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  1. Sharpe reckons it's Dolan up front. Surely, surely even Mowbray wouldn't have a pure winger up front and a rangy striker galloping about on the right wing. Surely.....
  2. Millwall have only lost three games at home all season (albeit they've drawn 10 out of 17) and only four teams have taken fewer points than us away from home so I would be surprised if we went there and won. 1-0 to Millwall, or a 0-0 or 1-1 draw. Should be a thriller.
  3. I know Travis has been poor since his injury but, unless he's got a knock which is unlikely if he's on the bench, I'd never have him behind Evans.
  4. Always remember we had a corner or free-kick in a dangerous position right at the end of that game and Alex Baptiste looked across at Bowyer presumably checking if he could go up for it. Then Bowyer gestured for him to stay back! As if rock bottom Blackpool under Lee Clark were gonna launch a Man Utd circa 2008 style lethal counter attack. Bowyer did some good but yeah should have been gone halfway through 14/15.
  5. For Hughes at Stoke, it went stale to the point of them looking like they were going to get relegated, but he did a good job there overall - three consecutive 9th placed finishes, then a 13th placed finish which admittedly was a drop-off and must have carried on into the following season. As we're seeing with ourselves at the moment, four full seasons is a long time for a manager to stay at a club these days, so it can happen that it goes stale and you end up regressing. But he did a good job there overall and the 'only' blemishes on Hughes' CV should be QPR and Southampton IMO. He e
  6. What a wet wipe. Hopefully that does happen though (they both go).
  7. Was it? After almost 8 years of nothingness I'm a bit sick of seeing him to be honest.
  8. Have I missed all these good performances from us that have somehow ended in defeat, à la Brighton? When we lose we usually stink the place out too with our performance. In fact I'd be embarrassed to call myself a performance related coach after what's been served up the last few months.
  9. They can still leave their homes for training and matches I think. The tweet doesn't tell the full story at all really.
  10. In 15 away games Watford have only scored 8 - but only conceded 9. With how toothless we’ve been in front of goal lately, if we do go a goal down it’ll probably be game over. I was going to say it’s embarrassing that we’ve nothing to play for in February but being three points above 18th and five above 20th (how’s it come to this?) is a bit too close to the drop zone if we carry on this run of form. 0-0 or 0-1. Then we’ll probably beat Coventry at the weekend which Mowbray will live off for a while.
  11. A 15 game loan spell six years ago? Great stuff. Mowbray out
  12. Been impressed with Barnsley every time we’ve played them this season and last, even though we’ve somehow managed to win both the home games. But the only way we’re getting anything on Wednesday night is if they’re knackered after playing Chelsea on Thursday and then Brentford today.
  13. I was thinking that too, it’s gonna go down in history. 15 years from now ‘remember when Mowbray had Sam Gallagher at right back?’ will still get the occasional mention. Let’s hope Mowbray leaves soon like Souness did after that (can’t see Midtable Mogga being poached though somehow).
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