lad is a top talent if used properly. Still created tonight though
  6. Graeme Hick was always referred to as a flat track bully. He used to hammer the bowling at county level but struggled for years against test quality bowling
  7. Hope you're wrong about Davenport. I really rate the lad but you may be right. Buckley will be a top player. He oozes class but he needs game time now. Chapman has the talent - I really hope he makes it. Be that here or elsewhere
  8. How can you judge their talent when 1 gets 15 minutes game time and the other almost none. I have watched these lads at U23 level and believe me they stand out. But now they need football time for a few weeks away from being bench warmers. It's very unfair to judge these lads when they are getting no game time in them. Young Davenport has had 2 very difficult seasons with bad injuries - and that's nothing to do with being injury prone. Believe me these 2 lads are the business.
  9. That's the difficult bit for the young lads like Buckley, Dolan and Davenport etc. They need football time which they aren't getting now. Poor Buckley and Davenport have hardly played any competitive football since March. No good for their development to be bench warmers at their age. I say give them match time in u23s We seem to be wasting Buckley who is a huge talent but needs game time so he can step up when needed ( and he will this season) and be a strong squad member ( same for Davenport and Dolan)
  10. I would bet that the Rhodes of 2013 would score at least 30 goals a season in this team assuming that TM didnt pop him on the wing for his heading ability??
  11. Or maybe it's just pre season friendlies and like most sensible footballers he doesn't see the need to be too competitive?
  12. Used to love watching Mecky in the 70s. He was such an important part of those Rovers teams. If Mecky played well so did Rovers. RIP Stuart
  13. Hardly any wonder Chapman supposedly "mopes" is it. It must be soul destroying sat on the bench and then seeing a dolloper like Bennett get the nod to go on. What did Harry do wrong between creating the winning goal on Saturday and Wednesday. Mowbray needs to resign now. That's me done with season ticket till he fucks off
  14. Ah thanks for explaining that Paul. Take it JRC is still at the forefront of their minds still?
  15. On 23 July you quoted " JRC is the big mover of the summer. He is the one that has really put himself in the first team squad picture" ?????
  16. That is not quite true Paul is it? You specifically were doing the "chatter" about JRC and predicted he would be in the fist 11 on a regular basis and how he was/is the best of the promising young lads at the club.
  17. Aye but Travis has come through the academy so easier for Tony to drop him for no reason. I get the feeling that our brightest talents aka Travis, Rothwell, JRC etc will soon be pissed off and look to move on to better things. Rothwell gets about 25 mins every bloody week and must be under so much pressure to produce the goods from the bench. Armstrong is a footballer without a footballers brain and gets all the game time. Why oh why does Mowbray make the game so bloody complicated?
  18. Jevans was pathetic in the TV interview with Tony Morris on Granada Reports. All she had to say was "We will learn lessons from this" over and over. What about the town, fans and local economy that you have wilfully neglected with your deafening silence? How many lessons do you need to fcking learn before you do something? Another 2 or 6 before you have learnt anything? When the whole bloody lot collapses and nowt left then you will come out and say we have now learnt all our lessons and it will never happen again. So then Sky will say top of the table Championsip clash tonight between Sandbanks owned by Harry Redknapp and Bournemouth and Boscombe owned by Sheikh Ali Baba. Please free to bring your picnic and champagne as half time entertainment will be provided by the English Chamber Orchestra. Please respect our very wealthy neighbours and use your sails to depart the harbour rather than turning on your engines after the game
  19. Johnson don't half give the ball away a lot
  20. Jesus H Christ. There we go saying there is no atmosphere at Ewood. We are at the Bernabau compared to the K Com!
  21. Yes I agree the two centre backs were far better today than last weeks pairing and we could be ok going forward once Cunningham comes in. Lenihan has always looked better without Mulgrew alongside him as well. Not blaming Mulgrew as he had never been a centre half before he came here. Charlie should have been sitting in front of the back 4 IMO and Mowbray is too bloody stubborn to see or change it when it's staring him in the face. BB left wing sub? Come on that's bloody nonsense. No wonder the lad will have no confidence
  22. Think RV means more down to manager than personnel. How I read it anyway and is sensible!
  23. Or what if Charlie, as club captain, was playing the card of the big I am in the dressing room and the new additions and younger element of the "group" witnessed that display last week and thought sod this he's past it and were chewing the managers ear off? Just a thought. None of us know yet.
  24. I think you need to look at the Brazil side of 1970 before you say that todays footballers are technically superior. IMO todays footballers are not more technically gifted at all. Fitter? yes. Better diets? Yes. Previous generations of footballers would have been brought up on the same if they were around today. You can't coach that level of skill. You either have it or you dont
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