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  1. Three days later we beat Liverpool 1-0 at Ewood with ‘that’ Tugay Gerrard moment. I was at both games and I can’t remember feeling such a gap between deflation and elation in consecutive matches.
  2. For me, after the play off dream disappeared post Christmas, the only thing I cared about was finishing above Preston. When we beat them 3-0 at their place we demonstrated how superior we should be to them...we then forged a good number of points ahead of them by Christmas. The comparison with PNE is the most apt in terms of Mowbray’s inadequacies. We have superior players (I wouldn’t swap many of their first teamers for ours), we have spent significantly more money and we are still a bigger name when it comes to attracting players. Regardless of these things, they have had a series of manager
  3. Loving the fact that Huddersfield have scored more goals than they’ve had shots on target.
  4. I’m expecting another defeat today. We’ll more than likely finish in 21st place...that would have to be the final straw
  5. He’s been a member of the Cambridge University Netball Team for some time already.
  6. I made a pact with this football club, I do not intend to break it under any circumstances. When my son is old enough he will be coming to Ewood regardless of what division we are in or who is managing the team.
  7. One thing that last night reiterated for me is that I’d rather be at Ewood watching that dross than sat at home. At Ewood I can vent my displeasure with management , urge on the team and in general see the pattern of things much better. I am one of the few who renewed my season ticket and have no doubt that I will renew again next season. I can’t not be there. If Mowbray is still in place come August I will be unhappy to put it mildly but I will still be there...probably watching us fail to win on the first day of the season for eleven years running...but I’ll still be there. Rovers have endur
  8. That was pathetic. Doesn’t feel like a win at all. The ref didn’t give a pen because he knew he’d gone over time already. We have no game management whatsoever. This changes nothing.
  9. Just look at PNE, sack Neil, put McAvoy in charge and it’s 4 points from 2 games both against promotion chasing sides. It doesn’t take a genius to see that any change has the possibility to create a bounce. Put Johnson in charge for the remaining games and hopefully we can pick up the points needed to stay up. Keeping Mowbray in place is self-defeating
  10. We’ve had some belters who were winding down their careers and briefly passed through: Djorkaeff, Sukur, Baggio, Dahlin to name but four, however for lasting impact it’s got to be Tugay, Friedel and Berg in that order.
  11. That’s it, that has to be it. He has to go. I can’t bear this anymore
  12. Maybe instead of a goal of the season competition we should have a worst 45 minutes one...plenty of contenders. Gallagher can’t seem to trap the most basic of balls, surely if 5 of his 6 goals were scored from the bench then that’s firmly where he should be starting? Brereton looks shot of confidence (and ability) once more. Very depressing once again
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