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  1. Have no idea how Mowbray plans to shoehorn all these diminutive false 9’s into the starting 11. I’m assuming we have promised game time to the parent clubs? Maybe he has a master plan or more likely there will be multiple spins of the famous tombola with limited success.
  2. Tony was well supported last season and we finished 15th. Of course he is only a symptom of a greater malaise, but this doesn’t exonerate him and I struggle to feel any sympathy. If he had integrity he should of walked at the back end of last season when it was crystal clear that the journey had entered a tailspin.
  3. I wonder if he’ll have the audacity to talk about the Journey we are on again this season? To suggest this is a anything other than a journey towards dereliction would be mad!
  4. I can safely say that this is the most disinterested I’ve ever felt during a pre-season.
  5. Team who have lost 5 in a row playing 90mins every couple of days score late equaliser against us. Speaks volumes for our fitness and game management. Together with the litany of let downs since February this would be curtains for Tony at any sensibly run club.
  6. The most demoralising aspect is that nobody is listening. This is an echo chamber. We now have a manager who's position is untenable talking about plans for next season. His talk of a journey is so far displaced from the truth he is starting to sound like comical Ali. The current plans seem to involve most of the first team squad leaving and the manager who has just presided over one of the worst runs in the clubs history staying. He claims that we play attractive football but I honestly cannot stand watching us passing it about aimlessly like we do at present and the plan seems to be that we keep pushing on with this style of play. Are we truly expected to buy into these plans?? When faced with a situation where ones feelings are completely ignored its healthiest to just disengage (although it's hard for me to imagine disengaging any further than I already have done in the last 3 months!). This is heading in a very bad direction.
  7. I just hate watching this team with 'identity'. It is almost unfathomable that a team can create so few chances from so much possession. We are completely impotent. Watching this lot pass it about aimlessly for 90 mins from empty stadia has summed up this abomination of a year.
  8. I think performances are worse than results. We only don't lose heavily because we spend 80 mins aimlessly passing it about without any penetration whatsoever.
  9. This is not a difficult decision. There is seldom a clearer example of when a managerial change is needed. Either Waggbray hold too much say in their own employment or the owners have given up. Either way, it truly stinks! Having always respected TM, I'm majorly dissapointed by his actions. Any manager with a shred of professional integrity would walk when targets have been so spectacularly missed. When all the fans and media are no longer supporting you, it's time to go. He's Either a mercenary waiting for his pay off or a narcissist who thinks he knows better than everyone else. Disgusting situation.
  10. Very little chat on here, but then again what is there to discuss? I'm not sure there are any remaining posters that support him staying.
  11. Its interesting that teams who visit Ewood adapt their style to suit the poor pitch. Yet its our pitch that we play on every week and we have been completely unable to change and we just plough on with our passing football that leads nowhere. Every match is like groundhog day without any suggestion of a plan B. We really need a new manager now.
  12. I know it doesn't matter much after Dack's injury, but why were all our attacking players about 5'7 in the second half? I just cannot fathom the logic here. We improved a little for sure but for all the possession and pretty passing in the second half, we created so little.
  13. So dissapointed for Dacky. Going to take a huge deal of determination to get back to fitness. 3 games in 6 days is too much for a player who hasn't looked like he's back to full fitness yet. Especially after being out for so long with such a serious injury. We were chasing the game but the season is pretty much over so keeping him on was unnecessary. In his post-match interview Tony said that player welfare is the priority, but Dack has been mismanaged here.
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