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  1. I've never said "end of the month" specifically, just that the info was that it was intended to be a relatively dignified departure at the end of the season. I.e. my reading of that would be they probably wouldn't be potting him an hour after the season finished and that it would probably be expressed to be "by mutual consent" even if it wasn't. As regards Nixon's twitter feed, it wasn't Nixon who suggested it, someone has tweeted him speculating Mowbray'll be gone by the end of the month and Nixon has pooh poohed it saying only if Mowbray wants to leave as well. Could just be s
  2. Think he is, but he hasn't exactly been on the money with much Rovers related stuff in recent years has he? Note to self: I need to stop this, I'm descending into wishful thinking 🤔
  3. Never thought I'd be grateful to be backed up by something off Nixon's feed but I'll take it. The fact he is casting doubt on it makes me feel a little more confident Lol. The bit about "end of the month" would tie in exactly with my original understanding about the timescale and a relatively dignified exit etc. Of course it could just be someone whose read this thread and is recycling the rumours on here! Anyone know who @ 1875 is?
  4. So the bloody manager doesn't even know whether we have an option on the player? I hope Chapman stays and gets a chance under a new manager but otherwise he's better out of this farce. Mowbray has signed him twice and never given him a proper chance on either occasion.
  5. Don't understand your post Parson, are you claiming the flak he is getting is unjustified, therefore he is doing a good job shielding the owners from it? Edit: Even if that's not exactly what you meant, get in a really good manager and a half decent CEO and we'll do a lot better than with Mowbray and Waggott irrespective of the owners. I thought you would also be pragmatic enough to realise that whilst we are losing the thick end of £20m p.a. having owners who are seemingly wealthy enough to cover it without batting an eyelid does have its advantages albeit we are where we are due to
  6. No thanks. He was crap here when he was in his prime, or at least a lot nearer thereto.
  7. I'm not a rugby fan at all but great post gumboots. Perhaps their CEO is on 600k p.a. we can't expect ours to come up with anything imaginative like that for only 300!
  8. Wouldn't expect much activity from our end. Our "recruitment department" will be dusting off the usual excuses as we speak and adding a couple of new ones: "We did our best and have had offers in for players all summer but": - Agents demands excessive - Players demands not realistic in the post pandemic era - We thought we had a deal with a certain player but were beaten to it at the last minute by Club X coming in and offering him what he wanted" - "After we sold Adam, Clubs knew we had money and put a zero on the end of their price tag / Adam was sold too late
  9. Not too dissimilar a situation to last season. A proper CEO would keep fans engaged. Last season it looked probable we weren't going to be able to attend and the Club needed a membership scheme at a nominal fee with some sort of gift, benefit or reward attached to keep people engaged signed up and on board. We could always have upgraded the membership to a ticket had the time arose. Instead we inexplicably waited until it looked like we DEFINITELY wouldn't be able to attend and then put prices up by up to 25% thereby reducing the season ticket base from just short of 10 k to a paltry 2.5k.
  10. Just had a look on their website under the "over 80 Clubs sponsored" tab and couldn't find any mention of us on there.
  11. And Wolves and Stoke fans. Lambert's qualities or lack thereof are irrelevant. I only cited him as an example of a Venky's appointment that looked decent at the time it was made. All we need to bother about now is that as at this moment Mowbray is still manager = not good.
  12. Difficult to assess 1how "commercially excellent "it is when the Club haven't announced how much they'll be paying us for the privilege - if anything at all. Might just be a case of acquiring the kit for free and then fleecing the supporters as much as possible once again like you say. As for the designs themselves we'll have to wait and see. I actually liked last season's home shirt for the first time in a long while.
  13. "In private" - who to? Had him round to dinner did you? 🙂
  14. Think you're miles wide of the mark there Gav it obviously wasn't Waggott that shelved it was it?
  15. Spot on. As I've posted previously I'm completely torn this time round. On the one hand I don't want to endorse the Coventrio. On the other the less people renew the more it gives Waggott carte blanche to run the Club even further into the ground. On balance I'm leaning towards renew and oppose.
  16. If you take the time and trouble to develop a relationship with the owners then seemingly, yes, the world's your oyster. If you don't, you don't seem to get much change out of them.
  17. I think the point Stuart is making is that whilst many fans will understandably Boycott the Club whilst the Coventrio remains one, some fans have said that despite it all they still wouldn't be able to bring themselves not to attend. This would be a novel way for them to signify their dissatisfaction and we could do with a lot more ideas like it imo.
  18. There's no proof of that, Lambert has never even tried to claim that himself has he? I did acknowledge opinions on him are mixed, for me he inserted the get out clause in his contract was never fully committed and had one foot out of the door before he started. His record post BRFC also speaks for itself imo.
  19. Great Post and I think it's a brilliant idea Stuart. If the idea is publicised so enough people know the reasoning behind it and enough people took it up it then it could be really visually effective - turning up in the burnt orange monstrosity from the mid 90's for example. The only downside to this particular idea would be if we had some exceptionally bad weather and the shirts were only likely to be visible for a few weeks. Nevertheless I think this is the sort of thinking outside the box we need and we need plenty more clever ideas like this to keep piling the pressure on if
  20. It's entirely up to you whether you don't buy stories of a U turn, no-one can be 100% sure the information they are relaying is correct. However, if a u turn has occurred this sort of thing has seemingly happened before, no-one seems to dispute that Warnock was more or less signed, sealed and delivered at one point and the next minute Coyle was unveiled. If a U turn has occurred here as well I fear it will have similarly disastrous consequences to the Coyle situation.
  21. Theoretically Lambert looked a cracking appointment when he got the gig. He turned out to be an absolute disaster imo (I know opinions on him vary) but we weren't to know that at the time. Extremely strong back room team as well. Irvine and Kelly was it.
  22. All I can say is that as at mid April it was apparently common knowledge amongst the players that Mowbray would be being replaced but not until the end of the season. They were certainly playing like it and that was quite a risky strategy at the time given the run we were in the middle of but seemingly the aim was to allow Mowbray a reasonably dignified exit. Whether something subsequently changed to scupper that plan I don't know. If a particular manager was being targeted but subsequently ducked out I'd hope the overall plan is still in place once a different target can be identif
  23. Bit of a trend developing here isn't there: "Sorry an Eagle eyed fan unearthed the planning application before we had a chance to announce the plans, it went in sooner than we thought" "Sorry we have a new kit supplier but we haven't got around to announcing it. The deal started sooner than we expected." And why can't we announce Season ticket details now we have crawled to safety and now know what division we're in? Should have been finalised ages ago: "If we're in the Championship prices are X, if we're in League 1 they're Y".
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