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  1. What is annoying is that in a pre match interview on Talk Sport rather than give BBD some credit for his hat trick on Saturday he opted to big up Gallagher's imaginary qualities saying he wouldn't have liked to play against him when he was a centre half etc. Quite. He might have cracked a rib laughing.
  2. Red button on Sky not loading up for me. Anyone else having the same problem?
  3. Can't disagree with any of that. Actions speak louder than words as they say so we'll have to see what happens over the coming months.
  4. Should it not be outside where everyone can see it? Did they ever change the policy whereby young fans who had purchased were to be left off it?
  5. I agree with everything you've said above except the last four or five lines. IF we were properly run on the ground, and admittedly it's a massive "if" I can't see any way in which we'd be better off without Venky's financial backing than with it.
  6. Not sure anyone has had "a St. Paul conversion". I'm still of the view that massive change is needed and the proof of the pudding will be in the eating where all that is concerned. Think 1864 is as well. The point is, there does seem at least to be a recognition behind the scenes that where we're currently at is nowhere near good enough and there do appear to be changes starting to be implemented and in the offing. Whether it all comes off of course remains to be seen but at least it doesn't seem to be a case of "This is our level and all we're entitled to expect" etc which you might have thought if you were listening to the manager towards the end of last season.
  7. With respect that's ridiculous. Surely it's better than letting a false assertion you know for a fact to be untrue go unchallenged and be allowed to gain traction?
  8. Think you're missing the point completely on this one. 1864 is offering his opinion on the basis of him having sought out and evaluated concrete information received. It's not a case of someone passing an opinion based on pure speculation and pretending to be ITK.
  9. Disagree. If for example someone on the mb says "The owners haven't got a clue what is happening down at Ewood and/or simply don't care" and someone else has concrete information to prove that that isn't the case then I think it's fair game to offer the alternative opinion. That doesn't mean to say that you're always at liberty to divulge exactly why you hold that view.
  10. Completely unfair. 1864 has made the effort to get off his backside and relay his numerous concerns to the Club. I'm assuming it has been agreed that much of what has been discussed is confidential and if that's what has been agreed then that's the way it should remain. It sounds however as though 1864 is moderately reassured by what he has been told and by things that are supposedly planned going forward. That ties in with the feedback I've heard from elsewhere as well so fingers crossed.
  11. I have already alluded to the same and I salute you for your efforts. From a personal point of view though, I am still very much of the opinion that the numerous improvements which will hopefully be occurring over the coming months need to include changes in the 2 key positions at the Club, manager and CEO.
  12. In addition to this gentleman, we have a new head of Commercial, Paul Fielder.
  13. Bizarre isn't it, we 're looking at giving up a site on the outskirts of Blackburn in favour of another inferior site on errrrr...........the outskirts of Blackburn (M65 site) , but some seemingly can't see how ludicrous the situation is.
  14. I understand they are aware of all that. Why given those circumstances Mowbray and Waggott are still in employment is a bit of a head scratcher. The fact that this Brockhall madness has also raised it's head again quite so soon is also very strange. Someone at the Club must have blocked it first time round so why is it being resurrected again so soon? It's almost as if Waggott is doing everything he can to ruin us before he leaves.
  15. How would we fund a state of the art new training complex? As soon as Brockhall is sold he'll disappear off into the sunset into a cushy retirement never to be seen again in Blackburn. And we'll be left with bugger all. Edit: just seen your caveat. Fair enough.
  16. Palms to be greased. If Brockhall (rightly) can't be redeveloped for housing then any financial benefit to the Club from moving would be minimal. Completely pointless. And are we seriously expected to believe that we can finance a state of the art Category 1 Training Centre when apparently we can't even fund a new £2m pitch? Whilst I am loath to cast aspersions on the intelligence of the LT readership it seems that sadly some are already buying into this latest round of bull. "Have to live within your means" etc. It really does seem you can tell some people anything and they'll believe it.
  17. It never actually happened at Coventry. They tried and failed due to Sport England blocking the plan because outdoor pitches would be lost. As here, there were detailed housing plans and no detail whatsoever of any proposed new facility. Indeed in that instance they didn't even have a site to put a new facility on! Canvassed the views of some Coventry fans on Sky Blue Talk and they said that after Waggott left the Club it all went quiet on the subject of moving from their existing training ground. Funny that.
  18. Gutted to hear Waggott talking about this again so soon. What is the financial benefit to the Club of moving from Brockhall to BWD anyway if Brockhall can't be redeveloped for housing? It must be negligible. It's bad enough potentially losing all our best players for nothing due to his and Mowbray's incompetence but this is the one thing the two bit con man must NOT be allowed to get away with. He MUST be removed from office before he can bring this to fruition.
  19. Naughty Gav. Insinuating I have some sort of vested interest in them staying. Actually you nailed it I'm on a six figure retainer to be their unofficial spokesperson. I realise you're being mischievous but I would have thought the real answer was obvious - if we could ever get proper management in the Boardroom and dugout, we've a lot better chance of success with their financial support than without it.
  20. Couldn't believe my eyes when I read Waggott's latest offering in the LT about the soon to be out of contract players. Making the Club out to be the good guys who've done all they can and insinuating the players are holding the Club to ransom should ensure none of them sign. Well done. Stroke of genius. Almost like he's done it deliberately to spite the Club knowing he's on his way out.
  21. I'd say Bowyer did better overall and did a LOT better in the transfer market than Mowbray but even he wasn't good enough in the final analysis.
  22. Not really, Neill wouldn't be my first choice but he's generally done better than your hero Mowbray whilst he's been at Preston and on a fraction of the budget. So if it was a straight choice between Neill and Mowbray I'd take the former every day of the week, plus Mowbray went stale here about 2.5 years ago and we'd probably benefit from almost any new voice.
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