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  1. What the f*** has happened since those fantastic early season games where we had fluid attacking play and was banging em in?
  2. I get that he is highlighting isolated instances. Given our current place in the foodchain we have to produce income from our academyplayers. I do think we have a good academy but we must always strive to do better. Its a difficult practice but the smart thing would be to make our first team better and progress while incorporating academyplayers and once in a while helping one or two make the step up to a better league and for BRFC to make a good profit from it. Its been a while since we have made good money from sales. Its positive though that we have become better at making a pathway for you
  3. @Ewood AceThat was a depressing read. But spot on. Its hard to say what the reasons are for us not producing talent that generates big sales. I dont really get our strategy of loaning players. Yes Bellis and Elliott are big talents but why not try our own instead? Especially now when we are stuck in no-mans land. Why not throw in Garett, Whitehall, Harlock or Barnes and see how they fare? Or even Gilsenan or Weston? They are supposed to be big talents. I think we have shown that our current practice of letting them play u-23 and then loan them out to poor leagues when they reach 20 doesnt work
  4. My two cents about todays game: When I first saw the line-up I thought that this game was very winnable. Especially when I saw Doncasters, that had their star man out. I was a bit baffled about Mowbray playing an attacking midfielder at RB. I thought he would have played Pike. During the game I was firstly very disappointed with the state of our pitch. An attacking team with aspirations of playing in the Premier League should be able to offer their players a better pitch than that. I was also very surprised to see the technical level of our players. Lots of poor first touches
  5. Whats with the pitch? TM has said that we are moving towards a more attacking style of play and we have some decent technical players. Yet this pitch is what we are offering our players? WTF.
  6. Howcome they only find out about 3rd party ownership when he is supposed to fly in for a medical? Is that the way it works? Someone comes out of the bushes and says "HEY, we need some cash as well"
  7. Wouldn't mind Nyambe and Lenihan renewels as well
  8. https://www.transfermarkt.com/blackburn-rovers/kader/verein/164/saison_id/2020/plus/1 I Dont know how accurate this is but if its true, then we have a couple of contracts we should be renewing.
  9. Defensively naive is pretty bang on the money. The good thing about this match is that we will be tested defensively.
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