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  1. The single most pathetic final 10 minutes I have EVER seen from Rovers. Against 10 men, absolutely no speed of movement, inability to pass to each other, zero urgency, Nyambe waiting 30 seconds every throw in as there’s no runner. Utterly utterly disgraceful. Mowbray has to go now as that was an embarrassment. I can’t believe what I’ve just seen.
  2. If we win it will probably due to individual performances rather than team synergy. Feel a lot more confident with Darragh back in the fold...two teenagers together was never going to work but sadly there was little option. Hopefully Branthwaite can be guided through the game today. Brereton looked more like the player we saw in the first half of the season on Wednesday...let’s see if he can build on that. Hoping for a win but not confident enough to predict one!!!
  3. That was abysmal, schoolboy stuff...but I suppose we’ve got two schoolboys playing centre back
  4. Another frustrating night of getting near to their box but not quite in it, of the opposition scoring with their first real attack, of balls falling to the wrong men on the edge of the box, etc etc ad infinitum. 0-2
  5. Another disheartening but all too predictable display. For what it’s worth, I find it all the more frustrating for the following two reasons: firstly, we’re not conceding bucket loads of goals...all our recent defeats have been 2-1s and 1-0s...this implies that we are not a million miles off being a side capable of winning more regularly , secondly, we seem perfectly capable of getting into the opponents final third but then things routinely break down. How many times did this happen yesterday and across recent games? The problem for me lies in the formation. Call me a dinosaur but it’s crying
  6. Yep, signed on loan from Brighton in the window. I think he’s notched against us for Brighton, Palace and Reading.
  7. Hughton’s hex over Rovers to continue. Forest are packed full of players who do well against us, Lolley, Grabban and a certain Glen Murray who must be in double figures against us over the years. Ideal scenario: Rovers win, Mowbray is sacked. Reality: Rovers lose, Mowbray trundles on
  8. I’d love to be proved wrong but I can’t see past a defeat tonight. The only consolation to Bennett’s inclusion is that at least there’s 4 other defenders to help him out.
  9. Our record on SKY is abysmal...this goes back a long way. I seem to remember the few defeats we suffered in 94/95 were mainly on SKY (United twice, Spurs away, Man City at home, West Ham away and of course Anfield)...I suppose we were box office back then though. I’m nervous about tonight...but then I suppose that applies to every match. C’mon you blues!
  10. Not Rovers this time but I was lucky enough to play against Graeme Stuart a few years ago in a match to mark the opening of our new college changing rooms at Factory Lane in Preston. Also featuring in that match were Paul McKenna, former PNE captain Sean Haslegrave (RIP) and Andy Burnham (his brother is my boss). It was a scratch PNE v Everton match but thankfully I didn’t have to don their jersey! Lost that one 1-0 but I did get called a bastard by Burnham for denying him in a one on one. Top bloke though!!!
  11. The nostalgia thread jogged my memory of an experience 17 years ago when I lined up against Jim Arnold in a charity match. I was completing my teacher training at a school in Stafford and had let on that I played in nets for a Sunday league side...some of my students had organised the match against a rival school for some project or other and I was asked to play. Jim was associated with the rival school (Rising Brook) in some capacity and lined up for them. He of course came from Stafford originally. There was a decent crowd of about 200 and even a police presence given a bit of needle between
  12. I’m always very suspicious (and a bit superstitious) about certain manufacturers. I’m no fan of Macron as I associate them with failure...specifically Bolton but I can’t think of too many teams who have thrived when donning their shirts. A bit primary school second XI for me. I would relish the return of ASICS and I rate two of their shirts as my all time favourites: 92-94 and 96-98. I understand the mood surrounding an Adidas catalogue kit however I have always wanted to see Rovers run out with the three stripes on the arms...preferably reversed on each side. I’ve got a Grasshoppers Zurich ki
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