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  1. Was it? After almost 8 years of nothingness I'm a bit sick of seeing him to be honest.
  2. Have I missed all these good performances from us that have somehow ended in defeat, à la Brighton? When we lose we usually stink the place out too with our performance. In fact I'd be embarrassed to call myself a performance related coach after what's been served up the last few months.
  3. They can still leave their homes for training and matches I think. The tweet doesn't tell the full story at all really.
  4. In 15 away games Watford have only scored 8 - but only conceded 9. With how toothless we’ve been in front of goal lately, if we do go a goal down it’ll probably be game over. I was going to say it’s embarrassing that we’ve nothing to play for in February but being three points above 18th and five above 20th (how’s it come to this?) is a bit too close to the drop zone if we carry on this run of form. 0-0 or 0-1. Then we’ll probably beat Coventry at the weekend which Mowbray will live off for a while.
  5. A 15 game loan spell six years ago? Great stuff. Mowbray out
  6. Been impressed with Barnsley every time we’ve played them this season and last, even though we’ve somehow managed to win both the home games. But the only way we’re getting anything on Wednesday night is if they’re knackered after playing Chelsea on Thursday and then Brentford today.
  7. I was thinking that too, it’s gonna go down in history. 15 years from now ‘remember when Mowbray had Sam Gallagher at right back?’ will still get the occasional mention. Let’s hope Mowbray leaves soon like Souness did after that (can’t see Midtable Mogga being poached though somehow).
  8. Massive fan of Big Sam but West Brom are doomed. Barring the win at Wolves it’s been nothing short of a disaster for him. Wouldn't surprise me if he resigns in a few weeks or something so he can avoid a PL relegation on his CV. I was very surprised when he took the job, it always looked like it was gonna be his toughest rescue mission by a mile.
  9. He’s superb isn’t he. I hadn’t seen many full 90 mins of him until recently but watched both their games against City and Burnley in the last week or so and yep, he really is excellent and a joy to watch. Has to be a starter for England.
  10. I don’t no, but ‘Middlesbrough fans’ seems a bit of a generalisation based on one email. It’s an abysmal result of course, but it’s happened a few months into a relatively new manager’s reign which has on the whole gone very well so far. So that’s why there’s practically zero criticism of Warnock from what I’ve seen. If it happened to us now after years of Mowbray’s ‘slow build’ and with most of us believing he’s taken us as far as he can? Different story.
  11. You must have done well to find that comment somewhere! Just had a scroll through the hundreds of replies to the Middlesbrough account tweeting the final score tonight. Haven’t seen one ‘Warnock out’ or negative comment against him, and the tweet with the most likes is one fan saying how well he’s done to have that squad 7th in the league. I’d swap him for Mowbray tomorrow.
  12. 100% yes. As already touched on, this year was meant to be 'the year' after two seasons of 'consolidation'. This summer we didn't lose any key players yet again, the players brought in looked to be very good signings, we were saying that everything was in place (apart from those of us who've had doubts about Mowbray's ability to get us challenging for a while now). So if I was told that we'd be plodding along in mid-table yet again being x amount of points from the play offs, then it would have simply confirmed what plenty of us were quite sure of and what surely everybody must realise no
  13. Agreed, that one always comes to mind. I'd never seen the stands so empty at half time before.
  14. That doesn't matter at all - at one point all of Klopp, Pep, Mourinho, Ancelotti etc (and every other foreign manager) had no Premier League experience. I can remember people asking why Southampton were replacing Nigel Adkins with some fella called Mauricio Pochettino who didn't 'know the league'. As it goes I'm not massively convinced by Tuchel and (while I'm sure more thought must have gone into his appointment than this) just because he's German doesn't mean he's going to get Werner and Havertz moving. Though you can imagine them turning it on for a few games now there's been a change
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