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  1. I thought their commentary was absolutely terrible, much prefer the Rovers guys. Amazing performance. Football is so strange - we really looked destined for a terrible season, but we're really performing. Dolan and Buckley look like they will have big careers to me.
  2. Mowbray gets loads of unfair abuse about dropping young players for older favourites etc. He has consistently played young teams imo. Dolan has just reached 50 games with us despite only being with us a year, Buckley has had a lot of game time, Travis, Nyambe, Brereton, Rothwell have all got a lot of game time. I'm sure Buckley will continue to regularly start games.
  3. I'm pretty sure it will be 4231 with Buckley at 10. Failing that 433 with Buckley on the right of the midfield 3 which is okay. Probable setup : Kaminski Nyambe. Lenihan. Ayala. Pickering . Travis. Rothwell Dolan. Buckley. Brereton Gallagher
  4. I wonder if it would be worth matching them up 343? Kaminski Lenihan Ayala Carter Nyambe Buckley Travis Pickering Dolan Rothwell Brereton Think that setup would suit us and allow us to better compete in midfield. Bring Butterworth and Khadra on for Dolan and one of Rothwell/Buckley second half. If Clarkson starts I think I'll scream.
  5. Results are decent at the moment. But we all know that a horrendous run could hit us at any moment. It's happened every season with Mowbray, and we are even more vulnerable to it now as the squad is so thin. Injuries to any of (in priority order) Kaminski, Ayala, Lenihan, Brereton, Rothwell, Pickering, Nyambe would all leave us in serious problems I think as we just don't have backfill. Statistically it's going to happen at some point. So it's great to get the points on the board, I am supporting the team 100%, but realistically it's hard to feel it's going to last. Mowbray can build teams that get results for a while, but struggles with resilience.
  6. Gets a lot of sh*t for being weak but he absolutely leathered them in the tackle a few times. Rothwell has also looked more defensively robust.
  7. Brereton does seem a better wide player to me than a striker. Which is mad given his size. But there it is. We could do with a proper physical target man who knows how to head a ball. Like Graham or Gestede. Must be someone knocking around on a free?
  8. To me he looked like he was up alongside Brereton for long stretches. Butterworth or Khadra pace there would have made.more sense to me as there was quite a lot of space on behind Barnsley.
  9. Very decent point. Very even game. We defended pretty well. We had a couple of chances so did they. That said playing Clarkson up front is just totally mental. What on earth is that all about?
  10. Why are we playing Clarkson up front and Khadra at what seems like left wing back?
  11. Yeah started well, but has wasted so many good positions. Khadra on for Poveda looks nailed on. Just whether half time or 60 mins. Other than that okayish half, in play pretty even but Barnsley had much the better chances.
  12. Just remembered Barnsley totally did us with their 343 last year. I guess if it plays out in a similar way we may see Carter come on to match up. Mowbrays picked the team I would have I think. Very nice to have Khrdra and Butterworth to come on.
  13. Wow that's terrible. All the best to you and your the family.
  14. TBF Brentford have done an amazing job. They've got their strategy right, with the right people in the.right roles, strong alignment between ownership and management, and very good recruitment. Saying we were five years behind them was about accurate imo at the time. Sadly we are still five years behind despite two years having past. In fact the analogy doesn't really work as given the players who have left and the lack of recruitment it feels we are going further away from the PL, not closer to it.
  15. Hospitalisations have fallen, and future ongoing falls in hosptialisations certain due to falls in recent cases, against a background of increasing contacts in schools, universities, pubs, public transport, sporting events, clubs and workplaces. It does look like we have now reached herd immunity in England. (That's not to say you won't catch it, and could not die from it - if you haven't get jabbed! - just that it should not go into exponential growth. There should be future relatively gentle growths and declines, but no hockey stick like sudden rises). Keep watching the data but it's so promising. Main risk factor to me seems new variants, but millions of infections globally but nothing so far that escalates beyond Delta.
  16. Agree with this. If Khadra isn't fit to start Poveda could go in there. In mid Buckley and Rothwell can rotate to share the 10 and the 8 role. And if we get out fought in midfield the 10 can drop in to help out. Really needed that first half against Hull but Clarkson was hopeless. Will be nice to be able to roll Poveda/Khadra and Butterworth off the bench 60 mins in and scare the living sh*t out of them.
  17. Leicester winning the league has to be up there. Totally mad. But agree in solo sports I can't think of anything to compare to Radacanu.
  18. What exactly is your argument then so we can debate it? I'm not really clear except for some vague references to the media. What would you have done differently if you were in charge? Then we can draw on some hard data to compare your proposed approach (whatever that may be) and the approaches of various governments around the world.
  19. To follow up on this - the infection rate is falling despite schools being open.... I am surprised even after seeing Lillico forecast it. We will see if it's a sustained fall, but seeing as more people are being jabbed all the time and we are interacting a lot inside I can't really see anything that would significantly reverse that trend unless there is a new vaccine evading varient.
  20. I think we'd be alright if Trav was playing like he was in 2019. He used to totally dominate, now he gets left behind. Really strange. Must be the injuries?
  21. If we're playing 4231 in central midfield we need two from Travis, Rothwell, Buckley, Clarkson, Davenport, Johnson (out injured). Butterworth is going to play across the attacking line so I don't really see him and Buckley competing for the same role. I would rotate Travis, Rothwell and Buckley as the starters in CM personally. In the front four I would rotate Diaz, Butterworth, Dolan, Khedra, Poveda.
  22. I agree with this, Buckley was asked to play a ridiculous role far out on the right in a 4231 today. He's obviously a central player.
  23. Forgot about Poveda. Could we play Khadra, Dolan, Poveda, Butterworth all at the same time? That would be fun.
  24. The first half was truly abject. And then the second half spell around the goals we were as good as I have seen us. Really fantastic. Butterworth and Khadra look something else. Great goal by BB. Dolan was on and off. Was really fun to watch all the wingers scare the crap out of them. Defensively I'd say we half deserved the clean sheet. All the defence played well, particularly Ayala and Lenihan with great blocks and tackles. But our midfield was all over the place. If Hull had any shooting boots we would have conceded, probably multiple times.... Worried by Trav, just doesn't look at the races. And playing Rothwell alongside him (who worked his nuts off and had a good game) is great when we are counter attacking but we can't properly protect the defence as he is out of position so often. Feels like it could be a fun but unpredictable few weeks with lots of attacking players thrown on.
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